YouTube flagging wars: warning on my video about White Supremacist serpent seed theorists

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Due to the video I posted about my book Cain as Serpent Seed of Satan, vol. IV, YouTube wrote me the following, “We believe in the principles of free speech, even when that speech is unpopular or potentially offensive to some viewers” about which I will say ROFL!!!
They followed up with:
“However, YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence. In some cases, flagged videos that do not clearly breach the Community Guidelines but whose content is potentially controversial or offensive may remain up, but with some features disabled.”

“Your video will be shown after a warning message. In addition, certain features such as comments, sharing, thumbs up, and suggested videos have been disabled. Your video is also ineligible for monetization.”

So no, you cannot even comment on the video with statements such as—oh, I don’t know—this video contains absolutely ZERO hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence.

They also blocked it in the following countries:
“Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Martinique, Malta, New Caledonia, Netherlands, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte.”

“Jesus…was not a Jew but rather of
the white Adamic race)…Satan probably
appeared to Eve as a handsome white
god…the white race is a race of gods…”
—Willie Martin

This is the edited video that I posted:

Within my appeal, I wanted to write:
“Good day, please be aware that many people use your alter system in order to take down videos/channels they do not personally like. Also, when you rely on impersonal algorithms which flag videos based on key words, errors will occur that this is one such a case. I received a message that stated ‘YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence.’ There is absolutely zero promotion or inciting of violence in my video. In fact, the video is specifically against racism, White supremacism, etc. Thus, please remove the misplaced warning message. Moreover, it has been blocked in multiple countries so please remove this block.”

I wanted to but could not since the appeal section only allows a tweet sized sentence. In any case, I elucidated that the video contains no such thing.

In about one minute, the reply was:
“Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After re-reviewing your video New book on White Supremacist who hold to the Cain as Serpent Seed of Satan theory, we’ve decided to leave the restrictions in place on your video.
Our commitment to you
We take your videos and the YouTube community feedback seriously. We provide all uploaders with an option to appeal any removal or restriction of their videos. When an appeal is submitted to us, we work quickly to review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring videos that have been mistakenly removed.”

So now, when you go to watch the video, you will first see:
“The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences” with the options of “Continue” or “Cancel” and within it, you will see:
“Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Once you appeal, you are basically simply cut off from contacting YouTube (unless you are some sort of high money earner which I am utterly not) so I found a way to tell Google that I had an issue:
“I am a Jew who made a video AGAINST White supremacist racism and now YT is attacking me by claiming that my video contains ‘hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence,’ they rejected my appeal and thus, leaving me no way to defend myself. I would ask how they sleep at night but I imagine that the answer is that they sleep on a gigantic pile of money.”

Yes, it would take—my oh, my—all of two mouse clicks away from YouTube to find out that I am a Jew.

But perhaps I am misreading the whole thing: the video may have been flagged by White supremacist racists who wanted to keep me from exposing their racism—but I will not hold my breath at this option.

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