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Witchcraft child sacrifice: “Sacred Abortion”

I must admit that I absolutely dreaded reading the article Sacred Abortion. It was given to me over a half year before I wrote this and it sat on my computer circa three and a half years before I first posted it. I wrote it and let it lay dormant in my computer. When I first received it I could not bring myself to read it all the way through. Honestly, my reaction when I dug it out of a stack of papers to read it through was, oh no!!!

Sacred Abortion is an article written under the pseudonym Hazel Lewis and published in A Journal of Women’s Mysteries-The Beltane Papers, Issue 18, p. 11-13. It demonstrated a frightening trend in certain cultures of the world such as our own. In the USA paganism, such a Wicca, is still influenced by Judeo-Christian morals. This is because our society as a whole, to a lesser and lesser degree every year, is still influence by Christian morals and thus, many pagans were raised in Sunday schools and churches. But what is happening is that as Christian and morals are utterly disregarded we end up with a much more pure form of paganism which embraces brutal death as much as the beauty of birth. Such is the case in the article Sacred Abortion.

Here is an example of this pure-pagan world-view:

Perhaps by including abortion in the circle of our spirituality-by embracing it as a rite of passage as important and intrinsically meaningful as other more socially acceptable rites-we can stop the deadening cycle of self-punishment and guilt….many of us who read this magazine seem ready to embrace the sexual aspects of the Goddess, while remaining resistant to her destructive side… It may be time to fully embrace Kali, the fierce one who destroys when necessary, so that something else may live. We often need to be fierce about our right to protect the autonomy of our lives and our bodies.

All of us who have chosen abortion are members of the sisterhood of Kali-even those of us who also mother children. She is the missing face of the Goddess; when we reclaim her beauty, we become more wholly ourselves. Blessing to all of you.

Hazel Lewis tells of “dragging around a weight of guilt, grief, and pain for years” after the abortion she had. However, upon being asked to be the “support person” for her friend Anne’s abortion (another pseudonym) she reports, “Next to the birth of my son, it was one of the most meaningful events in which I have ever participated; in making Anne’s abortion a consciously spirit-honoring event, it became a healing for us both.” Thus, she writes the article on which we are commenting.

Hazel Lewis sees herself and Anne as innovators in the field of making abortion a righteous healing event (healing for whom?). She writes:

…we are slowly changing our cultural ideas around dying so that spirit may re-enter that process, too…we need to re-envision abortions that embrace spirit, and that honor the life that we are letting go…little is available on the subject of spirit-centered abortion, or on abortion as a positive experience at all.

As they ponder the past, notice the admission that it is pure imagination based on nothing but convenience, “how did our tribal foremothers deal with this issue? Surely a woman’s right to choose was never questioned in per-patriarchal society.” This is a reference to a mythical matriarchal society in which, since women ruled, everything was perfect. This society is utterly unsubstantiated by history and archaeology and even feminists have spoken out against this myth pointing out that falsehood does not help the cause of feminism.

Hazel Lewis continues:

Joy Gardner imagines a wise tribal medicine woman speaking to an unborn baby and saying, “Greetings, little one. Little sister. Little brother. Great wise ancestor. You want to come to our home. Maybe you think we would make good parents for you. Well, the food is short now. The winter was too long and the summer too hot. We have too many mouths to feed”… We can’t open our home to you. Try again later, little one. Or find a better place. Go in peace now. Go in peace.’ [emphasis added for emphasis]

—Joy Gardner, A Difficult Decision: A Compassionate Book About Abortion (Trumansburg, NY: Crossing Press, 1986 AD)

Before we continue let us reason for a moment, this was made up from pure imagination and thus, Joy Gardner was free to invent a best-case scenario. But with what scenario are we presented? A woman finds herself pregnant knowing that she cannot possibly provide for her baby. We cannot do the obvious and blame the brutish man because what is being imagined takes place in a perfect matriarchal society. Maybe this is the un-admitted problem with embracing the sexual aspects of the Goddess, all sex and no responsibility makes for poor morals. Thus, the strong independent matriarch made the decision to get pregnant only to abort the baby, seems like utopia failed.

Hazel Lewis continues:

We began to imagine women going through the abortion process in ceremony, as part of a circle, in sacred space, with loving spiritual support. And we were reminded at every turn that the only precedents for what we were trying to do were lost in prehistory.” [emphasis added for emphasis]

Lost in prehistory is an esoteric reference to what I meant by having no evidence at all, neither historical nor archeological. The best they can do is point to the Venus of Willendorf and a few other ancient carvings of the female form.

And so Hazel Lewis states, “we made it up ourselves as we went along” and they invented “a guide for re-inspiriting the abortion procedure.” There is nothing wrong with innovation in and of itself, but let us see what they came up with. Their procedure is broken up into steps 1. Contacting the Unborn Child. 2. Calling in Spirit Support. 3. Making Sacred Space. 4. Conscious Abortion. 5. Closure.

While they themselves encourage innovation, let us see what they recommend:

…surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally, and who support your decision. Or, if you can trust and tell no one, envision guides, power animals, angels-any positive and loving entity you need-to be with you before, during, and after the abortion.

Once you have contacted the child in your womb, by getting into a trance:

…take the time to explain to it why we are choosing to send it back into the Great Mother’s cauldron…Guided meditation gave Anne the chance to speak to her unborn baby…Some women may find that trance-inducing music, or soft drumming or rattling will help facilitate this…she entered a state of light trance. She visualized herself entering her own womb, where she could meet and talk to the unborn child.
There, to her complete surprise, she learned that this child held the spirit of her mother, who had died several years previously. Her mother told Anne that she didn’t really want to incarnate again, only to be near her beloved daughter for a little while. For Anne, knowing that she wasn’t denying someone the gift of life took away a lot of guilt and grief…the unborn child expresses a reluctance to fully incarnate.

What else can be said except that this is the very epitome of satanic manipulation and deception.

Now to the abortion clinic:

It’s good to remember that you can bring invisible support with you. Even in the most spiritually sterile clinics it is possible to pray, to focus on one’s own sense of the sacred. When I had my abortion many years ago, I was told to remove my favorite ring, my protective pendant, my lucky amulet…now I would bring my owl totem onto the table with me, and my beloved spirit guide. I would visualize the room surrounded by my loving ancestor mothers, shaking rattles and singing songs of comfort to me. No woman has to go through this alone.

Part of what it means to make sacred space is to perform all sorts of occult rituals including the blessing of machines:

We held our hands over the machinery, thanking the Goddess that this procedure – although often a cold and spiritless one – was at least available to Anne, when it was denied to so many – for so long. We blessed the machine that would be her ally, that would set her free from an untenable situation…And we invoked the Goddess, asking her to bless this space and this event, for the good of all. [emphasis added for emphasis]

Of course, the situation was quite tenable (able to be maintained), it is called bringing the baby to term and giving birth. Note the utterly selfish emphasis, “her ally,” “set her free,” this was not for “the good of all” since the very purpose of the procedure was to brutally murdered a beautiful, healthy, innocent and defenseless human baby.

Natural child birth and a horrendously brutal and painful death is all the same according to paganism:

When I chose no medication or anesthesia for my birthing experience, I opened myself to an event of incredible power and beauty. Amazed, I saw the same thing happen during her abortion for Anne…she was able to maintain her conscious trance state, concentrating on breathing and making sounds to help the opening [of her cervix].
As I listened to these sounds, I realized with amazement that they echoed the noises women make as they give birth. I suddenly felt very clearly, in a kind of deep knowing, that Anne was actively giving birth to herself, to a new sense of possibility in her life, to her own future. I realized that abortion is another kind of birth experience
I felt chills up and down my arms and legs, an awareness of how blessed I was to be a witness to this event, now being undergone with such sacred grace. [emphasis added for emphasis]

Maybe Anne was actively giving birth to herself but her baby died. Birth is about bringing a new life into the world not stopping a beating heart. But we really see that bottom line in the abortion issue, it is all about the all-important ME. Anne was starting a new life realizing a new sense of possibility in her life and a new future.

You must understand that to women like Anne and Hazel Lewis a person is free to engage in intercourse as much as they want, as often as they want, with as many people as they want, whenever they want-remember the sexual aspects of the Goddess. Any opinion to the contrary would be labeled as patriarchal oppression. The point is to do whatever, whenever, however and not let a little thing like a beautiful human baby get in the way of MY life, MY future, MY plans, MY needs, MY wants, MY pleasure i.e., the ultimate in malicious selfishness.

And what is the last step in this lesson on malicious selfishness?:

Be good to yourself afterwards…pray directly to the Great Mystery, tell Her how you feel…when you are able to create ceremony and a sense of spirit around the abortion event, you engage in a spirit-healing for millions of women who have been through the abortion process.

There was not one single word in the whole article about abstinence i.e., not getting pregnant if you do not want to be pregnant i.e., basic common sense, basic cause and effect. Even these strong feminist matriarchs cannot see that they lose all their precious woman power by using their sacred bodies as play things. Hazel Lewis writes, “The early Christian church was threatened by the Goddess’s sexuality.” Considering the alternative that these pagans offer, maybe the early church had the right idea.

There is not one single word about repentance but only the joy of guilt free sex and a glorification of death. Any spiritual system that can turn abortion into a sacred, graceful, joyous event is to be utterly discredited and instantly abandoned.
For that matter, any view whatsoever is to be treated likewise. Such as the case of the New Atheists who consider the brutal and painful murder of beautiful, healthy, innocent and defenseless human babies to be a blessing.

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