Whitley Strieber: A Complex Messianic Complex?

Unholy Fire by Whitley Strieber.jpg
I have achieved something truly magnificent, which is coherent, focused contact with another level of reality. Instead of being honored for this, as I certainly deserve, I have been ostracized, demonized and hammered almost to a pulp…I want what I deserve from this society, recognition of the value of what I have done…I have…created something that could be the basis for a new flowering of humanity
—Whitley Strieber (“Sinister Forces in My Life,” May 26, 2011 AD)


This parsed essay consists of the following, sequentially posted, portions:
Peeling the layers of Whitley Strieber’s Comm-Onion
Whitley Strieber’s Traumatic Initiation
Whitley Strieber: A Complex Messianic Complex?

Also, I included Strieber in my book Fifty Shades of Gray Aliens.

The quote with which I began this series is very telling and it is so telling that many have pickup up on the messiah complex—which is pretty common to alien (by any other name) contactees, abductees, and experiencers (by any other name).

He has stated, “I will be frank with you about what I am trying to do with my life: I am trying to create a relationship between us and the grays.”(“Communicating with the Grays,” June 7, 2006 AD)

A certain Corby Robbins wrote, “Whitley driven by personal experiences and expectations given by the Visitors, liberal trying to impart the need for a fundamental change in viewpoint, of how we treat the earth and each other.”(Posted as a comment to Alien Abduction, “Erotic Mysticism” – The Strieber-and-Kripal Challenge (Part 1), November 4, 2016 AD)

Unholy Fire by Whitley Strieber.jpg

Jasun Horsley notes that Strieber, “created a ministry by which to spread his own gospel of contact.”
Kephas/Horsley wrote “Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part Two): Whitley’s Onion”—so, is it Communion or Comm-onion? Therein, he wrote, “a picture emerges of Strieber as the John the Baptist of the alien paradigm — the ‘chosen one’” and that having interacted within Strieber’s website discussions, “struck me as closer to being a ‘cult environment.’”
Moreover, he notes:
“I doubt he would deliberately appoint himself as a leader without the very best of intentions. I would guess that he believes he has been ‘chosen’ for a world-saving mission, and that therefore he has no choice about it….In Communion, Strieber reported how one of the beings told him he was their chosen one…”

And this is coming from Horsley who is “not a debunker but an admirer of his writings…I feel deep affinity with Strieber…Strieber has helped me immeasurably.”(Reality Sandwich)

It has been noted that his book The Key, “seems to dwell on the unique importance of Whitley Strieber…According to [Heinrich] Moltke in Problems with Strieber and The Key, Strieber’s mystical accounts, predictions and prophecies, and so on, in the end all seem to have one thing in common: they subtly promote the idea of Whitley Strieber as an authority of world-historical importance.”(Rational Wiki)

This aggrandizement even comes through regarding visitor-tech. In The Key he addresses the issue of mind control and an implant he claims the visitors placed in his left ear. In the 2011 AD version of the book Strieber asks “‘Am I under mind control?’ and the Master of the Key replies, ‘The opposite. The technological intervention that has occurred in your case has been done to make certain that general fields of control will not affect you.’”
Strieber’s take away lesson is “I suspect that I am among a very small band of people who are not subject to this general level of control…It is why we see the world as it truly is, and why the vast majority of people around us seem strangely blind to what to us appears to be obvious reality. They are blind. They have been blinded.”

Furthermore, the aggrandizement goes beyond time itself as in the 1995 AD book Breakthrough Strieber:
“…recovered ‘memories’ of past lives in ancient Rome. According to Strieber, he had been a tutor to a young Octavian before he became emperor — and thanks to his great tutelage, Strieber was personally responsible for the Roman Empire lasting another four hundred years. Strieber also went back in time as a child to comfort Cicero just before the latter was to be executed.”(Rational Wiki)

He also claims a past life in Atlantis.

In 2005 AD, Strieber wrote that his “implant also enables me to travel almost anywhere in space and time, or even outside of space time. It acts as a sort of accellerator [sic] of being, intensifying my ability to move out of my body and into many remarkable realms.” This is a styled form of high-tech-transhumanist out of body experience, “I literally left my body” as he describes some of his experiences.
Horsley notes:
“Having been given a book by the researcher Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body, Strieber begins to experiment with the exercises Monroe devised. He has no clear success until one night, while attempting to leave his body, he has a vision of a long, gray hand (a visitor).”

In fact, “he describes visiting Mars—in non-physical form—and seeing the (now famous) ‘face on Mars,’ followed by an encounter with a Martian nun (whom he later identifies as the female visitor he was reintroduced to in 1985)” as Horsley elucidates it and moreove, “The feeling of hollowness causes him to plummet to the surface of the planet. As he does so he sees a huge face staring up at him that resolves itself into a ‘tumble of low hills.’ He winds up stranded, afraid he will freeze to death. In his account, he writes: ‘I fought with the only weapon I had, my mind’ (1997, pp. 6, 8).”
Strieber claims to have first been shown the face on Mars in either 1984 AD or 1985 AD. The face was first photographed in 1976 AD.

In fact, as Ty Brown notes, “There was no reference to Mars in Communion but by 1995 in Secret School, Mars was central to his story.”(Ty Brown, “10,000 Heroes – SRI and the Manufacturing of the New Age.”)

Thus, it is a styled reverse prediction whereby he can formulate a claim for himself in denying that, of course, he saw it 8-9 years after it became known: he can simply claim that some memory has surfaced that he surveyed the surface of Mars long before 1976 AD, he saw it then but, by golly, just remembered that, however vaguely, many, many years later—this is typical Strieberian MO.

The “Kirkus Reviews of The Secret School” notes:
“As Strieber tells it, in the summer of 1954, as a nine-year-old in San Antonio, Tex., he was initiated by the aliens, or visitors, as he calls them, into a secret nighttime summer school…
Strieber jumbles together scientific mysteries, facts, and factoids, unanswered questions of ancient history, the myth of Atlantis, New Age spirituality, and fears of a meteoric collision with Earth to support his wacky theories. UFOs and aliens are the least part of his story now. Having fallen victim, perhaps, to millennial madness, Strieber believes himself on a mission to save the world.(Kirkus Reviews)

Reviewing Strieber’s Darkness Visible, Horsley wrote:
“Strieber narrated his tale in the context of his own life, and referred to people, dates, and places exactly as he would in an ordinary address to his listeners.
The story described how Strieber and his wife Anne were…whisked away (he doesn’t describe how) and find themselves on another planet, similar in every way to the Earth but apparently uninhabited…own group (of fifty-eight people) who have been selected to populate the new world.
What these fifty-eight chosen ones have in common is an ability to see and communicate with the dead…He mentions in passing how he sensed a distant cry coming from the rest of humanity, as if in the moment of their passing, but then thinks no more about it.”

Sounds like when in Star Wars, a planet was blown up and Obi Wan Kenobi stated, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of voices suddenly cried out in anguish and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

Not a particularly telling set of circularity regarding The Key’s section titled The Conversation—which is Strieber describes as having been derived from a page of “squiggles” which are supposed to be a word-by-word transcript of what the “Master of the Key” told him and which Strieber published two years later:
“The problem is that The Conversation in countless places repeats opinions and speculations from Strieber’s previous books and interviews, often verbatim. Except this time it was supposed to be ‘fact’ coming from an otherworldly source. So comfortable is Strieber with the gullibility of his readership, he even recycles high-sounding poetic language from previous books.”(Rational Wiki)

Sure, but those are bothersome facts: when you can play games with time, space, dimensions, past lives, literal ghost writers, lost and recovered memories, etc., etc., etc. then you can always claim well, that which you will about who said what, when and where.

“As the Master of the Key supposedly told Strieber in 1998” a phrase that “sounds suspiciously similar to what Strieber wrote himself in The Secret School (1997)” which is “The same language can be found in Strieber’s earlier book Breakthrough (1995)” and “as far back as his early novel The Hunger (1981).”
Moreover, “There are over fifty instances where Strieber has his otherworldly ‘Master of the Key’ character present him with ideas and statements that Strieber himself had previously presented in interviews and in print, sometimes verbatim — all the while the ‘Whitley’ character in The Key acts totally astonished as if hearing it all for the first time.”(Rational Wiki)

The Master of the Key is a “radiant being” and Horsley notes that Strieber “speculates on several occasions that the Master of the Key is his ‘future self.’” Thus, the student has become the master who then teaches himself how to become the master who teaches the student. Strieber inserts himself into just about everything. In this case, he is the wise man who makes himself wise by his wisdom. This is a viscous circle and Strieber taking credit for it all.
Note that Strieber also refers to a styled Vulcan mind-meld (Trekkies get his) after which he described the mind of the Master of the Key/Strieber himself as being “a desperate nest of rage and tension.”

A related case may, perhaps, be a description of the visitor’s modus operandi, which Strieber describes thusly:
“They will not at first address the species’ various religious ideas except in very general terms, by communicating with us in triads, with a positive thrust and a negative thrust, leaving us to evolve the message by reconciling its two parts. I know that this is very, very different from the way we communicate, but it works and if they do show up it will become familiar enough.”(“Are They Coming and If So, What Do We Do?” March 30th, 2007 AD)

Actually, this is not in the least bit “very, very different from the way we communicate” but first note this comment:
“In Strieber’s book The Grays, he reveals that gray aliens organize themselves into groups of three: positive-negative-and-reconciling triads. The only problem is that this triad is a major motif in [George] Gurdjieff’s writings.”(Rational Wiki)

Strieber has appropriated much of Gurdjieff’s materials as his own. In any case, the MO is not “very, very different” at all and it is well known to the elites. This actually goes further back than Gurdjieff’s (1866-1949 AD) to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831 AD) and his so called Hegelian dialectic which, in short, is 1) thesis, 2) antithesis, 3) synthesis—or, as some have termed it: 1) problem, 2) reaction, 3) solution.
Strieber has it as 1) positive thrust, 2) negative thrust, 3) evolve the message by reconciling its two parts.

One can propose the thesis or problem which may even be viewed as a positive, we then propose the antithesis or reaction which may be negative and from that emerges the synthesis or solution, the reconciling its two parts. In other words, say that a government wants to be the Big Brother who is watching you. Well, they could impose oppressive means but people would react against it and things get messy.
So, Big Brother could do something like stage terrorism events (the thesis/problem) which leads the hoi polloi to demand greater protections (the antithesis/reaction against the pseudo terrorists) which leads to Big Brother watching you (the synthesis/solution) and you being happy about being treated as guilty until proven innocent via mass surveillance.

And so we are dealing with the Strieberian Dialectic and/or the Visitant Dialectic.

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