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Herein concludes a discussion I had with someone I will call Anon. since it was a behind the scenes discussion wherein the person offers some concerns about my views on Nephilim related issues and I am deeply appreciative to this person for raising these issues with me.
When all segments are posted, you will be able to find them here.

Picking up where we left off in the previous segment:

Well, first I would ask why you discount Num 13:32-33 as stated. Secondly, if you don’t think you are eisegeting when you claim, “unfaithful, disloyal, contradictory, embellishers” then I don’t know how to proceed.
So I won’t take this any further for now, Brother, but I do very much hope you will listen to “Eliajh” when he comes to “restore all things.” (ps, I stopped “celebrating” Christmas several years ago, but I wish you and your family a happy “gregorian new year”). Shalom

Ken Ammi
I take Num 13:32-33 exactly as it is stated and within its greater context.
See, we are not supposed to isolate verses (and “verses” are a manmade invention in the first place).

Do you not find it odd that they make four claims that are not found anywhere else in the whole entire Bible and that they were rebuked for what they said?

When I claim unfaithful, disloyal, contradictory, embellishers then you proceed thusly:
Unfaithful: sure, God told them that He would back them in taking the land but they did not have faith that He would do so.
Disloyal: yes, for the same reasons in that their loyalty was not with God.
Contradictory: indeed, the original report was of a land that flows with milk and honey and produced great fruits but they claimed it devours its inhabitants.
Embellishers: they did so, since it was twice reported the peoples were strong (once even by them) but when in a pinch, they claimed all of the peoples were of great stature. And they listed the peoples they saw but then added the Nephilim.
Moreover, again, they also contradict Moses, Caleb, Joshua, God, and the rest of the Bible so I will side with those reliable authorities and not unreliable rebuked spies.

So, I could also have replied that I “discount Num 13:32-33 as stated” because Moses, Caleb, Joshua, God, and the rest of the Bible do so as well.

I celebrating Jesus’ birth since Mary and Joseph did so and the shepherds did so and the Angels did so and God did so and, later on, magi did so.


We will pick it up from there in the next segment.

See my books (yes, plural) on Nephilim related issues.

COVER - What Does the Bible Say About Giants - A Styled Giantology.jpg


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