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Herein continues a discussion I had with someone I will call Anon. since it was a behind the scenes discussion wherein the person offers some concerns about my views on Nephilim related issues and I am deeply appreciative to this person for raising these issues with me.
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Picking up where we left off in the previous segment:

As I have stated, I am familiar with the texts and could save you the time of reposting, but will add here a brief note I drafted the other day for your consideration: Dear Brother Ken, I have few/narrow concerns these days: the Body of Christ, the Truth (of His Word), and His glory. Outside of this, I have no “agendas”.
I greatly appreciate your desire to set the record straight, so to speak, on the Nephilim–given the wild tales that are being told in some circles, especially (I agree that it is much needed!), but I fear you miss the errors you are adding of your own making. In so doing, you unfortunately become part of the problem you set out to “fix”. No one is without error, and although you say you have “settled in the middle”, that does not mean that you have settled on the Truth (however close to it you might be).

Having discussions (among the Brethren) is of value–if the goal is to arrive at the Truth, led by the Spirit of Truth; but that is quite different than making videos about “your position”, doing interviews and writing books, claiming “your position” is the true or correct one.
Ultimately, although it might “convince” some to step away from the greater errors that are circulating, it creates more confusion, or worse, still leads people away from the Truth of God’s Word. I have let you know that this particular “issue” (the Nephilim) is not a main focus of mine (not by a long shot), but misrepresenting God’s Word is where it becomes “a problem” for me.

For example, you impose (eisegete) your ideas/feelings about the 10 spies into the narrative, and water down the commandments of God as hyperbole (where it is not warranted). It makes my heart ache to see people doing things like this. So many “pastors” read all sorts of their own ideas into much of the Bible–making Jacob out to be a weak, little mama’s boy & conniving trickster; making Joseph out to be a pesky, self-entitled little brat; making the 10 spies out to be … unreliable cowards? This is also not the only area I have seen where you are sharing ideas that are…let’s say “speculative”, and it seems to me that sharing our “ideas”/our “hypotheses”/our “conjectures” (in public) can be very damaging. Not only are we presenting conflicting information to “the world”, we are causing great confusion in House. Sure, have the discussions–in private.

Attempt to arrive at the Truth–among the Brethren (“PRIVATELY”), guided by the Spirit. I know you want to “reach people” by doing the videos, books, etc., but spreading truth with error is still spreading error (and confusion). Speak out against the error (“publicly”), if you feel so led, but I would encourage you to stop there. (You will have less to backtrack/retract when the correction comes, if you do so…and also will have less for which to “give account” before Him.) If you feel the strong urge to “double down” in your “stance” on these issues, I would ask you, gently, to check your heart… If our desire to defend our position ever trumps our desire to honor Him and to know the Truth and share it, we are in deep trouble.

Yes, you may want to “defend your position” because you are convinced it is “True”, but I am only asking that you check your heart when you feel the urge to “defend”, and make sure it’s His glory and His truth and His honor you are seeking. May we soon see the “restoration of all things.” Shalom [ellipses in original]

Ken Ammi
I pray you had a very merry CHRISTmas and will have a very happy new year!
If, and since, you are familiar with the texts then you know that none of them have anything to do with Nephilim.
And that is part of what makes this more of an issue than it would seem. See, if you think that it somehow protects God from being condemned as unethical because He commanded such things by claiming that it is okay since, after all, He was just commanding wiping out Nephilim then anyone will be able to double check that claim and they will verify that such is not the case. Thereafter, no amount of assuring people that you read the material led by the Spirit of Truth will help.

My position is just the one I found in the Bible and since you are very well studied on this issue but cannot show me where that view is mistaken then I must stick to it.

Now, you state that I am “misrepresenting God’s Word” and “impose (eisegete)” which are very, very, very serious issues so, if I may, you claim I “impose (eisegete) your ideas/feelings about the 10 spies into the narrative” but that is not in the least bit accurate: I point out that they were unfaithful, which they were, disloyal, which they were, contradictory, which they were, embellishers, which they were, rebuked, which they were, who also contradicted Caleb, Joshua, Moses, God, and the rest of the Bible, which they did, and that they made four claims about which the entire rest of the whole Bible knows nothing, which they did.
Those are not feelings but verifiable points.
My question is why would you side with unfaithful, disloyal, contradictory, embellishers, who contradicted Caleb, Joshua, Moses, God, and the rest of the Bible, made claims found nowhere else in the Bible and were rebuked by God Himself?
In your day-to-day life would you really rely on such people?

You then claim I “water down the commandments of God as hyperbole (where it is not warranted)” but hyperbole is obvious in places—such as when Moses said the Gentile cities were “walled up to heaven”—and my point was that you claim there are Nephilim where they are not even once stated in many texts—as in the key ones I quoted.

If I am “spreading error (and confusion)” then for me it is very simple: just go through the points I made about Num 13 and debunk them via the text.

I appreciate your heart and spirit but when I can quote you many texts to make my point and you do not even interact with them then it is difficult to think that I have been debunked. So beyond Num 13, why not show me how texts that state nothing about and do not even hint at Nephilim are speaking of Nephilim.


We will pick it up from there in the next segment.

See my books (yes, plural) on Nephilim related issues.

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