Wherein I am told, “there WERE ‘nephilim’ post flood…as the Bible states,” 3 of 6

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Herein continues a discussion I had with someone I will call Anon. since it was a behind the scenes discussion wherein the person offers some concerns about my views on Nephilim related issues and I am deeply appreciative to this person for raising these issues with me.
When all segments are posted, you will be able to find them here.

Picking up where we left off in the previous segment:

Well, it seems we may be at an impasse then. When you say “The one and only reason that you could ever possibly state that “the implication is ‘clear’ that there were nephilim post flood” is exclusively by believing utterly unreliable people.”

I stated that I did not “learn this” from anyone, that it was just me and the text (led by the Spirit), so it seems you are calling me a “liar” (although I know that is not your heart)…and yet you say you arrived at your conclusions in the same fashion…still, we arrive at a different conclusion. This is how denominations are made. So what now? Do we “agree to disagree”? I say NOT.

This is, actually how “denominations” were made” (agreeing to disagree). Rather than go back and forth–which I’m sure you must tire of doing (and seem fairly “set” in your current “stance” after “much research and study”), I will leave it here for now.

As to the other, I did not “overlook” your inquiry about “how Nephilim still lived post-flood”, rather. decided to wait on that to see how we fared in this first portion. Everything on the LAND died (and all “human” flesh, except those in the ark, of course). I want to thank you again for your time and consideration. I hope we can pick this up again at a later date.
I very much look forward to how He is going to “knit” the remnant together in the days ahead. It will be the best of times in the worst of times and I pray we will find oursleves among the overcomers. May He guide you and keep you always. [ellipses in original]

Ken Ammi
Friend, please do not turn this into one of those ugly worldly discussions since I am not calling you a liar in the least bit.

“So what now?” is that we side with Moses, Caleb, Joshua, God, and the rest of the whole Bible which does not in the least bit support post-flood Nephilim.

Such is why, again, you may want to believe they were conquered and wiped out by Joshua, David, etc. but that is impossible to support.
And no, I do not tire of this discussion, I have had it and am having it with dozens of people constantly and it all comes down to the same issues: claims vs. God’s word.
If there was a reliable biblical reference to post-flood Nephilim—in the land, around the land, during battles, during hand-to-hand combat, during conquering, during the eschaton, or at any other time or place—then I would believe it.

I appreciate your heart and willingness to discuss.

We will pick it up from there in the next segment.

For more details, see my relevant books.

COVER - What Does the Bible Say About Giants - A Styled Giantology.jpg

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