When Atheists utterly refuse to discuss “Biblical views on slavery,” 3 of 7

Hereinafter continues a series depicting discussion I had—or, attempted to have—with various Atheist about a video titled, “Biblical views on slavery with and Old an New Testament Scholar”—when all segments are posted, you will be able to find them all here.

You will note that the Atheists were quick to jump to their typical brimstone and fire condemnation modus operandi. However, once I sought to pick the scab of the conclusions with which they began, which exposed the mere assertions upon which they were jumping to conclusions, they typically called me names and utterly refused to engage in issues that are inconvenient to their worldviews.

Picking up where we left off in the previous segment, a certain WhatWeCall Life chimed in thusly:

Is interesting that Jesus/Yahweh doesn’t outlaw slavery from jumpstreet but instead allows it to flourish

Sunny Secular-GenXer elucidated:


Numbzie added:

Yeah Josh says that the slavery in the Hebrew Bible doesn’t disprove Christianity, but I would say the lack of outlawing slavery, and the fact that the Jewish model of slavery closely resembles the slavery of their neighbors, doesn’t it seem like there is no God and they may have just modeled their slavery after their neighbors, ‘[in] some [ways] better, some worse?’ And if you can use this to disprove the Jewish model of god, and since the Jewish god supposedly had a son and created Christianity, does that not disprove Christianity?

Ken Ammi:

Since you employed the vague English term “slavery” without bothering to define it, I am unsure of what you mean or why some, such as Sunny, can agree with you.

WhatWeCall Life:

are you serious…do I reslly have to spell out what “slavery” means? Have you ever bothered to look at ANY dictionary?

Ken Ammi:

Friend, did you not even watch the video? In any language, one word can mean more than one thing. And implying that THE definition will be found in whatever dictionary I happen to check is myopic at best and terribly uncontextual. But I see your tactic: keep it vague so as to avoid inconvenient counter-arguments.

WhatWeCall Life:

This is hilarious. Ok I’ll play. Slavery, as in “owning another person as property”.

Just type in “slavery definition” in Google and it provides 4 usages. 3 of which are within the context of what was discussed, and the last of which is metaphorical. Take a guess which one I’m using.

THEN type “slave” in Google. Every definition that applies to a human person is along the lines of, “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.”

Come on dude. You’re better than this


Ken Ammi:Not sure how you can myopically claim “Slavery, as in ‘owning another person as property'” and then admit “4 usages” including “metaphorical.” But fine, you have selected one definition so the question becomes whether you are affirming 1. absolute ethical standards and 2. adherence to them as an imperative.


WhatWeCall Life replied by posting emojis of clapping hands and then posted another comment telling an Atheist comrade:

I honestly don’t understand why people play ignorant on this.

Ken Ammi:

Well, I cannot speak for “people” but speaking for myself in relation to you: it may appear I am “play ignorant” because you begin with conclusions based on hidden assumptions and so you got ahead of yourself.

I just want you do define your terms and also expose those hidden assumptions—but, honestly, I do not want to begin another thread so we can add this to the other one, if you so please.

WhatWeCall Life:

Ken, Ken, Ken. Smh I literally said that 3 of the definitions fit within the context of what I said and ONE is metapohorical. I said take a guess which of those I’m using. There is no good reason for you to be this obtuse dude.

Just say what your contention is with what I said in my main comment. Tell me what “hidden assumptions” you think I have even though literally every word I’ve used was unambiguous. It’s not like I’m here throwing out words like “god”, “faith”, “spiritual”, or “supernatural”.

Ken Ammi:

Very well then, we are now down to it: this is not about unambiguous words, it is about hidden assumptions such as those upon which you base statements such as “Is interesting that Jesus/Yahweh doesn’t outlaw slavery from jumpstreet but instead allows it to flourish” which without a revelation of your hidden assumptions are just jumps to conclusions or, perhaps I am mistaken, perhaps you meant to type out half of a thought such as that “Is interesting that Jesus/Yahweh doesn’t outlaw slavery from jumpstreet but instead allows it to flourish—period, full stop, it is interesting, no implications intended, nothing to follow,” etc.

WhatWeCall Life:

No I don’t oppose abortion. He’s not in favor of abortion but understands it’s a necessary procedure for some. Btw even if he was in full support of abortion, you do realize that a 3 week old fetus is not an infant right? At what point do you identify a fetus as an infant? Or do you lazily and immaturely say it’s an infant at every stage?

Ken Ammi:

Good point about abortion:

There is a medical procedure done in a hospital by doctors who took the Hippocratic Oath and are trained to save lives who sometimes tragically have to end a baby’s life to save the mother and that is ethical, it is killing, not murder.

Then there is the procedure done in an abortuary by “doctors” who took the hypocritical oath and are trained to end healthy lives who literally make their living ending babies’ lives for various reasons such as convenience, loose sexual ethics, etc. and that is unethical, it is murder, not killing.

So, which do you support?

BTW: you can play dehumanizing word games but to an ethical woman who is pregnant, guess what, it is a baby from the second she finds out she is pregnant.

Well, that ended that exchange.


In the next segment, another Atheist will be up to bat.

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