When a Catholic Attempts to Convert Me, 1 of 7

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The following discussion took place when a Catholic attempted to set me straight about my critiques of Catholicism—many of which I detail in my book In Consideration of Catholic Doctrines, Traditions and Dogmas.
When all segments of this discussion are posted, you will be able to find them here.

My new Catholic friend began with:
I read your article about this Marian sanctuary and the pastor Fr. Anthony
Bus being demonic, felt inspired to briefly weigh in.

The following discussion took place when a Catholic attempted to set me straight about my critiques of Catholicism—many of which I detail in my book In Consideration of Catholic Doctrines, Traditions and Dogmas.
When all segments of this discussion are posted, you will be able to find them here.

My new Catholic friend began with:
I read your article about this Marian sanctuary and the pastor Fr. Anthony
Bus being demonic, felt inspired to briefly weigh in.

I came to Christ 4 years ago, yet also perceiving the Catholic Marian devotion as demonic. Paintings depict her with strong occultist overtones, and in general, it reeked of idolatry. However, I’ve since done a 180, becoming devoutly Latin-Mass Catholic, and have done the Marian consecration (and a separate one to St. Joseph!) myself.

I was leery at first because (gulp) it does sound bad! But only superficially. In reality, I consecrated myself to Jesus *through* Mary.
Jesus is Lord; my King, my Redeemer, my God. Yet Jesus came through Mary, did He not? He could have arrived like Adam, without parents, yet He chose to submit Himself to a mom and dad as part of a family. The former actually supplying His Flesh and Blood! Meditate on those points, and ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Furthermore, picture the Nativity. God arrived as an adorable, helpless Baby, one reason being, so we more easily love Him and approach Him with no fear! But do you just go pick up a baby? No, you always always always go “through” the mother.

Then there’s the apparitions, esp. LaSallette, Knock, FATIMA (!!!), and Akita. She’s been predicting our current dire state of affairs for centuries.
(Look up Our Lady of Good Help from Quito, Ecuador 400 years ago, prophesying the sexual revolution to the precise decade!) The great apostasy, Satan’s infiltration into the Church, communism’s global takeover, and most important of all, the COMING CHASTISEMENTS that will see most of humanity killed!
Fatima, Fatima, Fatima, and Akita especially. You must know the messages from Heaven. Didn’t the prophet Amos say that God does nothing without revealing it to His prophets? Think that’s not true today? Mary is the Queen of Prophets!

If you can open your mind to it, it’s easy to accept Jesus’s second coming will be like His first: THROUGH MARY. She’s been appearing all over the world, helping us prepare. Lastly, we need the Eucharist; do you think it’s an accident God put his warning to those who reject this command at John 6:66?

When I replied, he, in turn, replied by copying and pasting my reply and parsing it with his commentary added thus, I will post his reply since it contains mine within it so that you can see both.
I will underline his comments to my reply for the sake of distinctions.

He began with:
Thank you for your thoughtful email. My responses are below in red. I threw a lot at you, more than even most Catholics can handle or care to believe to be honest, so I’d be glad to clarify anything too….unclear.

Here is the reply:
Good day,
I pray I find you and yours well.
Thank you so very much for your fascinating story.

May I note that “consecrated myself to Jesus *through* Mary” is exactly the sort of thing that one would never get from the Bible, which is why it required centuries of development via the claims of apparitions, visions, etc.?

You’re right there, there’s little to no support for this notion in the Bible. Yet does St. Paul not tell us to hold fast to Sacred Scripture and Tradition? The latter in fact came first, for if Jesus wanted us to be People of the Book (like Muslims), He would’ve written a book. Instead, he founded a Church, on Peter, and Peter alone, the sole bearer of the keys to heavenly Jerusalem, which harkens to the Davidic kingdom per Isaiah 22:19-21 “I will thrust you from your office and you will be cast down from your station and on that day I will call my servant Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah, and I will clothe him with your robe and will bind your girdle on him and will commit your authority to his hand, and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the House of Judah; and I will place on his shoulder the key of the House of David. He shall open and none shall shut, and he shall shut and none shall open. He will become a throne of honor to his father’s house.” Our Lord in Matthew clearly references this, and the onlooking apostles certainly would’ve thought to themselves “Whoa baby…Jesus just made Simon His #2 man!” Here’s a quote where even Martin Luther acknowledges as much: “Why are you searching heavenward in search of my keys? Do you not understand, Jesus said, ‘I gave them to Peter. They are indeed the keys of heaven, but they are not found in heaven for I left them on earth.'” This is Jesus talking, “‘Peter’s mouth is my mouth, his tongue is my key case, his keys are my keys. They are an office (…) They are a power, a command given by God through Christ to all of Christendom for the retaining and remitting of the sins of men.'” –> Luther, however, insisted no succession was handed down after Peter’s death, but I’ll let you square that one with the quote from Isaiah and the sensibility of terminating such an important authoritative office within a single lifetime. My point in all this, since I know this doesn’t touch on Mary at all, is to prove the divine authority of the Catholic Church. Once established, Her teachings such as on the role of Mary can then be seen to be inerrant considering Her mission and mandate came from Christ Himself (Who can neither deceive nor be deceived).

That “Jesus came through Mary” and so we should come “to Jesus *through* Mary” is a category error: Jesus came into the world though Mary but you are telling the world to come to Jesus, for salvation, through Mary—again, something about which no one knew nothing nor could have even imagined until centuries past from the time of Jesus, His Apostles, the disciples, the early church leaders, etc., etc., etc.

We’re basically a bunch of Johns: either the Baptist, whereby Mary brings Jesus to us (as when the former was in Elizabeth’s womb), or the Evangelist, whereby Mary brings us to Jesus. She’s ever at the foot of the Cross interceding for us. Surely you don’t think Jesus was only giving Mary as Mother to John? For a wise man once said, he who will not have Mary as his Mother will not have Jesus as his Brother!

(also, who do you think is at Jesus’s right and left in heaven? You know it’s not Peter, James or John… hint: who was at His right and left when He was born?)

When you “Meditate on those points, and ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance” you must do as the Bible tells us and judge that guidance by the Bible. Thus, the Holy Spirit is not the one who guided you to take such actions.

That “She’s been predicting our current dire state of affairs for centuries”—and, by the way, you refer to “she” as Mary even though you have no idea if that is the true Mary appearing—is irrelevant if “she” is guiding people away from the one true God and pointing to herself as the one via which we are to get saved in the manner of to Jesus through Mary since the biblical model is to God the Father through Jesus directly—see Deuteronomy chap 18 for how to test a supposed prophet and also Hebrews 4:16.

Her last word uttered in the Bible is, “Do whatever He tells you”. One of her first was, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy Word.” Sounds like she knows both who she is and Who God Is. She’s like the moon: always facing us, yet always pointing to the Son. Not emitting her own Light, but perfectly reflecting God’s, guiding us lost ships home to port. Interceding. I’d at least read the message of Fatima if you haven’t.

(BTW, I had it wrong in my earlier email…her Quito, Ecuador title, by which in 1610 she predicted the total moral collapse and loss of innocence amongst children after the 1960s, is Our Lady of Good Success. Remember that even angels don’t know the future, per Isaiah 41:23: “Show the things that are to come hereafter, and we shall know that ye are gods”, thus this cannot have been from Satan but from God Alone)

I can open my mind plenty but do so along with opening the Bible—and the two should match.

I assure you they do! She’s the New Ark, the God-bearer, the Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Thus do the words of King Solomon in 1 Kings 2:20 aptly apply to Mary from her Divine Son: “Make your request, my mother, for I will not refuse you.” I also of course go to Jesus directly with petitions, but believe me, many many times have I only gotten help when I asked for Mary’s intercession. (and I’ll leave out Joseph and the other saints to stay on target ;o))

Are you claiming that since “Jesus’s second coming will be like His first: THROUGH MARY” that she will appear in the flesh pregnant and will give birth?

No, but she will prepare the world in the sense of how she already is doing so. Hence in just the last 150 years she’s appeared at Fatima in Portugal (1917), Kibeho in Rwanda (1980s, warning of their then-upcoming genocide, detailing in advance how it happened), Zeitoun in Egypt (seen by over 1 million people (!!) in the 1970s), Knock in Ireland (late 1800s), Lasalette in France (mid 1800s, crying; very sad when a mother lets her children see her sobbing), Champion in Wisconsin (late 1800s), Akita in Japan (1970s –> this is essentially the 3rd secret of Fatima, which the Vatican suppressed, if you understand what that means…here in the 70s, Our Lady said the sins of humanity have reached their peak and God’s chastisement will come soon, entailing “fire falling from the sky” that will most likely kill the majority of humanity alongside other cataclysms. The stigmatist seer from Akita, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa, who’s still alive, came out of hiding after 40 years, just months prior to the Corona shutdown/current globalist takeover to say “the time is near” and to “pray a repentant rosary”.)

When it comes to the Eucharist: at what point do you begin when you seek to understand it? Centuries after the time of Jesus and starting from John 6:55? Perhaps try v. 63 “The words I have spoken to you are spirit.” Better yet, begin at the beginning with the Passover meal, without that you have no historical, cultural, nor symbolic context and are just picking up the ball midway through the game and are off and running with it without understanding the rules by which to play.

I’ll pray for you brother! Our Lord, the Word Incarnate was very clear, and myriad documents from the 1st century onward attest to the literal reception of His words. When God says “Let there be light”, there’s light. When God says “This is my body” and “This is my blood”, there’s His Body and Blood. He’s present in His priests, who say the words of consecration, and thus He’s present on every Catholic altar everyday. Hence the Catholic Church has been a saint-making factory churning out Mother Teresa’s and unparalleled miracle workers for 2000 years. There’s no Buddhist St. John Vianney; no Muslim St. Pio of Pietrelcina; and no Protestant St. Joan of Arc. The reason is the Eucharist. I can assure you I never would’ve overcome a 20 year porn & masturbation addiction without It! God Bless!


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We will consider that which followed in the next segment.


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