What the giant Egyptian sarcophagus has to do with King Og of Bashan

Giant Egypt sarcophagus 1.jpg

When discussing issues pertaining to Nephilim and giants (whatever that generic term means) I have been told time and again (and again and again) that King Og of Bahsan was 12-13 ft. tall. And, pray tell, how do we know that, I always ask, well because we know the size of his bed.

Well, it may be reasonable to subtract a few inches or a foot from his bed and conclude his height but the point is that such would be a mere guess so no, we have no idea how tall he was.

Now, if he was 12-13 ft. then my view is: good for him. But, for example, my bed is five times as wide as am I.

It is also myopic to come to some conclusions since there are other reasons why his bed was so large: he may have had his harem sharing it with him. Or, his wife may have just had a baby—and parents know that a 21 in. baby can take up 90% of the bed.
Or, as I will point out in an upcoming book that will be in my series “What Does the Bible Say About…” which will be on Nephilim and “giants” (so far, the series is on Angelology, Demonology and Satanology), I have a few quotes such as this one:

“It is an interesting fact that Alexander the Great, in his march to India, arranged his camp grounds and cavalry cribs in double number and of UNUSUAL SIZE, that he might produce in the inhabitants of the land STRANGE IDEAS OF THE SIZE of his army”
—John Peter Lange, “Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scripture, Volume 1: Genesis to Ruth.”

What we do know about Og is that when we read that he was the last of the “giants” that does not mean “Nephilim” nor even something to do with his height but it is the (very poorly pseudo-translated by some) “Rephaim.” And, of course, we can also know that since he was King, he was Og, he was the O.G.: the Original Gangsta!!!

But, what has this anything to do with Egypt and a sarcophagus? Two things actually, first is that some claim that the term “bed” with relation to Og could also be coffin and I will let linguists have at is in that regard. But, of course, we do not have his bed nor his coffin so we do not know what it contained—if that is what it was.

Well, in Alexandria Egypt, a two millennia old sarcophagus has been found that weighs 30-tons and is 9.8 ft. long and 6.5 ft. wide. Now, if it had been found empty then surely Nephilim sci-fiers would be writing clickbait articles with titles such as, “Nephilim giant coffin found: PROOF!!!!!!!!! MUST READ, SHARE, FORWARD,” etc., etc., etc.

Giant Egypt sarcophagus 1.jpg

Yet, we know why it was so large, even if still over the top overdone (made of black granite): it contains three skeletons (that are actually swimming in fresh sewage: which is why it was found in the first place).

Giant Egypt sarcophagus 2.jpg

So, or so it seemed to me, this was an interesting example as to why large objects cannot be automatically be said to have been built or used by giants (again: whatever that generic term means).

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