We have the DNA of the “Segorbe giant”!!!

That’s right folks, we have the DNA—we have the DNA!!!!!!

The article DNA of the ‘Segorbe giant’ sheds light on the dramatic population changes during the brutal Christian reconquest of Spain by the Strange Sounds site (Sep 28, 2021) is a perfect example of that which I term Gigorexia Nervosa (an obsessive desire to see giants, and making them up where they are nowhere to be seen).

The most relevant parts of the article read:

Here another scientific research confirming that Giants existed on Earth…Segorbe Giant…a unique individual from Islamic medieval Spain…The individual, who was discovered in an eleventh century Islamic necropolis from the city of Segorbe, near Valencia in Spain, is known to local archaeologists as the “Segorbe Giant” because of his unusual height…the “Giant”…the “Giant’s”…the “Segorbe Giant”…confirmed Giant existed…

Did you notice something?

Reference is made to “Giants…Giant…Giant…unusual height…Giant…Giant’s…Giant…Giant” but we’re never told his height—only that is was (subjectively “unusual”).

Now, if you look very, very carefully and you can somehow manage to make the text not be so blurry: you can see that beneath the University of Huddersfield’s illustration you will see that it provides the height, as 1.9 meters which is 6.2 feet.

I’m utterly underwhelmed.

6.2 ft. counts as “confirming that Giants existed on Earth” well then, that just goes to show the vague, generic, multi-usage, and subjective nature of the virtually useless English term “giant.”

For more details, see my relevant books.

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