VIDEO: What will the future think of Aron Ra?

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What will the future think of Aron Ra?

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Jakub Mráz commented:

How about you listen to AronRa? He actually gives reasons and evidence for everything he claims.

Oh my, sorry for that interruption—:o)—as Jakub’s comment also included:

I know its easy to strawman him so you can project upon him your own faults, but that is just sad

I, Ken Ammi, replied:

Friend, your comment is an assertion. How can you ask a person who posted a video about Ra and has written articles about him “How about you listen to AronRa?”: as the evidence shows, been there, done that. BTW: you may be confusing “reasons” with “excuses.”

Jakub Mráz:

I understand that giving reasons is hard and so you rather try to say “nha!” but when he says something like that Exodus never happen he gives sources. You can disagree with those sources, but you don’t do that do you?
You rather try and change “reasons” to “excuses” to make yourself feel better, but that won’t help you find the truth. I am comment under this video, not under an article. I hope you make a proper video actually addressing his points, I would love to see the discussion.

Ken Ammi:

Oh well, if you are interested in someone providing sources then that is easy, here you go:

Sadly, Jakub never replied again and, too bad, since he had at his disposal Aaron Ra who actually gives reasons and evidence for everything he claims.

Sorry, again, here is the actual video for which you tuned in:

Aron Ra, Mothra, atheist, atheism, godzilla.jpg

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