Video review, “Interesting Facts about the Bible Part 53: Giants”

Following is the comment I left to the video about which someone commented “You pack so much in two minutes!” which, God bless her, is easy to do when it’s 99% inaccurate.

One issue is that you employ the vague, generic, subjective, and multi-usage English word “giants” only implying what it means: something about subjectively unusual height. However, that word in certain English Bibles does not imply that at all but is merely rendering (not even translating) both “Nephilim” and “Rephaim” and none of those words imply subjectively unusual height.

The Irish one was not fossilized, it was just a carved rock.

Extra digits is stated about one Repha.

Anakim were a Rephaim subgroup (like a tribe within a clan) and, contextually, all we’re told is that they were subjectively “tall” compared to the average Israelite male who in those days was 5.0-5.3 ft.

The grasshoppers statement was about Nephilim but that’s from an evil report, the speakers of which were rebuked by God: they just made up a tall tale.

Some of the other terms for people groups are just a.k.a.s for Rephaim.

When you say about the Amorites that they are “listed as giants” you need to tell us what that means.

No, Joshua was never told to wipe out Gen 6’s “giants” since they, the Nephilim, didn’t make it past the flood.
Gen 6 never says Nephilim were here “before and after the flood.”

It’s no in Joshua 13 whence you think that Anakim descend from Nephilim but from Num 13—the evil report you’re not supposed to believe.

Thus, you can’t say “Nephilim were giants” since Biblically, that reads as “Nephilim were Nephilim” and also, we’ve no reliable physical description of them.


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