VIDEO: Is Jeffrey Kripal possessed?


Jeffrey John Kripal is the J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought and former chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

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Apparent Kripal fanboy Jarbo Fiorini commented on this video thusly:
clearly this video is prepared with the intention to demonize Prof. Kripal, without any understanding whatsoever of what really Prof. went through and not having an opened mind. If you only knew this also happens in the Christian context today…. read the Old Testament, didn´t the prophets of old went through this kind of experiences too? Yes, they did!

I, Ken Ammi, replied
Friend, I am well aware of his self-defining claims and no, Old Testament prophets were not possessed by a demon disguising itself as a Hindu goddess.

Jarbo Fiorini
Well, self-defining claims of course, because he had the experience. not you, so you can´t understand it, even if it were explained to you. Old Testament prophets Were indeed “possessed” by the Spirit of Hashem, which would be seen to other cultures and beliefs as another god or entity. Besides if you place yourself in the times of the prophets of old, you will see that idolatry in every culture was an almost normal thing, the people of even Israel were never monoteists, even the Bible says it so, that went even after the times of Jeshua´s ascencion.

Now, of course, I knew at what he was getting but wanted to draw something out of him. This time I replied
I see what you are saying, the experiences of the Old Testament prophets were as legitimate as Kripal’s: and yet, you seem to have some level of faith in him but not in them.
Everything Satan does is a copy but corrupt version of what God does but upside down, inside out and backward so, he possesses people in order to deceive them while God does so in order to save them (in a manner of speaking).
Also, Israelites were monotheists in that they believe in only one supreme God (which, by definition, is the only way it could be) and only worshipped other “gods” when they were disloyal.

And that’s all folks, as he did not reply again.

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