VIDEO: IRD #1 “Nephilim For Sale” Zak McGaha & Ken Ammi

This is episode one of a new show that fellow author Zak invited me to co-host.

In this segment, we touched upon the fallacy of turning minor into major issues, Gnostic conspiracies and Zackary described this episode as:

What’s up with false teachers on the right-wing conspiracy circuit? Fiction writer Zakary McGaha and apologetics researcher and author Ken Ammi discuss various nonsensical Nephilim yarns and gnostic notions perpetuated, perhaps unintentionally, by folks like Steve Quayle, L.A. Marzulli, Michael Heiser (in part), Thomas Horn, Cris Putnam, and various others. Are they misled theologians, false teachers, or something else? Also, why isn’t there discussion about these topics among the wider, Christian community? This first episode is not meant to be an attack. Instead, it’s an open door to much needed dialogue. Errors in theology can be quite dangerous if left unchecked.

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