VIDEO: Highlights of Jay Dyer & Ken Ammi from The Union of the Unwanted

The last thing discussed in these clips was an example about symbolism sleuthing gone wrong.

The guy who made the claim that Christians worship the cube, who I think was Ryan Gable, began with a conclusion which, as was wonderfully put, was arrived at only after doing origami.

That is because he took a three-dimensional cross, collapsed it into two-dimensions, then folded it up (in only one of various ways it could be folded) into a three-dimensional cube and ergo, declared that Christians worship the cube—which, of course, could only (somehow) cogently follow is Christians worship the cross, which we do not.

When symbolism sleuthing one much always begin at a commonsensical level and only add levels of complexity if need be (the ol’ Occam’s Razor approach).

Romans nailed people to wood blocks of various sizes and shapes thus, not only crosses.
Jesus was nailed on a cross but note that Gable is also merely assuming a cross of perfect symmetry since without the just right proportions, it could not be collapsed flat and then rebuilt into a cube.
It would have had to have had perfectly equal lengths for the top and right and left arms and precisely double that length for the bottom portion—details that were surely utterly irrelevant for the Roman grunt who was just chopping and shaving wood for the purpose of a guy to die upon.

The other issue is that every shape, every number, every color, every animal, etc. has at one point or another been assigned an occult meaning—various, in fact, which is a contradiction in which Jay caught Gable—so sure, anyone can claim anything but the basic level issue is to ask Christians if we worship a cube and the reply that we do not should go a long way toward judging if the symbolism sleuthing was accurate or not.


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