VIDEO: Gary Wayne & Ken Ammi debate Nephilim & Giants

Yeah………….Jack is obsessed with tank-tops so I decided to match his style–and Gary made us look under-dressed ;o)

I give credit to Gary since, as far as I know, none of the top-pop-researchers of Nephilology and Giantology have ever debated anyone whatsoever–something that needs to change, BTW.

Bottom line for Gary’s assertions about “giants” in the Bible by which he was referring to subjectively unusual height:

He appealed to Nephilim and Og: both of which he had to admit he didn’t know their height (and I had to get him to admit it since otherwise he did as he is accustomed–he calls them “giants” and no one challenges him on that).

He appealed to Rephaim and specifically Anakim: I noted all we know is that some of them were subjectively “tall.”

He appealed to Goliath: I noted the earliest and the preponderance of evidence is that he was just shy of 7 ft.

So, where are his “giants”? Nowhere to be found.

There were SO MANY things he said that needed correcting but he was making so many errors in a row that I couldn’t keep up–did you notice that he asserted that Goliath was a king? That’s also not biblical.

What I noted about a certain approach to this subject I was actually thinking of Gary: if we don’t have enough data well, it matters not since one can then go on to build an all-encompassing worldview philosophy and hermeneutic by filling in the gap with anything that even appears relevant from anywhere, any time, anybody, etc. regardless of historical, cultural, or grammatical context.

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