VIDEO: Discussion on subjective evidence, mind brain duality, materialism but sort of not really, etc.

I dropped into a discussion and ended up having an interesting time with how Tony would constantly take one step forward until I reminded me of what he had said previously at which time he constantly had to take two steps back.

I noted a couple of times that his claim that all we have are our senses processing reality is a metaphysical dogmatic assertion.
Also, on his view there is no universal imperative to adhere to reality anyhow.

It was interesting that he noted that evidence is subjective since that is usually a game that Atheists play: they demand evidence, receive it, and then just wave their hand with an assertion that it is not actual evidence, is not good enough, does not count, etc., all because they say so.

He would also deny that he was making demands but then would say things such as as that, we “need to show” thus and such.

And yes, a guy who believes he’s a talking ape complains about believing that one time one donkey talked due to a miracle.


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