VIDEO: Ayahuasca correlated to black magick in Luciferina movie

Luciferina movie 1.jpg

I do not recommend this movie mostly because it has a few nudity scenes—and it wildly Satanic.
Yet, this scene seemed instructive about what many think is, like, an enlightening pharmakia, and stuff, when it is really a gateway to demonism.

The movie actually plays ayahuasca off as an enlightening spiritual experience substance but in the movie it ends up resulting in a demonized young woman having sex with a possessed young man in order to essentially birth the anti-Christ.

Luciferina movie 1.jpg
Note the one all seeing eye symbolismLuciferina movie 2.jpg

I titled this post “VIDEO…” but what happened is that, where I posted it, deleted it–and YouTube will surely do the same so, sorry: it’s gone.

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