TJ Steadman on the rise and fall and rise of Nimrod aka Enmerkar, Giant, Nephil, Repha, Assyrian, Rahab, Leviathan, 4 of 5

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Somehow, TJ Steadman now has Nimrod having “used divination to contact one of the ancient spirits from before the Flood” dead Nephilim due to Pagan legends into which he is reading references to Nimrod—by any other name.
In fact, note that he is claiming that Nimrod was aka The Assyrian and also aka Emnerkar. Yet, he will go on to refer to “The Assyrian, the entity that empowered Nimrod.” Yet also, “It appears that the Amorite kings, beginning with Nimrod, were associated somehow with Leviathan.”
He also wrote in terms of that “the spirit of Nimrod, also known as ‘the Assyrian’ or ‘Rahab’” and “Enmerkar, the man the Bible calls Nimrod…the Sumerian King List including Enmerkar (Nimrod)…”[fn] and[/fn]
Also, “Ezekiel 31, where the prophet uses this imagery to denounce the Pharaoh of the day. Ezekiel compares the Pharaoh to an ancient ruler who embodied the nature of the world tree – a man who controlled the world of his day by harnessing a dark power from the Great Deep. Ezekiel calls him ‘The Assyrian.’ The writer of Genesis calls him that too – after he calls him ‘Nimrod.’”[fn][/fn]

Thus, Nimrod is aka Emnerkar and the Assyrian but that really refers to a spirit that is also aka Rahab and has something to do with Leviathan.

In addition, to read an actually functioning form of apotheosis into ANE traditions and that this must apply to Nimrod is as far a stretch as it sounds.

TJ Steadman throws this into the speculative mix, “Nimrod was called a hunter. Some say he merely hunted animals, some that he hunted men. There was even a rabbinical tradition that he hunted the Nephilim and fallen angels!”

He also writes, “Nimrod was a man when he became a giant, and he was not born that way…references to Nimrod as a gibbowr or ‘giant’ indicates supernatural interaction” (emphasis in original).
As aforementioned, biblically, Nimrod was a regular man when he became mighty, and he was not born that way since he was first a regular guy. By now we are well aware that writing in terms of “gibbowr or ‘giant’” is unsubstantiated and cannot be unsubstantiated—in any language—so that a conclusion of “supernatural interaction” is a faulty one based on a faulty premise.

Earlier, I noted that TJ Steadman had written “gibbowr can have other meanings besides ‘giant,’ and Boaz [Ruth 2:1] was certainly not a giant! Gibbowr is the same term applied to Nimrod. So, we are reminded of the problem that the Messiah must deal with – the legacy of the giants.’” I reviewed the first portion time and again and as for the last portion: the Bible knows of no such thing anywhere in any way, shape, or form.

TJ Steadman also claims, “Nimrod put the sons of God into himself and his followers” which is wholly made up stuff.

He writes, “as far back as Moses, it was foretold that the vengeance of God would come upon the faithless by means of the ‘venom… laid up in store… among My treasures’ – the power that Nimrod had discovered that transformed him into a gibbowr and made him a giant!” which we know very well by now is faulty on various levels—and in various languages.

He claims, “Nimrod was able to connect to a fallen son of God in order to bring about the Rephaim, essentially bringing the Nephilim back to life.” So, he not only had “Contact with the Nephilim” who were dead (and gone) but with a, singular, fallen son of God/Angel so that Rephaim are the return of Nephilim.
Now, biblically, Nephilim are strictly pre-flood hybrids, Rephaim are strictly post-flood humans (Rephaim as a people group, with the root rapha also referring to healing, to death, etc. which is another issue).
There is no biblical indication whatsoever that Rephaim are anything but 100% human (even if, again, the root rapha has other usages—which, actually, TJ Steadman compounds).

But that is not all, TJ Steadman further claims that “Having found some means by which he was able to transform himself into a giant…his plan to overthrow God by transforming the whole world into giants” about which I think I need not reply since it is merely the stuff of theo-sci-fi.

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My well gone through copy of Steadman’s book


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