TJ Steadman on Rephaim as healers, Nephilim 2.0, and evil spirits who empower kings, part 3 of 5

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Continuing a review of more of TJ Steadman’s views on Rephaim form his book Answers to Giant Question.
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Let us continue where we left off.

As for that a “combination of Nephilim spirits in Anakim bodies produces a kind of duality common to all the diverse giant tribes,” this is confused.
Firstly, he claimed that Rephaim are Nephilim 2.0 and then narrows that to that there are “Nephilim spirits in Anakim bodies” and Anakim are a Rephaim subgroup.
Yet, even since he actually believes the rebuked “evil report,” he can only get from it that the Anakim subgroup are related to Nephilim (not in the LXX, however) but not that all Rephaim are.
Such is why he must invent the theo-sci-fi tall tale about Nimrod’s occult powers to create Nephilim 2.0 which are conveniently no longer called Nephilim.

TJ Steadman further wrote:

It appears that the Rephaim came from the Amorites, since they were located within Amorite territory and have no evidence of lineage that shows any sign of external origins. Supporting this is the text of Genesis 15:16 “But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.”

This…paints a clear picture that what the Amorites were doing was that they were actually becoming the Rephaim.

As we know, Nimrod found a way to become a giant, a fate with which he had planned to infect all of humanity at Babel. That corruption was evidently passed on to the Amorites, who then began to give rise to the Rephaim, forming tribes of their own and taking possession of the Promised Land in advance of Abraham’s descendants.

Later in the book, he writes, “Rephaim – a mysterious group that have no lineage or historical origin to speak of in Scripture. The Rephaim seem to have just appeared out of the very ground.”

I am unsure how feasible it is to conclude or speculate that one people group came from another due to being from the same territory but let us go with it.

Now, interpreting this in accordance to TJ Steadman’s theo-sci-fi, “Rephaim came from the Amorites” and note that “the generations of the sons of Noah” include that he begat Ham and that “the sons of Ham” included Canaan and that “Canaan begat Sidon his firstborn, and Heth, and the Jebusite, and the Amorite” (see Gen 10).
Thus, Amorites did come from Cannan, himself actually, who came from Noah (and you can trace Noah’s genealogy back to Adam, of course).

So, how did Noah’s descendants become shades/ghosts/spirits of the dead, as TJ Steadman describes Rephaim? Well, they did not, of course, which is why be concocted an occult tale about Nimrod which must mean that Amorites were the unfortunate group that somehow ended up being pinpointed by Nimrod for transformation into Rephaim—the supposed demon-Nephilim spirit possessed ex-humans.
That is why he asserts “Amorites were…actually becoming the Rephaim.”

In stating, “Nimrod found a way to become a giant” we run into the problems of how he writes since we have to guess to what he is referring by “giant” and, in this case, it means a packaged deal: he thinks that Nimrod, by occult means, 1) became a “giant,” meaning became taller, 2) became a “giant,” meaning became a Repha, 3) became a “giant,” meaning becoming a Repha by being possessed by Nephilim spirits, and 4) became a “giant,” meaning became mighty.

Actually, 4 is the one and only thing the Bible, contextually, tells us about him is “Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.”
Now, since “mighty” is translating “gibbor” and Nephilim were referred to as “gibborim” then TJ Steadman thinks that there is a correlation but the only correlation is that they were both mighty: and the same term is used of Angels, of David’s soldiers, of Boaz, of God, etc.

Overall, sure, Amorites are one of the people groups that when about “forming tribes of their own and taking possession of the Promised Land in advance of Abraham’s descendants” but that has nothing to do with becoming occultically manufactured Nephilim 2.0 called Rephaim.

TJ Steadman further writes:

Rephaims: a tribal name for a race of giant men associated with the spirits of the dead pre-Flood Nephilim. The term appears only twice in the KJV, and both times it refers to specific tribes going by the name of Rephaims. As most other Bible versions do not use the double plural “Rephaims,” we will simply use “Rephaim” to refer to the giant tribes. Your version may have “Rephaim” or even “Rephaites.”

As we have seen, that definition of “Rephaims” is contrived, confused, and unsupported and equally so if we swap it for Rephaims.

He and I actually have a lot in common which is part of why I am writing articles of the sharpening iron with iron variety—yet, I have come to note that when we set out to sharpen iron with iron, someone tends to get cut.
For example, he refers to the term “Rephaims” as being a “double plural”—since the “im” ending is the Hebrew (male) plural and the “s” ending is the English plural—which he wrote in his 2020 book and in my 2019 book What Does the Bible Say About Giants and Nephilim? A Styled Giantology and Nephilology I wrote, “the KJV translates as a form of double plural.”
As far as I know, he did not know that I existed mid to late 2020 when our debate took place so it was just a case of common sense on both our parts.

Now, as for Rephaites/Rephaims as “the giant tribes,” biblically that only means Rephaim tribes with no implication of unusual height.

We will pick up form there in the next segment.

See my books on Nephilim related issues.

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