TJ Steadman on Rephaim as healers, Nephilim 2.0, and evil spirits who empower kings, part 1 of 5

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Commencing a review of more of TJ Steadman’s views on Rephaim form his book Answers to Giant Question.
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Here are some of TJ Steadman’s claims about Rephaim in general, “The clans of the Rephaim are listed as: Rephaims, Emims, Horims, Zamzummims, Anakims, Horims, Avims and Caphtorims. All of these were Repahim. All were giants…the armies of the Rephaim, Zuzim, Emim, Horites, Amalekites and Amorites” I will note that it is quoted sic. due to listing Rephaims as being one of the “clans of the Rephaim” which is just circular and since he listed Horims twice in a simple error or repetition.

He notes that Rephaim were:

Those are people who became transformed by the powers of darkness into inhuman beings. They were normal people created in God’s image before that happened. What becomes of them?

The Rephaim chose to change themselves into the giants they became.
Therefore, the glorification they sought before men was the only “glory” they would ever receive. That fleeting aggrandizement would prove to fall far short of the eternal glory awaiting the children of God in their imputed righteousness.

Having deliberately deformed and defiled themselves, they can no longer bear the image of the holy God. They have cut themselves off from the line of Adam; they have removed themselves from the family of Noah; they have been scattered from Abraham’s people and have denied the throne of David. The Rephaim are unredeemable by virtue of having “disrobed” themselves of humanity.

Theologians tend to speak in terms of God’s perfect will vs. God’s permissive will. Thus, Nephilim were created “outside of God’s express will,” not His perfect will but His permissive will: which permits sin even whilst condemning it.

There is zero biblical evidence that Rephaim are what he claims they are. Biblically they are good ol’ fashioned human beings, some of whom were subjectively tall: such as the Anakim subgroup of Rephaim. For why he thinks that which he wrote, see my article TJ Steadman on the rise and fall and rise of Nimrod aka Enmerkar, Giant, Nephil, Repha, Assyrian, Rahab, Leviathan.

In the part of his book I am quoting, he claim “Rephaim chose to change themselves into the giants” but in another part he claims, “Nimrod found a way to become a giant, a fate with which he had planned to infect all of humanity,” which is mere theo-sci-fi and that Nimrod exercised the “power to invoke the spirits of the dead Nephilim giants from the Flood, the Anuna-gods…They were the Rephaim” so where never human, and claims that Nimrod “brought the Rephaim into existence by summoning a power from the great deep.”

The last statement in the quote preaches good, as some say, but is a faulty conclusion based on a faulty premise.

TJ Steadman writes:

From Deuteronomy we know that the Anakims (sons of Anak) were Rephaim giants (along with the Emims, but more on that later), so we now see the descendants of Anak referred to as both Nephilim and Rephaim. How are the two names connected?

…the definition of Nephilim is best described as simply “Giants.” Rephaim does not only mean “Giants,” but there is a very strong allusion to the spirits of the dead (“spirits; shades; ghosts; the dead”). Literally, the Rephaim warriors were men who possessed the features and the living spirits of the dead Nephilim.

For this reason, the term Nephilim alone does not suffice to describe the post-Flood giants and is used only to make the connection apparent between them. This combination of Nephilim spirits in Anakim bodies produces a kind of duality common to all the diverse giant tribes.

The term “Rephaim giants” only causes confusion, especially since TJ Steadman uses the term “giants” to mean many things and leaves us to guess to what or whom he is referring at any given time. Biblically, “Rephaim giants” means “Rephaim Rephaim” and if he means “Rephaim of some generically unusual height” then no such thing is ever stated about Rephaim as a whole but only of certain Rephaim such as Anakim who are a Rephaim subgroup.

As for where we see Anakim being “referred to as both Nephilim and Rephaim” the reply is that they are not connected and the one and only time when Anakim are referred to as such is within Num 13:33 rebuked “evil report” which had it that, as the KJV has it, “there we saw the giants [Nephilim], the sons of Anak, which come of the giants [Nephilim]” which is a bit awkward. Some of the renderings seem to imply that “giants [Nephilim]” are “the sons of Anak” but then that Anakim “come of the giants [Nephilim]” which is circular. Thus, it is understood that the claim was that “we saw the giants [Nephilim]” and that “the sons of Anak, which come of the giants [Nephilim]” so that they are somehow related.
Yet, they are not related since Nephilim did not make it past the flood and Anakim come from the man name Anak.

We will pick up form there in the next segment.

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nephilim debate.jpg


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