Time travel and extra-terrestrial aliens

There is a fascinating correlation between the views regarding life’s origins as held by Francis Crick, et al., and attempts to identify “extra-terrestrial aliens.”

There is a fascinating correlation between the views regarding life’s origins as held by Francis Crick, et al., and attempts to identify “extra-terrestrial aliens.”

Some, such as Crick, saw and very clearly understood that DNA is a designed, information containing, information duplicating and information correcting system. Yet, Francis Crick was an Atheist whose mind was enslaved to a materialistic worldview which restricts free thought. Thus, he chose to affirm design but to assign the design to extra-terrestrial aliens as per a view called “directed panspermia” which refers to the purposeful “seeding” of life on Earth.

This correlated with issues variously termed UFOs, aliens, contactees, abductees, experiencers, etc. in the following manner.

Some conclude from a myriad of claims—regardless of chronology, geography or theology (or, lack thereof)—that there are some or another (or, various) forms of flying vehicles which largely go unidentified (the literal meaning of UFO: unidentified flying object).

From this they conclude advanced intelligence due to the claims that these vehicles can perform maneuvers and travel at speeds that are impossible for our current technology (keeping in mind that the general public actually does not know our level of technology as it is kept from us).

Some conclude that these phenomenons are the doings of, at one level, government secret black project experiments and, at another level, the manifestations of demonic beings (see here for more on this).

It is largely agreed upon that long—and we are talking about extremely long—distance travel across space is impossible. Thus, the concept of actual extra-terrestrials from vast distances is generally rejected and often rejected for accurate view that they are not “extra-terrestrial” but, rather, “extra-dimensional” (not E.T. but E.D.).

And yet, the phenomenon persists.

We have stated the above as preliminary to making this point: there are those who, by “faith,” deny the existence of the supernatural and also deny the possibility of vast distance extra-terrestrials travel. So, what do they employ as an explanation?

One view that is growing in popularity holds that the aliens (or, visitors) are not extra-terrestrials and are not demonic but are human beings who have traveled back from the future.

The view holds that human technology advances to the point that we can time travel and we come back in order to well, do whatever: help ourselves evolve spiritually (keeping in mind that one can be an Atheist and be spiritual—just ask Sam Harris, the mystic, Buddhist, Atheist), to get us to clean up the environment so that it is not utterly wrecked for the future, etc.

As an example, here are five people who hold to this view (granting variations):
Paul Davies, “We in fact create reality.” He claims that the reason that the universe is intelligently designed is because we humans traveled back in time and created it as such.
—Davies is a physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist working at Arizona State University

Jeffrey Kripal, “human beings…are gods in disguise…the angels and aliens, gods and demons are us.”
—Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, where he is also the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies

Whitley Strieber is known as the poster-child for the alien/UFO phenomenon and yet, he has never claimed that his dealings were with extra-terrestrial aliens but with “visitors”; human ones from the future.
—Strieber is an author, movie producer, lecturer and extremely well known within the UFO/Alien/abductee/contactee/experiencer communities

Douglas Dietrich holds that so called “aliens” are, in reality, “our decedents from the future.” His spin is not just that we travel back in time from a future Earth to a past Earth but that humanity will advance to the point that we colonize other planets. We then travel back in time in order to interact with our past.
—Dietrich worked for the Department of Defense as a Research Librarian at the Presidio Military Base of San Francisco

Barbara Marciniak claims that the Pleiadians with whom she is in touch “claim that they are kin to us, and that they have come back in time from their future to our present time…they’ve returned…to help us more clearly see our choices and possibly create an alternative probability based on personal empowerment and our connection to nature.”
—Barbara Marciniak is an author, speaker, medium/spirit channeler (in the guise of someone who receives messages from extra-terrestrial aliens from the Pleiades). This quote is from The Intuitive-Connections Network’s “Conversation with Barbara Marciniak”

Perhaps we ought to throw in another interesting statement that whilst not as specific as the others, makes a similar point nevertheless:
Paul Levinson states that through technology we will “embody and extend our ideas, inject our minds into the world and disperse our theories to the far corners of the universe, and therein begin to mold the universe to human designs.”
—Levinson is the Professor and Chair of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in New York City and the editor of the Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems. For this quote, see “Mind at Large: Knowing in the Technological Age,” Research in Philosophy and Technology, JAI, 1988 AD, p. 12

Of course, as ought to be readily discernible this view(s) explain precisely nothing at all. There is no evidence or proof of this and it is an attempt to explain an admittedly complex and difficult issue by appealing to an unknown time and place wherein those who hold to it can construct that which they will.

Nevertheless, a very, very (very) troubling aspect of this view is the fact that the appearance of these beings, especially to contactees, abductees and experiencers is that in the future humans become time traveling meta-physical, extra-dimensional, super-terrestrial, para-quantum, supra-vibratory torturing rapists who are integrally linked to occult practices.