2 thoughts on “The Flying Spaghetti Monster elucidated by William Lane Craig—who amassed the meatballs?”

  1. Except that they do contend that the Designer is God.
    Except that those who promote ID, do believe that the so-called Intelligent Designer is God. It is just a transparent attempt at deception when they waffle. ID was concocted in order to try and sneak Creationism past the courts. Pretending otherwise is just dishonest.

  2. manifestation
    The flying Spaghetti monsters (praise be to his name) manifestation in his present form is simply because he likes it. Anyone knows an omnipotent being can manifest himself anyway he wants. To argue that he could not is simply trying to use human understanding to understand that which is beyond our understanding.

    The least he could have done was come up with a partially thought out straw man to present.

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