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Tag: Nephilim

  • Dead Kings and Rephaim The Patrons of the Ugaritic Dynasty

    Let us consider the paper by Baruch A. Levine and Jean-Michel de Tarragon, “Dead Kings and Rephaim: The Patrons of the Ugaritic Dynasty.”[1] They note that Pierre Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee have “made possible a more confident interpretation” so that their “confirmed readings afford new possibilities of interpretation”[2] of a text of canonical liturgy known…

  • Gnostic Notes on Zen Garcia’s “Sons of God Who We Are, Why We Are Here”

    Under consideration are aspects of the book Sons of God: Who We Are, Why We Are Here by Zen Garcia (Bachelor of Arts at Mercer University, 1999). I am acquainted with Garcia due to the claim so succinctly put in the titled of another of his books, Lucifer: Father of Cain. Indeed, he denies that…