Successful Atheist Propaganda 101 – appeal to “But the children! Think of the children!”

Oh, I do, I most certainly do think about them.

For example, I do not teach my children that they should love their neighbors because 1) their hairy ancestors had to distinguish between picking each other’s fleas and at whom to fling their fecal excreta, or because 2) it will somehow help them propagate their DNA, or because 3) if they do not do so some atheist will engage upon arguments to ridicule or to embarrassment, or because 4) it will make them feel oh, so good about themselves, or because 5) of watered down karmic considerations such as do good things and good things will happen to you, or because 6) of the shifting moral zeitgeist, but because 7) all human beings are made in God’s image and we have no right to violate any of them and they all need love.

In considering the latest bout of atheist propaganda whereby people such as Richard Dawkins and Philip Pullman seek to interfere with the family life of “religious” people in order to convert their children, put up the thinly veneered façade of concern for children—think of the children!—in order to push their atheist agenda.

The more I learn about propaganda the more I discern that it function not because it is generally so finely crafted but that it is crafty and people want to fall for it.

Presenting the evidence that I gathered to demonstrate that this latest propaganda campaign is a front for attempts to proselytize children I have gotten responses, on certain websites/blogs, from people who are so taken with atheist celebrities or the emotive appeal to “The children! Think of the children!” that they refuse to see that they tactic is working on them and it is mostly working because they want to believe it despite the evidence.

This is not about points of view or atheism versus theism but about the evidence that I provided to the effect that those who support this propaganda, such as Dawkins and Pullman, do not want freedom for children but want children to convert to atheism. It is an outward emotive appeal, supported by those who do not know the true purpose and those who, when they are made aware of it, do not have the integrity to call the propagandists out for the hypocrites that they are.

Consider Richard Dawkins supposed concern for children; what is his view on real life child abuse?

…reports of child abuse cover a multitude of sins, from mild fondling to violent buggery…just because some pedophile assaults are violent and painful, it doesn’t mean that all are.
A child too young to notice what is happening at the hands of a gentle pedophile will have no difficulty at all in noticing the pain inflicted by a violent one.
Phrases like “predatory monster” are not discriminating enough, and are framed in the light of adult hang-ups.

This is perfectly consistent with his worldview as “DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.”

Perhaps Elton John will have to re-write the lyrics to his song “Tiny Dancer”:

Hold me closer DNA dancer
Count the children on the highway
Lay me down in the pedophile’s sheets
You had a busy day today

In any regard, someone wrote this to me:

Is your point that this is not a passive campaign but rather propaganda. That’s hard to reconcile with the image that clearly includes “atheist child, humanist child, libertarian child” alongside all the religious ones. Are you saying that any attempt to draw attention to inequalities is atheist propaganda? I can’t speak for Pullman but you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush….isn’t that the whole point? [ellipses in original]

Well, they hit the nail on the head, repeatedly.
This is propaganda since while they clearly include “atheist child, humanist child, libertarian child” they are out to convert children to atheism in the guise of intellectual freedom, science, evolution, and even, in Pullman’s case, “fiction.”

Referring “any attempt to draw attention to inequalities” is a category mistake as I referenced these ads in particular.

They do not have to speak for Pullman as he has spoken for himself and admitted his propagandist activism. Thus, since I reference Pullman I am not tarring “everyone with the same brush” I made assertions and back them up with evidence—the very same evidence that is being ignored in a zeal for atheist propaganda.

Now, just to reiterate: Dawkins want to convert children to atheism via standing between parents and children, Pullman writes children’s books about atheism is disguise and overall, atheists are collecting donations during a time of recession not in order to help anyone in real material need but in order to attempt to demonstrate just how clever they consider themselves to be—while actually loudly, proudly and expensively demonstrating their ignorance and arrogance–and I am the bad guy?

Another person stated,

Yes, they would like like people to stop believe in god, but that’s not what they are saying here – although they have before. [sic]

Here is where we have to connect the evidential dots:1) They, the very same people, have already admitted that they would like, not just people but children, to either stop believing in God or never believe in the first place.2) They have admitted that this is the goal behind referring to parents who teach their children their faith as “child abusers.” And that they pretend to write fiction when the real intent is discrediting Christianity and killing God.3) Now, they are campaigning for the supposed free thought choice making rights of children.4) Yet, we already know what their underlying motive is.5) Therefore, this should be exposed for the façade that it is instead of excusing it or supporting it because of cults of personality or what have you.

Follow the evidence, follow the money, follow the admitted intent—wherever it may lead.

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