“Skeptic Arena” Atheist claims “debating you is like playing chess with a pigeon” 4 of 9


That which follows is a discussion I had with a certain Neo from the The (pseudo) Skeptic Arena with whom I have had many interactions all of which, including this parsed one, you can find here.

Picking up where we left off, Neo replied

Ken, great to hear from you. I was afraid that you got your little feelings hurt and ran away to your “Safe Space.” Glad you came back to play. Let’s see, where did we leave off?
Ken wrote:

That which follows is a discussion I had with a certain Neo from the The (pseudo) Skeptic Arena with whom I have had many interactions all of which, including this parsed one, you can find here.

Picking up where we left off, Neo replied

Ken, great to hear from you. I was afraid that you got your little feelings hurt and ran away to your “Safe Space.” Glad you came back to play. Let’s see, where did we leave off?
Ken wrote:
Friend, once again you are repeating a pattern of that which is called “projection” whereby you apply to someone that which you yourself are doing.
Ken, that comment could have only come from a mind that is twisted into so many knots that it could pass for an anaconda breeding ball:
Every time you contact me it is the very same pattern: you begin without a premise and jump to a conclusion, thus you have failed from the get go which means that you go nowhere and when I point this out you merely repeat your unfounded conclusions and then claim victory.
Ken, debating you is like playing chess with a pigeon: after the pigeon loses, it knocks over all the pieces, [****]s on the board, and then struts around like it won anyway.
Since evolution is true, it is clear that your ancestors must have been pigeons.
Your claim is that God is neglecting me because I could use some funds and you have been utterly unable to justify this
Ken, I didn’t have to justify it – you admitted it.
And Ken goes down again!
not to mention that justifying it would result in your admitting you believe in God.
Ken, look up the word “atheist.” We don’t have imaginary friends.
Now, when I point out that you have not, I repeat not, “demonstrated why it is that anything they do is wrong” it is utterly illogical to ask me to show you where you have “said it was wrong. You can’t, can you?” No, I cannot because I pointed out that you did not.”
Ken, the operative words there were “No, I cannot.”
But “nice try” Ken (I’ll bet you’ve heard that a million times, huh?)
Now, the difference between you and I, at least one of them,
Ken, I know the answer to that one: You have imaginary, invisible friends and I don’t.
I got that one right, didn’t I Ken?
is that you sit around and bad-mouth Christians
Ken, remember what you said about “projection?”
Ken, remember what you confessed to sitting around and doing with your friends?
And Ken goes down again!
I don’t think he’s getting up this time, folks.
No wait … He’s moving!
What courage – he’s coming back for more!
well, for whatever excuses you make for yourself. I sit around and point out how some Christians are violating biblical principles.”
Ken, like I said, the reason you sit around, bad-mouthing fellow Christians is out of intense jealousy: he flies around in jets while guys like you beg to suck his [****] for a dollar.
You also imply that there is something wrong with me “condemning your fellow Christians” but, of course, you provide no premise upon which to condemn me for it: you are merely jumping to unfounded conclusions again.”
Actually Ken … I was quoting your own words.
And down goes Ken again!
(This is like watching a gazelle getting violently thrashed back and forth in the jaws of a lion, as every bone in its fragile little body is broken)
And the fact that you think I hate Creflo just shows that you are attempting to play mind reader again and projecting your emotive reactions upon me again.
Ken, it must eat your guts out that I can so easily read your mind, huh?
Ghost Worshipers like you are so mentally primitive that I know what you are thinking and what you are going to say before you even say it.
Ken, they could devote an entire chapter to you in an … abnormal psychology textbook.
As for James 4:2, I have already told you that “if you think that ‘You do not have because you do not ask God’ has something to do with money I would recommend that you actually read the text rather than jumping to conclusions about what a few un-contextual words mean according to the Neonian (mis)interpretation.” Thus, merely repeating your mistaken assertion again is just that, repeating it again.
Ken, you copied and pasted the same [****]ty response you tried to pull before. If it didn’t work the first time, what makes you think you’ll have any better luck the second time?
But what else can you do?
You came to the Okay Corral with an empty gun.
That’s why you are standing there, oozing from a dozen holes.
Now, since the two verses to which we appealed are about utterly different topics it is illegitimate for you to claim that “contradictory verses abound”—and, of course, by referencing contradictions you are implying that there is some imperative to be logical, truthful and ethical but you have not provided a premise for any of it and your Atheism actually cannot do so.
Ken, atheism has nothing to do with the fact that you worship a murderous, hideous monster. The fact that you refuse to address it shows everyone what a gutless little coward you are.
And the fact that you worship that creature tells us everything we need to know about you.
But now I see why you misunderstand the Bible in such as obvious manner when you state “It’s a pretty clear verse.” Friend, I hope that you are aware of a few things: 1) verse divisions are not in the manuscripts, 2) 3/4 of church history knew nothing of such divisions, 3) verses have the deleterious effect of breaking complete thoughts into thought fragments and you are a prime example of this: you think that you understand the historical, cultural and grammatical thought behind a full statement/thought because you read a few words that were ripped from their context. This is illegitimate no matter if you are reading the Bible or the newspaper.
Ken, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (hey, someone on the cc list … wake me when he’s through)
The only reason that I repeat myself over and over is because you commit the same fallacies time and again, I call you out on it time and again, you finally get tired of it, declare victory and stop replying—until the next time when you do they very same. “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”—Winston Churchill
Aw Ken, now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.
Okay, I’ll change the subject. Instead of Passover, let’s change it to the time when God murdered every human on Earth (except 8) and all the innocent animals. Which brings up the question: why do “you people” (Ghost Worshipers) never depict Noah’s Flood accurately?
You know, with millions of dead bodies floating around the Ark?
And all the carcasses of dead animals floating around it?
Is that to spare the kiddies the horror of your violent religion and murderous God?
(See, I can change)
Now, as for you coming back, once again, to condemning God as “a murdering invisible monster” you will recall that I have asked you time and time and time again and again and again to justify doing so, to provide a premise for doing so, and you have shown yourself to be unable to do so.
Ken, remember your comment about “projection?”
“They have eyes … but they do not see.” (that’s you Ken)
You will NEVER answer that question; and I know the reason why, which is what really boils the feces backed up in your colon: you believe that this invisible monster can hear everything you say, and can read every thought you think. He has threatened to torture you forever if you lose your faith (what a Guy, huh?). There is nothing on this Earth that can save you from that threat as long as you believe it is true.
There is nothing any of us rational people can do to help you Ken.
You are the only one who can save yourself from this imaginary monster.
But as you’ve demonstrated: you have neither the intelligence nor the courage to do so.
A billion people have freed themselves. But the rest are like you … cowards.
This is where Atheism has left you: unable to even justify condemning in any but a merely emotive manner that which you consider to be murderous. And I have the very same experience time and again with one Atheist after another—about 4 of them within the past month alone—they, like you, jump to condemnatory conclusions, I ask for a premise, they lash out in anger, I ask for a premise again, they repeat their assertion in different words, I ask for a premise and they decide to stop replying.
Ken, you might think that with all these people trying to get through that thick skull of yours, that something might sink in. But unfortunately for you, I have just explained why it is highly unlikely that you will ever be free of the threats from the spirit world.
Ken, a worm has a better life than you do.
One reason that moral humans worship He whom you subjectively and unfoundedly claim is a “hideous creature” is because you offer no premise upon which anyone would even think that God is as such.”
Ken, that is unnecessary. He has already confessed to the most hideous atrocities in His own autobiography. We have His confession. We don’t need anything else.
But I’m not so much concerned about the confessions of an imaginary character from thousands of years ago as I am by his inhuman followers who have used this vile book to commit the most horrid crimes imaginable.
You Ghost Worshipers are [****]ing sick, Dude
My question is why are you so upset about a being in whom you claim to not believe?
Ken, as I just explained, it’s not your imaginary friend that bothers me … it’s you subhuman Ghost Worshipers.
Debating you is like teasing a kitten with a laser pen.
It’s fun, but after a while I’ll admit that I feel a little guilty.
Then I realize how much damage to humanity you little freaks do, and then any guilt I was starting to feel, fades away.
Lastly, I find it interesting that you would write, “Yours in Christ, neo” since as I proved to you that in referring to yourself as “Neo” you are referring to yourself as Jesus.
Ken, I do lots of little things to amuse you. For me, this is a lot like spending the weekend at a funny farm and teasing the tards, while you are sitting around with your friends trashing Christians.
May God’s Grace rain the money, you and your family so desperately need, down upon you.
PS: I added Creflo to the cc list because I didn’t think it was right for us to talk about him behind his back. Also, I think he should know that an atheist stood up for him, while a so-called Christian sits around all day with his fellow loser Christians, bad-mouthing him and other successful Christians.
Hey Ken, maybe he’ll take pity on you and come to your rescue?
No, I don’t mean with money.
We both know you couldn’t pry a nickel out of that guy with a crowbar.
I mean help you defend yourself in these emails so you won’t look like a chihuahua who keeps getting a truckload of cow[****] dumped all over you every few days.


Ken Ammi

It seems like a good time to recommend how you can save yourself a lot of time so I will inform you that your childish taunting has no effect on me except to make me feel very sorry for you. Just because you function on emotivism does not mean that I do as well.
I also find it interesting that you write, “Glad you came back to play” as that this is all a game to you has been very clear for a long time. This is why even when I beg you time and again to engage in reasoned discourse and actually explain to you how to build an argument, how to formulate your thoughts so as to go beyond mere assertions, beyond merely jumping to conclusions: you simply refuse. Whether you are unwilling or unable or both is something I cannot gauge.
However, that you metaphorically pound your chest in victory when you have utterly failed to even make a cogent statement is quite evident. This is likely why you break complete thoughts into fragments and reply to me sentence by sentence: this certainly makes it easier for you but is it un-contextual. This is also likely why you puff up your non-replies with childish taunting, expletives declarations of victory, etc. yet, a discerning reader can see that you waste a lot of time stating nothing.
If you think that we are debating then I would recommend that you actually listen to some debates to as to get some idea as to how it is done.
Tragically, you appear to have taken on Atheism for the same reason as so very many Atheists have: so as to have an excuse to express anger. Just as tragically, Atheism has ruined you as it has left you unable to offer ordered thoughts (which is all you can expect from believing that your thoughts are random mixtures of accidental chemicals in your brain) and only able to express emotions (which is all you can expect from believing that your emotions are random mixtures of accidental chemicals in your brain).

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