Richard Dawkins’ rare moment of clarity on Debora Soh’s “The End of Gender”

Dr. Debora Soh has published a book titled, “The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society” that focuses on the assertion that gender is a mere social construct based on self-identification.

She also chronicles opposition to tackle this issue within scholarly, academic, communities.

Dawkins has noted, “If even half is true of what she says about the intimidation of scientists in her field of sexology [and neuroscience], we need to support the fight-back.”
He has not seemed to have yet commented on the issue of gender itself but at least is supporting academic freedom—the sort he utterly poses when it comes to creationists.

I wrote a book titled The Occult Roots of Postgenderism with a subtitle of “And A History of Changes to Psychology and Psychiatry” since those field admit within their literature that they are changing diagnosis and treatments not due to science but due to socio-political activism.

LGBTQIIAPPR+ is not just an alphabet of lifestyle choices: it is a worldview philosophy and militantly activist dogmatic movement (except for one of the “A” since it refers to “asexual” and simply does not belong amongst the others).
Here is a recent example, remember when we were told that same-sex “marriage” was not a slippery slope?
That was adorable since now, this is in the news: “Father jailed after calling transgender child his ‘daughter’ and using wrong pronouns.”

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