Reply to question, “So, people are ‘choosing’ to be gay or transgender?”

The following discussion took place due to my video Ben Shapiro on being a biological boy to be a Boy Scout – BOOM!!!

Heath Watts commented
Exactly, Ben. That is why all mailmen, weathermen, and milkmen are men right? Ha! You’re a ridiculous little person. Those who consider Shapiro to be an intellectual should raise their standards.

I, Ken Ammi, replied
Friend, the statement was “You must be a biological boy…you have to be a boy” and it is written right there is the organization’s name. The “Boy” Scouts were so named when the general populace still affirmed 3-D physical reality for what it was.

Heath Watts
Having a penis is not the sole indicator, biologically, psychologically, or socially of manhood.

Ken Ammi
True, but it is a good starting point and the premise upon which a label such as “boy” is based. Way, way, way back in the day a doctor would pull a baby out of its mother’s womb and if a penis was attached then the statement would be “It’s a boy.” The only thing that has changed is that some peopled decided that their feeling override verifiable 3-D physical reality.

Heath Watts
So, people are “choosing” to be gay or transgender? Why would they make that choice? Being LGBTQQIA+ is not as popular as you might think it is; there are right wing lunatics that would do them harm, if they had the opportunity.

Ken Ammi
Friend, what they are choosing is to engage in those lifestyle. Also, please inform yourself of the fact that a person’s greatest danger generally comes from within, from the in-group, and not from without. For example, homosexual activist Harvey Fierstein who wrote an Op-Ed for The New York Times entitled, “The Culture of Disease” (7-31-03) in which he noted the following:
“So we produced advertising, created enlightenment programs, spent endless hours making certain that having AIDS or being H.I.V. positive was nothing to be ashamed of. We did a great job. Maybe too great a job. After all the effort exerted to convince the world that AIDS is not a gay disease, we now have a generation embracing AIDS as its gay birthright…Many of our young men see infection as a right of passage [sic], an inevitable coming of age. I hear of them seeking the disease as entree into the cool, queer inner circle that being negative denies them…
Unlike the photos in the ads we see, most of my friends who are on drug cocktails [to treat H.I.V.] are not having the time of their lives. They spend mornings in the bathroom throwing up or suffering from diarrhea. They spend afternoons at doctor’s appointments, clinics and pharmacies. And they spend endless evenings planning their estates and trying to make ends meet because they are not well enough to support themselves and their new drug habit. And those are just the friends for whom the drugs work. For many women the cocktails are nothing but a drain on finance, internal organs and stamina…
We have done a terrific job removing the stigma of having AIDS. But in doing so we’ve failed to eliminate the disease. H.I.V. is an almost completely avoidable infection. You need to be compliant in some very specific behaviors to be at risk. In fact, if every person now infected vowed that the disease ended with him, we could wipe out the ballooning number of new infections. Instead, we’ve sold our next generation into drug slavery and their destiny to medical researchers because we’d rather treat each other as sexual objects than as family…stop minimizing the infection with cute little names like ‘the gift’ or ‘the bug.’”

Heath Watts
I support human rights. I do not support people purposefully spreading HIV or other infectious diseases and those who do so should be charged with murder. Being LGBTQ is not a choice anymore than skin color or eye color is a choice. People are born LGBTQ.

Ken Ammi
Friend, I urge you to muse upon this issue a bit deeper: while it may be true that “People are born LGBTQ,” they still make a conscious decision to life that those lifestyles.

Heath Watts
Using your logic. You also choose your lifestyle, right? So, you choose to live as a heterosexual. Tomorrow, you could choose to be a homosexual, right?

Ken Ammi
You say you are using my logic but I wonder to what extent you do so. Thus, I will ask how does your worldview provide you a premise for truth, logic or ethics, for holding to these and for demanding that others do likewise?
Of course, I chose my lifestyle. You seem to be implying that if someone has an impulse then they must carry it out such as that “I have homosexual impulses and so I must live a homosexual lifestyle.” If that is your premise, and it seems that it is, then you are doing to run into a brick wall when we discuss rape, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. (unless these are a-okay by you, that is).

That was the end of it as no further replies were forthcoming.

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