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Regarding the Dr. Michael S. Heiser video “Where do Evil Spirits Come From?”

The video led to the following discussion.


A great deal of hypotheses but not much actual Biblical proof connecting disembodied spirits to non-demonic spirits. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see in the end. I do know that any and all must obey the victorious risen Son of God. Of this we can be sure from Scripture. His title and His name are our shield and sword.


There is a great deal of “proof” of this in the Bible. And it’s supported by all of the traditions surrounding the Scriptures.


Dr. Heiser was credentialed and experienced but not infallible, his Nephilology wasn’t biblical, and he tended to create more problems than he solved—see these articles for examples:

Review of Amy Richter and Michael Heiser on four Enochian Watcher related women in Jesus’ genealogy

Rebuttal to Dr. Michael Heiser’s “All I Want for Christmas is Another Flawed Nephilim Rebuttal”


I don’t disagree with you on principle, but the problem with something being biblical or not is that the Scriptures were written to and for people who had an understanding of the world that we have lost. In this case, it is VERY likely that the ancient Hebrews understood the Nephilim and what was happening there. So Moses didn’t need to explain it. They already knew it. In my case, I don’t need someone to recount the entire history of the US every time someone is writing about an event that occurred in our history.


Indeed, “the ancient Hebrews understood the Nephilim and what was happening there” and told us about it with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. They lived pre-flood, they didn’t make it past the flood, end of story—until, of course, many centuries later some unreliable guys made up an “evil report” about having seen them and they were rebuked by God.

Literally 100% of pop-Nephilology, and some scholarly Nephilology, hangs on one single sentence spoken by those guys.

@kenammi355 (you will discern his replies from my reply)

One reply at a time rather than three, please (not counting the fourth on another thread).

“No. Angels are NOT always described this way”: mere assertion, please provide quotations and citations but first, please ensure they don’t commit category errors that violate the law of identity.

“Human beings are made in the Image of God, which is Christ. Spiritual and physical. Angels are not”: mere assertion, did you read my article, “Demons Ex Machina: What Are Demons?”

No, “The many eyed cherubim” aren’t “described as wheels.”

This is what I mean about category errors that violate the law of identity: Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, and Ophanim are different categories of being. For some strange and un-biblical reason, you mash them all together so you commit category errors that violate the law of identity.

They are never “identified as the stars in the heavens” rather, they are referred to as “stars.”

Moses shone and he was human and thus, human in form so what of Angels “Shining like bronze” (although I’m unsure were you got that)?

You also merely asserted, “They…take on the appearance of men.”

You also merely assert, “never as normal men. Which is why they always say ‘fear not’” but if you look at the very, very few places where they say that, you’ll see that it was because a person knew they were alone when someone suddenly appeared and it shocks them.

I’m unsure that “the aerial realms” are nor how that’s relevant.

That brought the discussion to and end as no more replies were forthcoming.

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