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Real Truth Speaker answers The Nephilim: Did They Exist and Where Did They Come From?

Undergoing review is the article The Nephilim: Did They Exist and Where Did They Come From? by the Real Truth Speaker site.

It is noted, “Many Christians do not believe that the Nephilim were fallen angel offspring because they do not believe that being a hybrid is possible” yet, I am unsure how accurate that is since we all know of various animal hybrids.

Yet, the point is made that Jesus is both God and human, Cherubim have the faces of four bio-organisms (see Ezekiel chaps. 1 and 10), Seraphim have human features such as hands and/but also wings, etc.

Also noted is that, “Many non-believers doubt the existence of the Nephilim and feel that they were simply tall people with overexaggerated heights.” Well, many non-believers and many believers as well. Yet, what “tall people with overexaggerated heights” has to do with Nephilim was not elucidated.

There is also this likewise abrupt sentence, “With Stella Immanuel being attacked for referencing the Nephilim by the term ‘demon sperm’, I felt like I needed to touch on this topic.” I know not who that is nor who was/were the attacker/s but “demon sperm” is a contradiction in terms since, by definition, demons are spirits but sperm is a physical organism thus, demons cannot have/produce sperm.

The following point is argued:

The term “sons of God” is widely debated. Many people simply attribute this to men, yet this term appears in the Bible in other places. These following Bible verses prove that they were angels.

Job 1:6 “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them.”

Job 2:1 “Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them to present himself before the Lord.”

Job 38:7 “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

These verses are talking about things in heaven, which shows that they can’t be earthly men. They also presented themselves before God along with satan, which is clearly something going on in the spirit realm. Putting Genesis and Job together paints the picture that a certain group of angels married women and had children with them, who became the Nephilim (giants).

I wouldn’t go as far as concluding that Job identifies them as Angels—even though I do think that such is the case—only because he does not identify them as such—yet, in the Septuagint/LXX for those vss. the term Angelos is employed—but most directly from 38:7 we can discern that they are not human since they witnessed the creation of the Earth, at the very least—which the article’s author oddly left out.

As for “Nephilim (giants)” well, it appears to be a way to identify they who are being referenced as per their Hebrew title and an English term into which some have rendered it (not even translated it) so that biblically, “Nephilim (giants)” reads as “Nephilim (Nephilim).” The term giants in some English Bibles is merely rendering Nephilim in two vss. and Repha/im in 98% of all other usages: the usage is not as a descriptor, it implies nothing about height at all.

We are also told, “The Book of Enoch Tells Everything In Detail” with reference to 1 Enoch/Ethiopic Enoch, “The book of Enoch is the most reliable non-canonized biblical book. The Book of Enoch is even quoted and referenced to in the Bible in books such as Jude and 2 Peter.” I am unsure Peter quotes it but in any case, Paul quotes Greek poets, Satan is oft quoted, etc. This text dates from millennia after the Torah, contradicts the Bible a lot, and has Nephilim having been miles tall which is great folklore but poor reality—see my book In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch.

The subsection about 1 Enoch, which is non-biblical, is followed by subsection, “Non-Biblical Evidence of the Nephilim” which notes, “Now that we’ve clearly established that the Bible and Enoch said that angels had children with women, who became giants, I want to provide non-Biblical evidence for this claim for those who do not believe that the Bible is 100% reliable. I have decided to use pictures to illustrate my claim.”

Now, the vague, subjective, generic, and multi-usage modern English word giants is being misread and misused. Moreover, no attempt was even made at arguing in favor of biblical evidence for giant Nephilim and the 1 Enoch assertions are just folkloric tall-tales.

Now, basing the assertion of Nephilim being giants on zero reliable data points, we are told that such is enough to mount a defense of the Bible, “the Bible is 100% reliable” which is followed by illustrative illustrations.


About this generic reference to “Abnormal Skulls” the statement is made, “These skulls are not normal human skulls” but nothing more. Especially not why we should think that such are Nephilim skulls. Moreover, note that those who assert that Nephilim were giants and that we have their skulls—such as LA Marzulli—can only ever show us regular sized skulls.


About a reference to Giraffes being “14-20 Feet Tall” we are told, “The person in the hieroglyph is in comparable height to a giraffe” but this is myopic. Firstly, it is uncertain—and certainly not elucidated—why we should take such ancient paintings literally. Secondly, a key missing data point is how old that Giraffe is: why exclusively presuppose and imply that it’s a full grown animal rather than a baby?


The image demands that the upper three are “Nephilim & Nephilim Descendants” but we are not told how Angels (who look like humans) and humans (who look like humans because they are humans) would result in offspring who are not altogether quite human-looking. In any case, we have the same issue with these as above and the only comment on this one was, “There is a clear difference.”


About this, we are told, “This is likely how the Egyptian pyramids were built” but we have the same literalistic issue as above. For example, there is no consideration that hoi polloi may have been depicted as much smaller than the kings, pharaohs, gods, etc. in order to show their dominance. Also, it is merely asserted that the illustration of someone carrying a square something must have been a rock block of the size in the photo. And, of course, if this had anything to do with Nephilim then the Giza pyramids must have been built pre-flood since Nephilim didn’t make it past the flood in any way, shape, or form.


This illustration is from a Trey Smith video and his Nephilology isn’t biblical. The comment is, “Drastically different skulls” but, again, nothing about: what of it?


Unfortunately, the only comment on this was, “No words needed” but, again, no words at all have been offered for any of these mere assertions—merely repeating one person’s assertions is just that.


The comment made here is, “No normal human has a 47-inch femur, nor do they need a 10 ft tall ax.” Well, that is not a femur, that is a sculpture of a femur crafted by Joe Taylor, the man in the photo: see this video wherein he explains it in his own word.

As for “No normal human…need[s] a 10 ft tall ax” again, we are supposed to take those literally even though human history provides a very long series of evidences that humans love to depict thing in a scale that is much larger or much smaller than that which is being represented: such is why, for example, you can travel to Paris and purchase a very small replica of the Eiffel Tower. We have done so for emphasis, for ceremony, for artistic license, for gifts, etc.

The last subsection emphatically insists, “The Nephilim Will Return” but then states, “It is also possible that the Nephilim will return.” It reads:

These creatures were half-human, half-demonic-fallen-angel. There is both Biblical and non-Biblical proof they exist. The Bible is once again proven right, yet we have people trying to prove the Bible inaccurate with things such as the Smithsonian lie. The Bible always will prevail.

It is also possible that the Nephilim will return Matthew 24:37-39 says “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

The Nephilim were on the earth during the days of Noah, and they were part of the reason God sent the flood. The earth completely parallels the wickedness going on during the days of Noah, yet it is missing one key detail. The Nephilim returning makes it exactly as it was during the days of Noah.

The most likely occurrence is that the fallen angels return back to earth, but under the name of “aliens”. It can be claimed that they were “aliens from outer space”, but we believers know that they are fallen angels. If they return, it makes it highly possible that the Nephilim return. Do not fear them, rather trust in God, and know that these are signs that the return of Jesus is coming closer.

[Addendum: I am updating this since I reached out to the author in terms of sharpening iron with iron and received a reply stating, in part, “I am in error for definitively saying that ‘the Nephilim will return’ and will edit the article. I do believe that part of the end times deception will involve ‘aliens’, and that the government being more open about the topic is no coincidence. Only time will tell if my hypothesis was correct.”]

The problem with such statements made within the context of, “The Bible is once again proven right…The Bible always will prevail” is that the assertions are not right so what does that say about the Bible? Well, nothing since the arguments we’re biblical. Yet, it is self-defeating to employ fallacious assertions towards seeking to defend the Bible since by doing so, one is merely pouring fuel over the fires of unbelief.

I can only imagine that the passing reference to, “the Smithsonian lie” is in reference to the theory that they swoop in, collect giant skeletons, and do away with them. I have encountered dozens upon dozens (upon dozens [upon dozens]) of people who assert as much and have asked dozens upon dozens (upon dozens [upon dozens]) of them for evidence. All they can ever tell me is that they heard someone say that someone said they heard someone say something that someone said that they heard from someone who said, etc., etc., etc. See an entire chapter just on the Smithsonian theory in my book Nephilim and Giants: Believe It Or Not! Ancient and Neo-Theo-Sci-Fi Tall Tales.

As for, “as the days of Noah” well, I had to write an entire chapter about that as well as among neo-pop-Nephilologists, that is one of the most abused and misused texts. In short, Jesus said the very same things about the days of Lot (see Luke 7) and His words, His point, His emphasis, His context was the same in both cases: examples of being unaware and/or unconcerned about coming judgment.

Besides, any concept of post-flood Nephilim implies that God failed and the flood was much of a waste: He meant to be rid of them but failed, missed loopholes, etc.

Thus, overall, we find that, sadly, Real Truth Speaker did not speak much truth at all within this article.

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