Raised By Wolves—Umbilical, episode 9 review

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

I thought to begin by noting something about the show’s intro song lyrics. It has been noted that the lyrics changed a bit from episode 2 to episode 3 and that subsequent episodes have reverted to episode 3’s lyrics.

The normal lyrics go thusly:

The door that finally opens
With light flooding in
Spilling out on the floor
The core that never was
Now it will be
The bones of what was there before
Every step, every beat
Every thought, every breath

I typically despise attempting to interpret lyrics since it is tantamount to interpreting poetry and much of it is double-entendres, metaphor, etc.
This seems to speak of enlightenment, of whatever sort, with the door being finally opened due to an ordo ab chao scheme whereby the destruction of the Earth brought about the neo-high-tech Adam (Father) and Eve (Mother).

Episode 2’s lyrics continue from there with:

Everything is longing
Every wind, every wave,
Every sky, every cloud
Every grave is longing
Pulling you from the sky
Just like love will do.

Episodes 3 and 5, and however many more, continue from “Every thought, every breath” with:

Everything is longing
Pulling you from the sky
Just like love will do.
Pulling you from the ground
Just like love will do.

“Pulling you from the sky” and “Pulling you from the ground” stink of the esoteric concept of “as above, so below” concept of the macrocosm and microcosm, the pentagram and the hexagram, the five and the six, etc.

We encounter Otho again, the child rapist Mithraist cleric, as Mother and Tempest run into him in the Ark wreckage. As usual, he is praying to Sol whom, you may recall, he claimed told him to rape children. He is saying, “Release me from this prison so that I may see your light again. Light, sound, feel your feeling. Set me free. Do not despise me for my weakness. Grant me the power of your light so that I may bear your whip and purify this wicked planet. Simply purge these shadows from my sight, and I promise you I will deliver your judgment. I am your one true Sol. I am ready to receive your power. Just say the word, and I will be…” at which point he is interrupted—stand by.
The prison to which he refers is a helmet that contains no eye openings but via which he can see, a somewhat blurry techy view of things, due to whatever tech of which the helmet consists.
You may recall that he had to stay in close proximity to an android that was tasked to be his warden and potential executioner since when a “Proximity trigger” activates, there is a “maximum distance he’s allowed from you before the helmet kills him” so Otho has chopped up the android so that all that is left of it is a partial torso and head which he now carries around in a backpack.
The helmet also consists of a “Behavioral guard” so that Otho cannot cause harm.

Meanwhile, Mother is still dealing with abdominal pain and is wondering “Does this port allow for blood draw?” and one they got control of Otho, Mother beings siphoning his blood, stating, “I’m feeding my fetus” WOW!!! So the android is pregnant!!!—and Mother is feeding it human blood.

Also meanwhile, Caleb has gotten so annoyed with Father’s malfunctioning finger which taps away all day (and which, as we saw in episode 8, was actually tapping out Morse code), that he cuts it off with a knife.
At one point Father (who well, okay, is not technically Father at this point since he was re-reprogrammed to just be a service model) notes, “My holo-screen appears to have self-activated. Huh. Probably some malfunction caused by the amputation” and when Bartock is helping him out they “Revert to old program. Password” which is “Sol is the light” (what he had been Morse code tapping) and the Father program is back up and running.

Caleb, in his persona of Marcus, His Eminence, tells the Mithraist Sol-diers, “We’re going back to the temple. Sol will speak to me there” with the “temple” being the rock pentagonal-dodecahedron they had found on the planet.

Let us pause to note that we still know not whence came that object (which is actually made of many shaped and combined stone rocks). However, one of the supposedly alleged Mithraist myths that Christians stole and attributed to Jesus is that Mithra was virgin born and well then, so was Jesus.
Yet, as with most such supposed similarities, this one fails since Mithra is said to have been born from a rock—well, okay, I suppose one could say that a the rock was a virgin but that is not exactly the same as a human being a virgin, it is a logical, and theo-logical, category error.
Thus, it seems that the object is symbolic of whence came Mithra.

We are still dealing with the issue of, as Campion puts it, “My sister Tally” who “fell down a pit when we were small. When I was locked up in the silo, she came back and talked to me. Only she was different. What’s the word? Evil?” So that is still an ongoing mystery.

As some of the kids are rummaging around the Ark, one of them finds a relic encased in a glass case, “This is one of the relics we brought from Earth” which is a single tooth, about which it is said, “It was taken from the body of Romulus. He and his brother were raised by a she-wolf who lost her cubs. We have to keep it safe. I found it for a reason. A reason. Sol led us here so that we could find this holy relic, so that we can save our culture.”
Thus, this is (at least one reason) why the show is titled Raised By Wolves.
Note the following:

In Roman myth, Rome was founded by Remus and Romulus, who as children were nursed by a she-wolf.
This is a good example of real history being reinterpreted by pagans…Zepho, grandson of Esau [Jacob/Israel’s brother in the Bible], pulled together the city states and founded the first united Italy. He then trained and handed over the government to the first Latin King.
In ancient Latin “Zepho” can be translated “she-wolf.” So the she-wolf myth is an ancient memory corrupted by pagans and a testimony to the accuracy of ancient Hebrew history! The first kinds of the Roman empire (not the city of Rome) were nursed (trained by) the she-wolf (Zepho).[fn]Ken Johnson, Th.D., Ancient Post-Flood History, p. 101[/fn]

We find Tempest with Mother, now that Mother has its fix of blood (which it is continuously siphoning from Otho) and is no longer voraciously vampiric. Tempest asks, “You got pregnant in a sim[ulation] pod?” to which Mother replies in the affirmative and Tempest notes, “I didn’t even know androids could get pregnant” to which Mother replies, “Nor did I” and when asked “How did it happen?” replies, “It’s beyond my understanding. My creator made it possible.”

This is a key—stand by.

Tempest tells her “You sound religious suddenly” but Mother dismissively states, “Nonsense.”

Recall that I speculated that the Lamia/Mother/Necromancer character was a stand-in for the Gnostic concept(s) of Sophia. Well, this seems all but verified since, at least in some iterations of the Gnostic tales, Sophia’s great sin was creating a Demiurge, a lesser god, without her cohort.

Recall that Mother had an experience in the sim wherein it somehow came face to face, and body to body, with her creator (who, as I have aforementioned, is an Atheist who did not create the android but merely reprogrammed it) and they had sex in the middle of a highly symbolic floor mosaic of the Mithraist zodiac. Such is how the neo-high-tech Sophia of this show got pregnant. Thus, the symbolism is that in being the neo-high-tech Eve, this Sophia is the mother of a new creation made rightly by the mystical alchemical union with her cohort.

Now, as per the Gnostic tale, Sophia’s rebellious solo-creation, the Demiurge, is the God of the Bible who is said to be ignorant and arrogant, and who created evil since it created a physical/material realm—which is anathema to Gnosticism.
Thus, the show seems to be depicting a deconstruction of God’s created order and a reconstruction made in Gnosticism’s image.

Recall that I had noted that among the belongings of the still mysterious unknown person/creature (of admixture of both) were found what I likened to tarot cards and well, I am vindicated again as one of the kids notes, “that one’s Sol Invictus [Unconquered Sun]. These remind me of the old Tarot cards back on Earth. Used by the devil cults before we purged their ranks.”

Tarot cards, one featuring a “sacred” geometry pattern

A fracas ensues when a lot of characters find themselves in the same locale, confronting each other: Mother with Tempest and Otho and Mary who shows up with Vita and Campion.

Tempest is quite eager to kill Otho, since he had raped her while she was in sim hibernation but Mother prevents her since Otho is basically her portable blood-bag—which is quickly being depleted anyway.
Mary threatens Mother since she wants to get Tempest and Campion away from her, but they are drawn to Mother.
Meanwhile, Otho wants Mary to shoot Mother, claiming that it is malfunctioning.
Etc., etc., etc., drama, drama, drama.

Yet, as Mother is seen struggling with her pregnancy, it serves as a styled release of tensions so that everyone refocuses. Mother states of its baby, “Would you like to say hello to Number Seven, Campion? It’s just a temporary name” about which Campion asks “You had another frozen embryo?” so she elucidates, “No. This is my own fetus” and when asked “Did Father help you make it, like the way humans do it?” Mother replies, “No, Father didn’t help me. I made it myself” and when asked, “How did you do that?” it replies, “That is beyond my understanding.”

Like was done in episode 8, we get a Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy style line when Mother asks Mary to help, but Mary replies, “Hey, I’m a doctor, not a mechanic.”

Meanwhile, Caleb thinks Bartock knows what Paul and the girls are planning, but Bartock states, “I swear. I swear to Sol. Your Eminence, I swear to Sol, I di… I didn’t… I didn’t do anything. I swear. I’m telling the truth. I don’t know where he is…”
At the Temple, he places his walking stick in to the hole/opening and it catches fire (recall that the Temple emits heat—at least on occasion), he then grabs Bartock’s arm and forces it into the opening but nothing happens, he does not get burned which is taken as a sign from Sol that he is telling the truth, does not know about the plans, is not guilty, etc. as one of the Sol-dier states it, “Sol has shielded him.”

Meanwhile, Mother asks Mary “Did you tell them the truth—[to] Paul—about who you are?…You’re not his mother. You had a facial reconstruction, like your husband. You two have been deceiving the Mithraic…Why do you care about Paul? He’s not your own. You do not have the care-giving program I have” to which Mary replies, “It’s called human empathy. Yeah, it’s something that you will never understand because you are just an elaborate piece of—tech.”

Mother replies, “That is correct. Though I wonder, as an atheist, if we have more in common than not” which is very telling since on an Atheist worldview, there are not many differences between an artificially intelligent android and a human except that the android had a creator: both are neural circuitry, it is just that one is metallic, silicon based, electronic, etc. and the other is fleshly, organic, bio-chemical, etc.

In the review of episode 8 I noted a pentagonal
dodecahedron in the Ark of Heaven’s wreckage.
Here we see Mother’s visionary experience of well,
some sort of creature who’s head is seen atop it,
it is alive and so seems to be encased within it

Something happens, perhaps a glitch (and don’t you love how in the IT world, the term glitch covers a multitude of sins?) that results in Otho suddenly regaining his strength, and then some, “It seems our blood flow has been reversed. Your power is now mine.” Thus, along with being refilled with his own lifeblood, he has been infused with a bit of what makes Mother a deadly weapon, a Necromancer.

Father is employing a styled radar-view as it searches for Mother, et al., and notes this of Otho’s signature (his blip on the radar), “These energy levels are inordinately high. On par with Mother’s.”

Well, there is a struggle with an android-blood-fuel empowered Otho who goes after a kid named Holly. Tempest yells, “Holly, get away” and “You [Otho] don’t want her. She’s not a believer. Her soul’s impure. It was you. You convinced her that Sol didn’t exist. What you did to her” by being a pedophile rapist Mithraist cleric.

This ultimately results in him being distanced from his warden android and the helmet collapses, imploding on itself and well, that is the end of him.

Caleb is also dealing with failed security and Father absconding form them, “You were on guard, Dorian,” to which Dorian replies, “I don’t understand. The android was programmed to serve us” yet, they reason “Hunter must have cracked the security code, reverted him” and yet, “You were on guard, Dorian.”

The Mithraists are questioning Caleb/Marcus’ guidance however, and with Cassia stating “If we go back [to the base-camp] now, we could make it in a few days” and Dorian noting, “All so he can chase his damn wife. Sol does not want us here. We have strayed from His light. He’s leading us into hell.”

Caleb suddenly slices a knife across Dorian’s throat and refers to this, his slaying of a human, as “For you, my Lord, I sacrifice. Now speak to me. I am listening. My Lord?”

Father finds the group and is told about Mother’s baby yet, due to the power-surge glitch, “It’s dead. He drained it…The fetus is half carbon-based. It needs plasma.”
Mary approaches and states, “I’m saving your baby. Just a pint [of blood], and then I got to cut you off” and when asked “Why are you doing this for me? I’m not your family or your friend” which is a great question for an Atheist who would think only in terms of reductionist altruism.

Mary replies, “You asked why I cared about Paul when he wasn’t my own. You said humans have empathy, which androids lack. I can’t have kids. I had a bad miscarriage. It was years ago. So, when we found Paul—I know that Sol is a lie. But I suddenly understood how when people can’t believe their luck, they have to make up a god to thank for it” which is another great line for an Atheist since Atheism is thought restricting and dogmatheistic.

Paul appears to hear voices, finds the neo-tarot cards and burns them, stating, “Praise Sol.”

Tarot Cards, one featuring a pentacle

Yet, the Paul’s view is, of course, “Sol put that baby inside Mother” and when asked “How do you know?” he replies, “I can just feel it. He’s not evil, like you said. He’s trying to help us. And this baby is gonna change everything.”

And with the infusion of Mary’s blood, how symbolic is that, “It moved. It’s alive.”

Back at the rock-temple, Lucius states, “Has Sol spoken to you yet, Your Eminence? Has He told you where we’re headed? It seems He doesn’t quite favor you as He once did” to which Caleb replies, “He tests us” but is told, “Dorian was more than a test.”

When Caleb replies, “We will pray for his soul” it is objected to via, “But you obviously deemed him impure” to which Caleb replies, “Yes. All the more reason to pray for him. You’re upset. Perhaps you should stay quiet until you recovered your senses” at which point Lucius asks, “Did you pray for my father after you executed him? Did you pray for his soul?” which, you may recall, has to do with Marcus gracefully executing Lucius’ dad rather than letting him be executed by an android (a dishonorable way to go) after the dad had shows mercy by not killing an Atheist child, whom he brought back to HQ where the kid became a suicide (actually, homicide) bomber.

Caleb replies, “Of course” and Lucius asks, “Do you see any resemblance between us, my father and I? Just a simple question, one you should have no trouble answering. A true Mithraic would never pray for a soul he deemed impure. What the necromancer said is true, isn’t it? You’re not Marcus Drusus. So who the hell are you?”

So the styled multiple personality cat is out of the bag and Caleb states, “You all wanted to be deceived. You’re nothing but a bunch of sheep—all of you—unworthy of Sol’s love. You see, all I did was lead you back to the light. It doesn’t matter who I am. All that matters is that He chose me to be king.”

Lucius replies, “Then He will surely protect you, then” to which Caleb replies, “Let Sol’s will be done” and they beat him to a pulp and leave him in a ditch.

Well, that does it for episode one, find the rest here.

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