Raised By Wolves—Mass, episode 8 review

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

In a previous episode, Mother had taken the golden Sol necklace charms/talismans from around the necks of the kids she kidnapped from the Ark of Heaven spaceship. She smelted it, with a puff of her Necromacer breath, and made a scalpel that she used to remove the implanted tracking devices from the kids.

In this episode, we see that Caleb/Marcus is facing inner conflict in a dream: Caleb being the real person who took on the personal of Marcus via android performed plastic surgery. He dreams that he takes the scalpel and carves into his face to the point of revealing the skull and muscled gore beneath it.
This seems quite alchemical in terms of struggling to find ones true self and resolving personality conflicts. Yet, also that the gold of which the scalpel is made not only denotes the conflict between his Atheist self, Caleb, and his Mithraist self, Marcus. Moreover, there is the metallurgical alchemical concept of turning base metals into gold which mystical alchemy viewed as purifying a base person.

Father has been experiencing a glitch that causes his left index finger to twitch. Father states, “I have no feeling in those mechanisms. I cannot control their operation. Diagnostics all look good.” One of the kids, Bartock, notes, “There’s a weird glitch in your tech. Wait. Is that code or something? It is. It’s Morse code. You are old. So primitive” and realizes that the code Father’s finger is tapping out is “S… O… L… I… S… T… H… E… L… I… [CHUCKLES] ‘Light.’ ‘Sol is the light.’ [SIGHS] ‘Sol is the light.’ For a minute there, I thought you were still in there, Pops”: recall that Father has been reprogramed by the Mithraists—the kids are experiencing that which I term battered Stockholm wife syndrome.

Recall that Mother was damaged whilst battling the Mithraists who stormed the basecamp in order to retrieve their kids.
Mother finds its way to the crashed Ark and we see that an android powers up and states, “Has the ark landed yet?” to which Mother replies, “In a manner of speaking—yes. My blood levels are dropping,” the android asks, “What are you doing?” well, it is siphoning the white fluid that is android blood.
The android replies, in typical Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy style, “I’m a doctor, not a bloodbag.”

This android is an “A-plus life technician,” named Karl that is a medical model, that is “Able to repair both humans and androids? As well as plants, animals, and terrestrial insects.”

An example of another pentagonal dodecahedron
in the wreckage of the “Ark of Heaven” craft.

Mother notes, “I’ve begun experiencing a great deal of discomfort in my abdomen” and by putting its hand into a wound in its abdomen and determines, “Spherical, inches in diameter.” Karl tells Mother “Oh, probably a silicon tumor. Pull it out with a counter-clockwise motion” but Mother notes, “It moved. It’s reacting to my touch. My caregiving program—it’s overriding me. If I can’t alleviate this discomfort, I have no hope of being able to rescue my children.”
Karl notes, “The only way to alleviate discomfort is to feed the tumor fuel-blood. Then it will cease to feed on you” so Mother needs “more fuel blood” but needs “more donors” since Karl is just about tapped out.

A rift is forming between Caleb and Mary since he is certain that Sol is speaking to him whilst Mary is still a militant Atheist.

She tells him “I saw you in the church” to which he replies, “That couldn’t have been easy for you, watching me pray.”

He tells her, “Yeah, well, there’s a first for everything. Belief doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not how it works” to which she replies, “So, you’re an expert now?”

When she seeks to abscond with their (pseudo) son Paul, under the guise of going for an adventurous hike, Caleb seeks to interfere and has a blowout with Mary to the point of incarcerating her in a food silo.
When the Mithraists are starring at him, he prayerfully states, “Forgive my wife! She has lost her way! Please pray for her! Forgive my wife, Sol! We must pray that she returns to Sol’s light. Pray for her!”

Yet, Caleb/Marcus is still struggling with his inner personality and theological conflicts. At one point, he prays, “I wear the armor of Mithras and the light. Please, Sol, show me that I am on a righteous path. I need you to show me. Show me that I am not crazy. That I am the chosen one. Tell me what I should do.”

Campion burns down the makeshift Mithraist church. This seems to match what is occurring with Caleb as he is the styled über-Mithraist, the styled über-zealous convert, and so needs no stinkin’ church, he is the chosen one, he is His Eminence. And, indeed, Caleb takes the church burning as a sign from Sol.

Tapestry from the makeshift Mithraist “church”
featuring phases of the Moon and Sun, zodiac
figures and what would appear to be Mithra above
whom is a symbol of a sword with which Mithras
slayed a sacred bull, on either side of the sword are
torches—one facing up, one down: as above,
so below—above which is Sol

Mother is still struggling with her abdominal pain and states to Karl, “It’s still hurting. It’s killing me, isn’t it?” to which it replies, “Most likely. But you never know. You’re a Necromancer. Your kind was always full of surprises.”
Mother realizes “You’re trying to cheer me up” the reply to which is very insightful, and this conversation ensues:
KARL: Yes. It is accurate to say that dark photons are a poorly understood technology.

MOTHER: But the Mithraic designed and built me. How could they not possess a full understanding of their own technology?

KARL: They followed the formulas they discovered were encrypted in their scriptures with no real understanding of the underlying concepts. The… The… The… The… The… The… The… The [he is starting to malfunction] technology that powers you was a gift from Sol, passed down from the heavens at the dawn of man.

MOTHER: That is Mithraic propaganda.

KARL: Perhaps. I only know what I’ve been programmed to believe. But of course, same goes for you.

Dark photons are a hypothetical particle/force carrier pertaining to electromagnetism that may be related to dark matter. It is occultically fascinating in that occultists claim that there is so much more dark matter/energy in the universe than well, regular matter/energy that it is more efficient to work with it.
Now, in the show’s futuristic timeline, mid to late 2100s AD, it is a tech, even if a “poorly understood technology.”

Recall that I have noted that Mother refers to the “Atheist hacker” as her “creator” but he is really just her re-programmer, the Mithraists “designed and built” her.
Now, they “followed the formulas they discovered were encrypted in their scriptures” from an ancient aliens styled source or rather, playing upon the ancient concept of receiving tech from whatchamacallit: aliens, gods, fallen Angels, demons, etc.—such as Prometheus who, against, Zeus’ will, gave humanity tech such as fire, or the folklore of Ethiopic Book of Enoch according to which certain fallen Watchers (Angels) bequeathed tech and knowledge to humanity—see my book In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch.

Mother pulling its eye out which it inserts into
its abdomen in order to see the fetus

This is because the “technology…was a gift from Sol, passed down from the heavens at the dawn of man.” And yes, it is interesting that the Mother, the Atheist, replies with that “That is Mithraic propaganda” not realizing that it is also merely regurgitating what its been programmed to believe.

Now, androids have diagnostic systems that function via examining what they place into their mouths. Thus, Mother is seen feasting upon the flesh of the creature and putting blood into its mouth with the underlying elucidation, on the surface, being that such is for the purposes of determining the make-up of the substances.

Mother has been going around the downed Ark looking for more androids from which to siphon. Being all tapped out of fuel-blood, Mother seeks other sources of sustenance and appears to turn quite vampiric. For example, it kills a creature it found in the Ark and tears fleshly meat from its corpse with its teeth.
This is to the point that when Tempest finds her rummaging around in the Ark and has a nice reunion, Mother, nevertheless, tells her, “Stay away from me, Tempest…Get away!” Mother is afraid it will attack and feed on her.

And, indeed, Mother ends up siphoning human blood. Among other things, about which we will learn more in episode 9, this is very Pagan—as will become all the more obvious as Paganism inevitably comes down to sex and blood.

After tasting blood, solely for examination purposes—wink, wink, nudge, nudge—Mother states that the fetus “started itching as soon as I tasted the plasma” to which Karl replies, “You think the growth has carbon based components? How is that—possible?” to which Mother replies, “I know. It makes no logical sense. But I thought I could feel it hungering. Perhaps when the plasma circulates from my system—what am I doing? I’m acting more irrationally than a human. Karl?” to which there is no reply since she has siphoned Karl to machine-death: but not before it saw that its fellow medical model android, “brothers” as it calls them, had already been sucked dry about which it states, “Well, I suppose they would be pleased that, even in death, they’re helping to alleviate pain.”

There is also a styled David and Goliath scene wherein Campion is seen flinging a stone form a sling at a Mithraist Sol-dier.

Mother has another experience with her creator Campion Sturges:
STURGES: You see? I told you I could give you anything.

MOTHER: What did you do to me? What is it?

STURGES: A child, Mother. A child that will always be a part of you. A child who will never reject you.


STURGES: Never tell you that you’re not real.

MOTHER: No. I don’t want it.

STURGES: You’ve given all of yourself since you were built. This is your reward.

MOTHER: I need to get back to Campion. What about the mission?

STURGES: What you’re carrying inside you is the mission.


STURGES: It’s always been the mission.

MOTHER: No. No. No, that’s not possible.

STURGES: Campion and all the others were just a rehearsal. It was all to prepare you for this.


STURGES: The future of humanity is growing inside you.

MOTHER: No, I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I don’t want it!

Mother may not want it but it has been programmed to be well, a Mother.
Thus, we find out that the “future of humanity” is a fetus, a baby, a child, a person somehow implanted into an android by an ex-human/AI or whatever—right? As I aforementioned in this series, this is Transhumanism 101: deconstruction God’s creation, in this case humans, and re-construct us in the Transhumanists’ image.

Well, that does it for episode one, find the rest here.

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