Raised By Wolves—Faces, episode 7 review

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

UPDATE: I have updated these reviews and published a review of the entire first season in inexpensive book form, titled Raised By Wolves: War of the World-Views, which is available directly from me via here or from Amazon.

FYI: click on the images to enlarge them.

We pick up with Mother, whom you may recall is only an über android when she places her transformative eyes within its skull in order to transform into a Necormancer, being wounded and tied up by the Mithraists who now have run of the camp since Father has been reprogrammed to his basic functions of being a service model.

Caleb/Marcus seeks to “reprogram the two androids” since without its eyes (it generally wears two that she plucked from two other androids, respectively, one each) it too is a mere service model.

Note that a statement which is made is, “I have her eyes. The witch is dead.”

Now, considering I played with the theme that Mother is the styled Gnostic Sophia: I thought to note that she gives her name as being “Lamia.”

When traced via Libyan-Greek origins, it derives from a myth whereby a Libyan queen transformed into a mythological creature: much like Lamia is an android that was transformed into a Necromancer—and also, a Mother. When traced via Arabic, it seems to derive from a term for shining or radiant: such as Lucifer means light bearer.

Caleb/Marcus uses this name when speaking to Mother, as it is injured and tied up (in crucifixion and/or Vitruvian man form) since that is how it introduced itself upon first meeting the Mithraists—while it pretended to be human.

Lamia tells him “Now. You have your son back. Let me take my family and we’ll leave here peacefully” about which he notes, “Your family? Oh. You mean the children that you stole?” to which it replies, “They belong with me.”

Somehow, Lamia knows that Marcus is really Caleb, “These people who follow you—do they know who you truly are? You changed your face. Did you change your name with it?” indeed, he had done just that, as had Mary who is now going as Sue.
Lamia notes, “I detected your surgical scars when we first met. Your original face was tattooed when you were just a child” because he is an Atheist and Atheist parents have their children trained as soldiers.

The following discussion ensues:
LAMIA: You served with the Atheist brigade.

CALEB: Is that why you didn’t kill me?
[Since Lamia is programed to be an Atheist]

LAMIA: [chuckles] We are of a like mind, you and I.

CALEB: I don’t think so.


CALEB: See, I’ve seen a lot of your kind kill a lot of mine.
[Since the android was designed by Mithraists to serve as Necromancers who hunt down Atheists but an Atheist re-programmed it to be a Mother unit]

LAMIA: We’re not here to repeat history. And yet, here we are. We have an opportunity, you and I, to shape the future of humanity, to build a civilization founded on humanity’s belief in itself. Think about it. No war. No suffering.
[Which is quite stunning since Atheist regimes tend to result in mass murder of its own citizenry]

CALEB: [chuckles] Whoever reprogrammed you did a hell of a job. For a second there, I actually thought that you cared.

LAMIA: Preserving humanity has always been my mission.

CALEB: Well, it hasn’t been very successful, then, has it? Considering you killed all those people on the Ark [of Heaven, the Mithraists’ spaceship, including all of those children that you did not take with you.

LAMIA: Then why haven’t you destroyed me?

CALEB: What were you doing in the sim[mulation: the stasis pod’s artificial intelligence]? Why did you keep going back there? Hmm? Must have been pretty special for you to let your guard down like that. What’s wrong? Hmm? Reality not good enough for you?

Freemason compass and square tattoo on
Mithraist clergy-woman’s hand

Interestingly, on an Atheist worldview: reality is accidental—since it was not designed, not created, does not exist as part of a volitional, purposeful, goal-driven plan, etc.

Moreover, on such a worldview: adhering to reality is not an absolute universal imperative but merely a subjective personal preference du jour.

Sure, adhering to reality might be beneficial in many ways, such as helping us survive, but it is still an option and no more than that.

In fact, on an Atheist worldview: our drive to for survival is also accidental—since it was not designed, not created, does not exist as part of a volitional, purposeful, goal-driven plan, etc.

This is the ol’ is vs. ought problem: just because reality is does not mean we ought adhere to it.

Tempest approaches the food silo in which Campion was locked away—due to being loyal to Father and Mother and thus, coming into conflict with the Mithraists.

He asks, “What did they do with Mother and Father?” to which she replies, “They locked Mother in the other silo” and about Father, “He’s not Father anymore. They reprogrammed him, Campion.”

The Mithraist symbol of Sol within a pentagon

At one point, Vita runs up to Father, takes its hand, and states, “Father. They fixed you” its second resurrection, but it replies, “Remove yourself from my hand, child. You will hinder my performance” which reminded me of W.C. Fields’ infamous statements, “Go away kid, ya bother me.”
Another child tells her, “He’s not Father anymore. He’s just an android now, Vita.”

Tempest throws a bag full of fungus through the barred window since Campion is a fungi-terian and that is all he will eat: even though the silo is full of carbos which are poisonous to everyone but him so, he could eat up all he wants—so, that is an inconsistency in the script.

Tempest tells him “They’ll let you out if you just tell them that you accept Sol” and when he replies, “But I don’t” she states, “Neither do I, but they don’t need to know that” which is an issue to which we shall return.

Meanwhile, Paul is telling the woman he thinks is his mother Sue, who is really Mary, about how Campion and he are “friends. Well, we were friends. I have to help him see the light. If he’s baptized, we’ll let him out, right?”

And no, she is not his mother but did spend 13 years interacting with him in stasis so has come to love him and see him as her child.

The discussion between Lamia and Caleb continues when he goes to see her again in order to begin reprograming it:
LAMIA: Any attempt to reprogram me will result in failure.

CALEB: Somebody’s done it before. Someone who was firm in his atheistic beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever it takes to survive.

LAMIA: Is that what your parents taught you?

CALEB: Some things you learn as you go.

LAMIA: You were orphaned [which will become key]. Is that why you became a child soldier? What happened to your parents? Did they abandon you, or did they die in the war?

CALEB: It doesn’t matter. They’re gone.

LAMIA: And yet, you carry that pain.

CALEB: Hmm? Is that part of your program? Being a shrink?

LAMIA: The past informs every decision a human makes, and every choice you’ve made has served your own self-interest.

CALEB: Actually, my wife and I came here to save my son. You have your son.

LAMIA: And now what? Do you think you have what it takes to be a good parent?

CALEB: It can’t be that hard. You figured it out.

LAMIA: No. My creator did. I am what he programmed me to be: a caregiver, a mother. What do you have to give a child?

CALEB: You lost, okay? Whatever you say is not gonna change that.

LAMIA: You’ve only known destruction, loss. Never nurtured anything in your life. How would you know how to nurture? You use people, as you’ve used those believers. You are not equipped to raise a child when you’re nothing more than a lost boy yourself. Paul is better off without you and you know it. Lost boy.

Caleb is very disturbed by this and leaves the silo where she is tied up, stating, “What does she know? She’s not even human. I’ll end that b[****], but he beings hearing the voice in his head again stating, “Let her live. Let her live, and you will be king of this world.” And I cannot help but be reminded of how Satan told Jesus, “All these [kingdoms of the world and their glory] I will give you, if you will fall down and worship” (Matthew 4:8-9).

Meanwhile, one of the kids tells Tempest, “The androids killed our people. They kidnapped us, Tempest” but she retorts, “No. They rescued us” about which she is told, “I know why you hate our religion, but that was just one cleric. It wasn’t Sol” to which she replies, “Well, thanks for clearing that up, Holly. I guess it makes everything that happened to me okay.” Thus, we see why she told Campion that which she did: she takes out the actions of the cleric on all Mithraists or, more directly, on Sol—whom she all but denies.

The first Mithraists to land on the planet considered whether Campion might be the orphan child about which a Mithraist “Pentagonal Prophecy” foretold, in part because he is basically orphaned since his only parents are two androids.

But the survivors of when Mother caused the Ark of Heaven to crash wonder if it may be Paul since he is very smart and keeps building a city, the City of Sol, whom he claims Sol showed to him, “Could it be that the scriptures were mistranslated? Perhaps the boy foretold to unlock the mysteries is not an orphan after all” which is telling to use the audience since they think Marcus and Sue are his parents but Caleb and Mary murdered Marcus and Sue and stole their identities so we know that he actually is an orphan.

Of course, Caleb also came to love Paul but we are seeing some distance growing between them. Mary took offence at that Caleb used Paul as a styled pawn when he was sent back into the camp to take Mother’s eyes.

Also, when Caleb was leaving the Silo and was utterly distressed at what Lamia said and also hearing the voice, Paul ran up to him and said, “We’re having a ceremony for Campion’s baptism. You should be there” but Caleb told him “Stay away from me” and when Paul insisted, “But it’s important. Dad” Caleb pushed him to the ground yelling, “I said stay away from me.”
We get another taste of how Mithraism is a stand in within the mythos whereby to besmirch Christianity when the Mithraists build a “church.”

Mithraist makeshift “church”

Therein, the following takes place as they seek to baptize Campion:
FEMALE CLERGY-PERSONAGE: Kneel down, child. Are you ready to accept Sol into your heart? Or would you prefer to return to the silo?

CAMPION: No, I’m ready.

FEMALE CLERGY-PERSONAGE: Sol, cleanse this child’s spirit with your radiance and unconquerable light. Praise Sol.

ALL: Praise Sol.

FEMALE CLERGY-PERSONAGE: Repeat after me. “I wear the Armor of Mithras…and the light…it shields me from all that is harmful.”

He has been repeating it line by line but not the last portion, he is starring at something and is told “Finish the recitation” but he has noticed something, “You used their headstones?” of his dead siblings to build an altar.

The cleric’s reply is “Is that what they were? The android found them. It doesn’t matter. No need to mark the graves of Atheists. They’re soulless, undeserving of Sol’s grace.”

Paul tells him “It’s all right, Campion. They’re just stones. They don’t mean anything. This is your last chance to save yourself.”
The cleric states, “Do you accept? Do you accept, Campion?” “Put him back in the silo.”

Father, or whatever it is called after having been reprogrammed, grabs him but he stabs its arm and runs away.

Visions of the deceased child Tally continue, Campion experiences one: this time, of her stating “Campion. We miss you. Don’t you miss us?” about which he asks “Why can I see you but not the others? Is it because you fell down a hole? Is that why?” since she had fallen down a large hole from which, apparently, enormous serpents emerged—before they became extinct on that planet.

She tells him “Kill your father, Campion. Then we can all be together. We’re waiting for you” which, by all indications, means that Campion is to kill the ex-Father android, for whatever reason (besides weird psychoanalytical ones) and then what, kill himself in order to join his dead siblings? As of yet, we do not know.

Also, while Campion is locked in the silo again (pseudo) starving: the mysterious something/someone, about which/whom we still know virtually nothing which crawls around like one of the creatures but wears ragged clothes, is crawling about on the ceiling while blood is dripping onto the flood from the creature they have hanging there for meat.

Campion dips his fingers in the pooled blood—it seems that he is about to give up on his fungi-tarian ways due to (pseudo) starvation.

Caleb seeks to do away with Lamia by having ex-Father drag her, bound upon a styled sled, to one of the serpent holes/pits and dropping it therein.

Yet, two things happen at the key moment.

Caleb is distracted by the voice in his head, again, telling him “Let her live” repeatedly.

And, it had been suspected that ex-Father was still actually Father somewhere deep within its programming. We see that it still indeed is Father even if only deep within and in a very restrictive sense. Just before it throws Lamia down the hole/pit Lamia states, “Father, in case you can hear me, thank you for all that you’ve done for the children and me. Serving alongside you has enriched the mission.”

Ex-Father manages to make a few of his fingers act in its capacity as Father since it wraps them around the ropes around which Lamia is tied so that when it falls, Father is holding the ropes. Thus, while Caleb is distracted—wait for it—Lamia climbs back up.
Now, Caleb is not only distracted by the voice in his head but has a moment of self-confrontation as he, in his capacity as His Eminence Marcus, is confronted by himself in his capacity as Caleb—pre-surgery tattooed face and everything.

He ends up fighting himself, first punching and kicking—pretty unsuccessfully since he knows his own moves, of course—and then out come the blades and he ends up stabbing himself. It is Caleb vs. Marcus, Atheist vs. Mithraist, the past vs. the present and/or future—all in one man, very Jungian styled confrontation with the unconscious.

As he is recovering from winning and also losing the fight against himself, he tells Mary/Sue, “The prophecy about the orphan boy and the empty land. It’s not Paul. It’s not the Atheist kid [Campion]. It’s me.” Thus, the literally militant Atheist believes he has heard the voice of Sol, and that he is Sol’s vessel.

One last note is that, apparently, the expletive cuss words of today continue on in popularity over a century from now with the b-word, as you saw above, f-word, s-word, etc. which are only really making it into the show with an increasing frequency and which, for me, denote that the writing is getting sloppier and lazier.

Oh, and, sure, the show’s premise is that Mithraism either won the (theological) day or however they may envisage it becoming the world religion (as opposed to Atheism—and other isms?) but, fear not, “Jesus Christ” is still used as an expletive cuss word—oi vey!

Well, that does it for episode one, find the rest here.

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