Charismatic Fanatic

Sometimes I agree with the skeptics; what is it with these charismatics? They gather in stadiums and around television sets. They yell, jump up and down and wave their hands around. It’s all these people talk about. They spend money on all sorts of paraphernalia; bumper stickers, t-shirts, pins, hats, etc., etc. It really is …

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The Local Archdiocese and the Death Penalty

Deacon Juan Barajas is the Director of Evangelization and Hispanic Ministry at the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s Catholic Center, Alb., NM. Deacon Barajas writes a column that is mailed out to the Parishes of the Archdiocese to be included in the church bulletin.For September 16, 2002 the column titled Stewardship reads:

Are You Multilingual?

Comments on Linguistic Elitism Christians face may challenges when witnessing; Jewish people will often ask, “Do you know Hebrew?” and Muslims will often ask, “Do you know Arabic?”


Mono means one, phobia means fear, we live in a time and place where there is an increasing fear of claiming uniqueness, of claiming one way, one truth, one life (technically monophobia is the fear of being alone).