On the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorns, et al., part 1 of 4

This parsed essay will serve as True Freethinker’s basic introduction to the concept of natural theology, or general revelation.

This parsed essay will serve as True Freethinker’s basic introduction to the concept of natural theology, or general revelation. We will consider that it may be utilized as a tool with which to not only infer certain attributes of what brought the universe into existence but also how to exclude alternate claims which do not meet the criteria.

Natural Theology / General Revelation
Many atheists exhibit a lack of knowledge of the very theism against which they most often, if not exclusively, argue-the Bible’s Judeo-Christianity. Worse yet, they think that they are well versed by claiming that they were “raised Christian” (whatever that means), “went to Sunday School,” “was an altar boy,” “saw the movie (hyperbole intended),” etc.
I am not one to claim that you must be a theologian to speak on, or against, Christianity nor a scholar to speak on, or against, the Bible. That is to be reserved for scholarly settings. Yet, one ought to be at least somewhat versed on the subject that one seeks to critique and be skeptical enough to double check both what one is being told as well as one’s own positions.
I find that many atheists not only lack knowledge of Christian theology and the contents and contexts of the Bible but lack a basic understanding of natural theology / general revelation, which seeks to infer the cause of the universe from nature (nature not meaning biosphere alone but the universe as a whole).
Take a lack of knowledge of natural theology / general revelation – add to it a lack knowledge of Christian theology and the contents of the Bible – mix that with a typically early age rejection of Christianity – blend it with the early, Sunday School, age understanding of theology – and finally bake it in the presuppositional oven of self-professed erudition and what do we end up with?
We end up with atheists seriously arguing that the concept of God as postulated by Christian theology is on a par with postulating the existence of imaginary friends, fairies, celestial teapots, sky daddies or Flying Spaghetti Monster and Invisible Pink Unicorns.

Succinctly, natural theology / general revelation offers the following implications. Here I will focus on one aspect of natural theology / general revelation which I term “cosmological natural theology / general revelation”:

The universe began to exist.
Anything that begins to exist has a cause.
The universe had a cause because it began to exist.

Let us parse this further:
Since time began to exist: whatever caused it is timeless, or eternal. It does not follow nor is it bound by the constraints of linear, chronological, time.
Since space began to exist: whatever caused it is spaceless, not limited by spatial dimensions, not restricted by locality.
Since matter began to exist: whatever caused it is immaterial, non-physical, without extension in space, or spirit.
Time is what makes cause and effect relationships possible since, in time, an effect follows a cause. Since whatever caused the universe existed in a timeless state it is uncaused.
Since whatever caused it did cause it, it is a necessary being, a non-contingent being, the finality of a finite regress.
Since whatever caused the universe did cause it, that is; made something happen or caused an effect, whatever caused it is volitional, self-conscious and personal (meaning exhibiting characteristics of personhood or personality-conceiving plans, making decisions and taking actions).
Moreover, whatever caused the minutely fine-tuned universe is highly intelligent, perhaps omniscient and immensely powerful or perhaps omnipotent.
Thus, we see how just in these few examples we learn quite a bit about the characteristics one should find in the universe’s cause.


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13 thoughts on “On the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorns, et al., part 1 of 4”

  1. Wrong on line 2
    Why does something beginning to exist have a cause?

    This is a Theological argument on cause and effect… which derives from Newtonion laws of physics. However, it has already been shown that Newtonian laws of physics did not exist until the big bang occured, therefore before the big bang, an effect did not neccessarily have a cause, so your argument is flawed and we are here because we are… simple

  2. Not so simple.
    And yet atheists always demand that we provide them not only with a cause for God’s existance, but a firm *reason* for that existance.

    Dubious double-standards

  3. Why does something have a cause?
    Yet Mr Atheist, we have no idea what happened before the Big Bang and what lies ahead and beyond the expanding energy which emerged from the Big Bang, neither can we measure what happens in other dimensions. Heck even the fine structure constant may not be constant. So saying that there is no cause is without evidence as there is no guarantee that anything we can prove today will hold water tomorrow – ask Newton.

    The only way to disprove Christianity is to prove that Jesus Christ was not whom He claimed to be – the sciences will never be able to disprove God because the god-of-the-Gaps is not the Christian God. The former is a man made concept.

    Physics can at best say, “At present time the hypothesis with most consensus among the academia is …” Next year that hypothesis may be promoted to rank of theory or completely thrown out, and the following year that theory itself may be amended or proven false. Meanwhile the real science lies where the research funds are and the scientists with the slickiest presentations and the ability to kiss most behinds will score the funding. It is naive to think otherwise.

  4. You misunderstand.
    The atheist demand for a cause of God’s existence stems from the theist assertion that the universe is too complex to have come about without an intelligent designer, therefore God must exist. The problem is that for God to design the universe, he must be more complex than the universe. For this to be possible, God must have a creator more complex than himself. I don’t think I need to go any further to show the inherent problem with this way of thinking.
    But theists don’t believe that God has a creator, and if something more complex than the universe can exist without a creator, then something as complex as the universe can as well.
    The argument is self-defeating.

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  6. Flaws in Parsing
    If time began to exist, then if anything caused it, it has no time dimension.
    If space began to exist, then if anything caused it, it has no space dimension.
    If matter began to exist, then if anything caused it, it has no mass, it is immaterial.
    What is it that is immaterial, and has no time or space dimensions?
    Answer: NOTHING. So if the universe was caused to exist, it was caused by nothing.


  7. When you afirm that
    When you afirm that “something exist” you have to prove it , its not my job to disprove you , thats the logical way of thinking.
    If you claim you have benn abducted by aliens , you have to prove it , if i dont disprove it , that does not mean that you are right.

  8. Flaws in Logic
    Your words don’t actually have a time dimension. They describe time, but they aren’t controlled by it.

    Your words don’t really have space either. Can you measure a word? How? Number of letters perhaps? How long you can verbalize it into speech? But they don’t really take that much space when you put them in a bag. Can you put my sentence in a bag?

    Neither do your words have matter. Oh, there’s pigment on pulp, electrons on a screen, sound waves in the air, but they’re just that–pigments, electrons, sound waves. They aren’t really the word itself. They only convey the meaning.

    Oh! Yes, meaning. Does meaning have time dimensions? Spatial restrictions? Mass?


    Therefore by your logic, your words are nothing, they mean nothing, and you just wasted a moment of my time. 🙂

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  10. No one can prove if a god exists
    You are arguing the point from a Deists perspective. Theists frequently attempt to use arguments such as these to prove their god exists. No one can prove, or disprove, if the god of the Deist exists or not. However there is plenty of evidence that the Jewish/Christian/Muslim god does not exist. There is also evidence that Jesus Christ may not have existed.
    The god of the Deist, if such a being exists, did not leave any rules for humanity to follow. Did not issue threats if people didn’t believe. Did not promise rewards if people did believe. Did not promise to return and destroy humanity except for a small group of select individuals. Did not say women were inferior to men. Did not say rape victims must marry their rapists. Did not say adulterers, Sabbath workers, disobedient children, etc., should be stoned to death.
    You get the picture. You may keep trying to prove the a deists god exists. I will remain interested in your explanations. But your theistic god does not exist. Upsetting I know, but true. That’s life unfortunately. Things we want to be true doesn’t mean they are.

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