On Pastor Carl Gallups’ statement, “Satan is going to overwhelm the church”

During an interview titled, “Pastor Carl Gallups discusses his book Masquerade: Prepare for the Greatest Con Job in History” with my buddy William Ramsey (see video below), Gallups stated the following:

In a Synagogue there in Capernaum, He [Jesus] goes down to the seaside to teach that evening, and He tells seven parables about the kingdom.

And the first four are all explicit warnings that in the last days, all through church history, see, the church hadn’t even been born yet, but Jesus was telling these parables as prophecy.

He even explains it to His disciples as prophecy, and he’s telling them: in the last days Satan is going to overwhelm the church, he is going to implant himself in it, he’s going to implant his doctrine, he’s even going to have human puppet, people that are in places of high authority that will work to bring the kingdom of the church work down.

That’s what those parables are about and I show the readers that not only in my connection of scriptures but, again, all of these scholars that have seen it for ages.

But today’s church just doesn’t preach it, brother, it doesn’t fit the American church style, the western church style of, you know, everything’s lovely, you know, prosperity, corporate America style churches, um, you know, that’s, and so I’m trying to help the church wake up and see what is really happening.

I have appreciated a lot of Gallups discussions about cultural issues and such. Sadly, I also featured him in my book Cain as Serpent Seed of Satan, vol. III: Considering the Claims of Various Promulgators of this Theory because he went 99% in the direction of promulgating that utterly unbiblical theory.

I reached out to Gallups via his website, quoted that statement, and noted/asked:

I can only imagine that it was a misstatement since Jesus not only never said nor implies any such thing but actually taught the exact opposite, “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18), et al.

Can someone ask and confirm whether it was just a misstatement or not?

Someone replied as follows:

Even though I did not hear the interview, I can assure you Pastor Carl is very aware that the true church will never be defeated by Satan and his entourage of demons.

If you follow Pastor Carl, you might also understand, from his teaching and writing, that many buildings with a church sign out front are far from the church Jesus referred to as He made this promise to Peter.  There is the true church of Jesus Christ and there is the institution.

Thank you for asking for clarification.

I replied thusly, in turn:

I’m glad to hear that and appreciate the elucidation.

To hear what he said, go to the video and scroll to 15:26 into the interview.

I can only pray that the person actually discussed it with Gallups since if it was a simple misstatement, it was a significant one and he should be made aware of it.

Thus, there’s nothing in the entire Bible about that Jesus saying that “Satan is going to overwhelm the church” ever nor “implant himself in it” but, if anything, will manipulate events so as to oppose the church in establishing a one world religion, etc.

Thus, “today’s church” is the same church as has always been the church—the “true church” as the replying put it.

Yet, the American “church” style, the western “church” style, some “buildings with a church sign” that are not “the church Jesus referred to” are a different issue.

Now, part of the issue was a misuse of the word “church” (which is actually very common) and a seemingly Ameri(Western)-centric view of the “church” such as “American church style, the western church style.”

The church, proper, is the body of Christ and so it has been, is, and will be active, loyal, pure, etc.

In any case, here’s the interview and you can scroll to the time noted above for the statement.

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