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Under consideration is Adam Schwartzbauer’s article The Truth About Giants. When all segments are posted, you will be able to find them here.

Schwartzbauer refers to that “Thousands of years ago, the earth was different than it is today” since there were “creatures of great stature; colossal creatures…These were one of mankind’s greatest enemies: the Nephilim.”
We will have to see how he claims to know that they were “of great stature; colossal” since we have no reliable physical description of them.

He notes, “We know they existed from historical records, artifacts, ruins, and excavations of the giants themselves, among other things.” Note that he moved the goalpost from the specific Hebrew term Nephilim to the generic, subjective, vague, and undefined English one, giants.
And no, of course, someone is not taller than average (with “tall” and “average” being as subjective as “giants”) just because they are called “giants”—or, were called “giants” centuries if not millennia after the original text was written.

As an aside, he wrote of “Satan, an angel” but he is not an Angel, he is a Cherub (Ezekiel 28:14).

Adam Schwartzbauer noted, “Cultures throughout the world speak of a time when gods mated with human women, producing giants” and while I take issue with “giants” being used on Nephilim: this would generally be due to that at the Tower of Babel event, when humanity was dispersed throughout the Earth after living in relative proximity, they took with them what was shared history which in time was augmented on this or that point and came to be called myth and legend.

He claims, “According to the Apocryphal books Ecclesiasticus and the Book of Jubilees, there were giants living in Sodom and Gomorrah.” Technically, these texts are pseudepigraphical, meaning written during the Second Temple Era which was millennia after the Torah Ecclesiasticus (not to be confused with the biblical “Ecclesiastes” dates from 150-170 BC and Jubilees from 200-100 BC. Well, we do not know why people during this time-frame wrote that they wrote: was it historical fiction, claims to be inspired, fraudulent hoaxes, etc.?
Also, I have no access to interlinear versions of those texts and since Adam Schwartzbauer plays fast-and-loose with terminology, I know not to what he is referring as “giants” nor what word the texts use.

Thus, that “there were giants living in Sodom and Gomorrah” could mean a number of things including that there were Rephaim there—since some versions, sadly, use the term “giants” to render (not even translate) both “Nephilim” and “Rephaim.”

Ecclesiasticus 16:6-8 reads, “In the congregation of the ungodly shall a fire be kindled; and in a rebellious nation wrath is set on fire. He was not pacified toward the old giants, who fell away in the strength of their foolishness. Neither spared he the place where Lot sojourned, but abhorred them for their pride.”
The text is exampling instances of judgment so there is actually no reason to conclude that there were giants living in Sodom and Gomorrah but only that, chronologically, Sodom and Gomorrah’s judgment occurred after the flood—assuming “giants” to be referring to Nephilim.

The Jubilees text has Nephilim living until the time of Noah’s grandsons, which still does not get us to the Sodom and Gomorrah time-frame.

I actually dealt with both of those texts in my book The Apocryphal Nephilim and Giants: Encountering Sons of God, Nephilim, and Giants in Extra-Biblical Texts.

Adam Schwartzbauer notes:
“Apparently, the goal of the fallen angles was to destroy everything that God made. They were also genetically mixing animals, plants, and humans together. Ancient literature and artwork is full of examples of creatures that are part of one creature, and part of another, as well as gods and giants…
This also explains why Saul was told to go in and kill all of the people and all of the animals. God doesn’t order the killing of innocent people. All of the people and animals in that city had genetic corruption.
Ecclesiastes says there is no new thing under the sun. Today, genetic engineering is taking place. That means it must have happened before.
When God sent the flood, all life was killed, except for the life on the ark. God had to destroy the corrupt flesh. This same type of genetic manipulation is happening today.”

Such assertions are popular but biblically, the only stated motivation for the Genesis 6 affair is quite mundane, “the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair” (Genesis 6:2), period—whether Satan had anything to do with motivating them and had motive of his own is another, biblically unstated, issues.

Yes, there are many examples of such creatures but we must consider something that is mundane which is that people commonly speak in terms of, for example, “He’s an animal!” or “She’s a monster!” merely for emphasis. We also cannot discount imagination nor that an artistic combination of traits would emphasize an ideal (best or worst of) creature. For example, Revelation 9 depicts, in my view, the emerging of fallen Angels from the Abyss, they are described with features including those of lions, horses, women, scorpions, locusts, etc. but we need not imagine chimeras since each one of those symbols is defined in the Bible for us—I went into this in detail in chapter “What Are Demons?” of my book What Does the Bible Say About Demons? A Styled Demonology.

Now, logically—and theo-logically—if “God sent the flood, all life was killed, except for the life on the ark. God had to destroy the corrupt flesh” but “This same type of genetic manipulation is happening today” then God failed.
If that is why God did it but “genetic corruption” is “why Saul was told to go in and kill all of the people and all of the animals” then, again, God failed and the flood was a waste since it just kept happening.

So, why did God send tell Saul, Joshua, et al., to do such things? Well, He told us many times and never said one single word about genetic issues, nothing of serpent seed, nothing of Nephilim, or any such a thing—see chapter “Herem: Were Post-Flood Nephilim Dedicated to Destruction?” of my book What Does the Bible Say About Giants and Nephilim? A Styled Giantology and Nephilology.
It has to do with worshiping idols via human/child sacrifice, sexual mis-practices including bestiality, etc., etc., etc., and not repenting even when God gave them centuries to do so, generally speaking.

See my books on Nephilim related issues.


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