New book “The Golden Golem Goal: From Organism to Transhumanism”

My new book “The Golden Golem Goal: From Organism to Transhumanism” is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook versions, be sure to see here first for my special offer to save you some money.

It is on the tangled web of occult mystical alchemy and high-tech Transhumanist chemistry.

For many a reason, the Golem, as a concept, has been fascinating in part because it combines occult mystical magick, high tech (in a manner of speaking), weaponization of what was originally conceived of as essentially an organic robot, seeking to emulate God, etc., etc., etc.

Thus, the concept has been incorporated into tales of fact and fiction alike even if only conceptually, such as in the case of Frankenstein, to tell tales of revengeful vengeance, as well as in order to elucidate concepts of artificial intelligence with regards to robotics.

This text reviews the history of the Golem, the chronology of its appearance in literature, and its application to Transhumanism.

Chapter headings include:

Golemological Etymology

The Externalization of the Occult Methodology
– Kabbalah
– Bioethics

Embrace “you shall be like God” (Genesis 3:5)

Golemic History and Literature

Having Sought the Altneu Golem

Golemian Applications Within Sociology and Related to High-Tech

Prometheus: Varied Mythology and Homage in Pop-Occulture

Mystical Alchemy and Scientific Chemistry

Crypt Notes on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis Movie as Transhumanism from 1927

Normative Fiction

Transhumanism’s Roots

The Intersection of Occultism and Evolution

Golem Maximus: Exordium and Terminus

My Real Life Experience as a Cyborg and Transwar

Transhumanist Golem

Original cover:
Updated cover:

“In dealing with such issues, the Golem is likely to
emerge not as the product of past Jewish fantasies,
but as a repository of insight for confronting the
bioethical challenges of the present and future”
—Byron L. Sherwin


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