New book “Nephilim and Giants: Believe It or Not! Ancient and Neo-Theo-Sci-Fi Tall Tales” by Ken Ammi

I am releasing my new book, “Nephilim and Giants: Believe It or Not! Ancient and Neo-Theo-Sci-Fi Tall Tales.” It is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook versions, be sure to see here first for my special offer to save you some money.

Gigorexia Nervosa spiked neo-theo-sci-fi in the guise of doing theology is what we get from certain pop-researchers.

This text considers some of their most popular theories and conspiracy theories: giant skeletons, megalithic sites, genetically modified chimeras, Smithsonian cover-ups, old newspaper reports, polydactyly, Big Foot, and much more—it’s all under the big top!

“A US Supreme Court ruling has
forced the Smithsonian institution
to release classified papers dating
from the early 1900’s that proves
the organization was involved in
a major historical cover up”
—World News Daily Report

This is the updated cover


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