New book “A Worldview Review of the Alien and Predator Mythos Franchises” by Ken Ammi

My new book “A Worldview Review of the Alien and Predator Mythos Franchises” is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook versions, be sure to see here first for my special offer to save you some money.

Herein is a thorough consideration of the real life worldviews of the many people behind the Alien, Predator and crossover mythos franchise and how this leads to the worldview promulgated within the mythos franchises themselves—where reality meets fiction.

Thirteen movies are reviewed in detail within.

Alien directed by Ridley Scott, 1979
Aliens directed by James Cameron, 1986
Predator directed by John McTiernan, 1987
Predator 2 directed by Stephen Hopkins, 1990
Alien 3 directed by David Fincher, 1992
Alien: Resurrection directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1997
AVP: Alien vs. Predator directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, 2004
S.E.E.D directed by Peter Mander, 2006
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem directed by Colin Strause and Greg Strause, 2007
Predators directed by Nimród Antal, 2010
Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott, 2012
Alien: Covenant directed by Ridley Scott, 2017
The Predator directed by Shane Black, 2018

Under consideration are themes of transhumanism, philosophy, theology, sexual ethics, alien threats and saviors, creation and destruction, and much, much more.

“…ancient civilizations, that were separated by
centuries, they shared no contact with one another
and yet, the same pictogram showing men
worshiping giant beings pointing to the stars…”
—Dr. Charlie Holloway, Alien: Prometheus

“…the Egyptian. The second symbol is Aztec.
Pre-conquest era. The third is Cambodian…
the chosen ones were offered to the gods…”
—Prof. Sebastian De Rosa, AVP: Alien vs. Predator

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