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Nephilim clowns: “Tall creepy ‘man’ I saw as a child…8 or 9 feet tall…grayish or greenish white”

A post on Reddit was titled Tall creepy “man” I saw as a child and led to this discussion when a certain Conscious_Way_5375 noted

Have you come across anything online about “Nephilim” looking like clowns? Obviously there is a strong correlation between what you saw and the Joker, but with the height it also reminds me of the Shinigami from Death Note.

I, KenAmmi, replied

The claim is based on a miscomprehension of the relevant linguistics, reliance on faulty sources, folklore, and mere assertions. For a detailed review of claim, see “Is Paul Stobbs right? Did Nephilim Look Like Clowns?”:


I think anyone who expects to find some kind of definitive answer in this realm of High Strangeness and metaphysics is more of a clown than the “Nephilim” might be. So I am less interested in your deboonking than I am in ideas that fuel the imagination. I’m not claiming to be an expert, just simply making connections, so please take your authoritative crap somewhere else.


So, ignore literal proof of made-up stuff, dismiss the person offering facts, and live in fantasy land–(pseudo) authoritatively so, mind you: wow, no wonder our culture is in such a low, low state of intellect.


I straight up do not care for the attitude of “debunkers” because they lead with an air of authority that is as stupid as people who just believe things they see in a YouTube video.

I know from personal experience that if you have contact with an unknown entity, that researching conspiracy theories a lot of times will connect bizarre dots that end up leading to the same place: you can’t “know” anything outside your own experience, so you have to learn to make peace with reality one way or another.

Do I believe the Nephilim looked like clowns? No, but it’s an interesting idea. There are certainly a lot of coincidences but I think the word “Nephilim” is overused. My concept of the Nephilim is that they are beautiful, in a sinister way that tempts towards 3d pleasures. Do I agree with half the stuff in that article you linked? Also no, plus it carries the arrogant air of “deboonking” that defaults to materialistic rational and appeal to authority, which is not really appropriate for the “acausal” realm of High Strangeness. Encouraging OP in the direction that I did was with the intent to cause them to look into trends and do their own research. They will likely find something that interests them. Nowhere did I say that I believed that and put “Nephilim” in quotes for reason. Real research SHOULD be balanced with intuition and imagination when interacting with High Strangeness, as it speaks to part of the human consciousness that our current modern science cannot directly quantify.


You seem to (mis)use the term “debunkers” as an excuse to ignore demonstrable facts.

I was made aware of his claims, I investigated his claims, I found his claims to be faulty: I’m unsure what’s wrong with that. The idea might be interesting but is 100% fallacious and it’s part of what has turned modern Nephilology into a literal clown show.

If you assert, “you can’t ‘know’ anything outside your own experience” then you can’t know that I can’t know anything outside my experience since you don’t experience my experience.

Indeed, “the word ‘Nephilim’ is overused” because it became the stuff of which click-bait is made.

As for the article, you should begin by utterly ignoring your emotively subjective misinterpretation of “the arrogant air of ‘deboonking’” since it’s just your assertion and is also a genetic fallacy.

I wonder why you don’t fault Paul for being authoritative.

So, are you saying y9ou “do their own research” but then spit on the faces of those of us who have done just that?

That appears to be the case, at least in my experience, but if that’s you’re point of view then it’s because you demand, “SHOULD” as a (pseudo) universal imperative, “balanced with intuition and imagination” but when you lack the imagination to look beyond what you subjectively label, “deboonking” then you appear to feel comfortable ignoring demonstrable facts and that’s a fallacious MO.


I’m pretty ok with my stance on this, especially since you seem to have made a Reddit account just to huff and puff specifically about the Nephilim. You are a bad faith actor and also a bad writer, shill harder next time.


Sorry, I thought you were interested in a discussion but I see that you’re prejudice and come to incoherent conclusions based on pseudo-standards. Again, “no wonder our culture is in such a low, low state of intellect.”

That brought the discussion to and end as no more replies were forthcoming.

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