Jewish vs. Christian – Monotheism vs. Trinitarianism?

We continue, from part 1, part 2, considering pop-research on the issue of the historical Jesus and Jesus mythicism with regards to some Atheists who have taken to the utterly radical view that Jesus never even existed.

We continue, from part 1, part 2, considering pop-research on the issue of the historical Jesus and Jesus mythicism with regards to some Atheists who have taken to the utterly radical view that Jesus never even existed.
I have been considering Michael Paulkovich and Raphael Lataster and, in this case, I got into a comment section discussion within an article written by YouTube celebrity Atheist AaronRa that was simply titled “Jesus never existed” November 3, 2015 AD.
See my article Historical Jesus – two centuries worth of citations wherein I chronicled 205 texts that reference Jesus dating from pre 70 AD to 200-250 AD

Here is the Jewish person, lorasinger’s, reply which seeks to divert attention from the issues at hand and rabbit trial into a defense of Outreach Judaism:

Outreach Judaism was organized with a view to educate their own people in the tenets of their own religion at a time when they are losing people to undercover missionaries who call themselves Messianic Jews or completed Jews but who are actually Southern Baptists – fundamentalist Christians tied to the Southern Baptist group in the USA.

What you are doing in trying to “educate” the Jews in their own book is akin to telling Shakespeare himself that Hamlet is a story of an Italian farmer rather than a Danish Prince. The Tanakh was written by Jews for Jews in their own language, and you think you can interpret it better from your mistranslated, misinterpreted and edited version. Sorry Ken, it’s a no go.

Note that they all but utterly ignored virtually everything I have stated. Thus, I replied with the following:

The problem with orgs like Outreach Judaism is not that they seek to “educate their own people in the tenets of their own religion” the problem is that they make extremely generic and misleading statements which leads personages such as yourself to merely repeat generic and misleading statements.
For example, how many times have I heard, “We Jews have always believed thus and such” and I know for a fact that the history of Jewish thought utterly contradicts the thus and such.

You are following their lead by misrepresenting the rich and diverse history of Judaism and merely repeating erroneous assertions. You also take the exclusivist and elitist view that the “Tanakh was written by Jews for Jews” even though the Gentiles were to be brought into the worship of the one true God “in their own language” which only an extreme minority of the world’s population speaks and I most certainly do not think that I can interpret it better which is why I quote to you from the JPS and give you examples from the history of Rabbinic interpretation.

Next, lorasinger seeks to get me off into another rabbit trail as she is all but done with the historical Jesus issue:

Christians DON’T worship “one true god”, Ken. They worship a triune god comprised of three entities – the trinity. Jews worship one INDIVISIBLE god with no offspring. Men gods don’t exist in Judaism.

You expect me to believe a Christian apologist over a trained rabbi well versed in his own religion. If you want to debate, then debate rabbi Tovia Singer and I doubt very much that you would win any debate with him.

Now, lorasinger is the sort of commentator who will post more than one reply per round. In other words, they will post more than one reply before you get a chance to respond which, of course, means that when you get your chance to reply you have multiple comments with which to deal. I am starting to think that this is a tactic as it is somewhat overwhelming since it leaves you to write many pages worth of replies or, that which I chose to do, focus on one or two issue, ignore rabbit trails and keep focused.

I noted this because they also posted this reply before I could get to the one above:

Re: Torah tells us that God is one even whilst employing a term which denotes a unite plurality.
Which you believe works right into the Christian trinity wherein three entities are still considered to be one, right? Not so.
[Here lorasinger again merely copies and pastes from Outreach Judaism this time, in a plagiaristic manner] The word Elohim (God) possesses a plural intensive syntax and is singular in meaning. This linguistic pattern is well known and widely used throughout the Jewish scriptures.
For example, the Hebrew word chayim, meaning “life.” Notice that this word contains the identical plural suffix “im,” as in Elohim, yet it repeatedly means “life”, in the singular, throughout the Bible.

Well, I know of no Christian in 2,000 years who bases their monotheistic trinitarianism solely on one word’s syntax.
In any regard, here is my reply:

Well friend, affirming monotheism is the very first step towards understanding and elucidating Christian theology. Any description of Christian theology will tell you that as it is as basic a tenet as basic tenets can get.
I referred to you read the Torah in any version you wish and you seem to be interested in avoiding inconvenient facts.
Sadly, you are engaging exactly that about which I told you: interpretations based on Rabbinic polemics based on a Talmud based religion versus interpretations based on understanding the Torah. Do not forget that I, indeed, quoted and cited a few Rabbis well versed in their religion (whatever that may be, biblical Judaism, Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism, etc.) such as Rashi, Maimonides or the dozens I quoted in my articles you read about Isaiah 53.

In the next segment, lorasinger makes a comeback to the historical Jesus issue by referring to the supposed likeness between Jesus and mythical figures.


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