Islam : James White and Hamza Abdul Malik deabte

This is a clip of James White and Hamza Abdul Malik their debate during cross examination.

One interesting point is that Hamza Abdul Malik claims that contradictory accounts in the gospels would not be thrown out of a a court of law. This is simply fallacious since, as I elucidated in my essay Dennis McKinsey and the Fallacy of the Homicide Detective, contradictions are generally really just different point of view. These are useful in trials for getting to the core issue as the contradictions are combined and considered for corroboration. In other words; the points of view are juxtaposed and the agreement between them elucidates the facts of the matter.

The main point of the cross-examination is that when evidence is requested by James White, Hamza Abdul Malik merely rationalizes and provides none—except to claim that the evidence must be out there somewhere.


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