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Is there any evidence to support the existence of a civilization with giant Nephilim-like beings as described in ancient texts such as The Bible or The Book of Enoch?

Such was the question posted to the Quora site and led to the following discussion after a certain SP commented thusly

They appear as regular humans. Not all are giants. The Word giant, sometimes refers to the amount of authority or fame. Our presidents are Nephilim, famous people too. Jesus is a Nephilim diety born cursed lie. Christ means marked, cross means cursed. If you see someone with lizard eyes, it’s just a Nephilim. There are many walking the earth right now. People who claim to be star seeds, most don’t understand this is the blood of fallen angels. It’s not something to be proud of. It’s an evil act against the Most High.

Enoch is our true messiah named, sealed books and called it good. Our Creator never went back on his word, he is unchanging. Salvation is ours alone. 2nd Enoch 20:3 is the True Most High Creator of All life Aravat. Enoch returned in 2017, the Tribulations are almost over. He is our Righteous Judge on Judgement Day.

Ken Ammi

It’s not really relevant that “The Word giant, sometimes refers to the amount of authority or fame” especially when you don’t tell us in what language or time in history. The word for something like “authority of fame” is “gibborim” and “shem”: might and (of) name.

I assume you’re referring to English but then that begs these key questions:

What’s the usage of the vague, generic, subjective, multi-usage and modern English word “giants” in English Bibles?

What’s your usage of the vague, generic, subjective, multi-usage and modern English word “giants”?

Do those two usages agree?

Since you jumped from the specific ancient Hebrew word “Nephilim” to the vague, generic, subjective, multi-usage and modern English word “giants” it’s hard to follow to what you’re referring since, for example, you assert post-flood Nephilim and something about “lizard eyes.”

If “Enoch is our true messiah” please repent and accept Jesus.

If, “Enoch returned in 2017” were can I meet him?


I agree with this. There is so many different forms and kinds of Nephilim. Ages have passed so it’s not easy to put into detail. The people who are related to Jesus (and other angels) are the stars we watch on TV and sports or dancers (doesn’t mean they are bad) the leaders and rulers of this world and every day looking people like you or me.

The Book of Enoch is The Word and its where people should start for knowledge about the Nephilim. Caine is the first one born this way so it starts with his family. The fallen angels have had thier hands on our DNA all throughout time.

“Lift up your Horns and open your eyes” might mean exactly that for many. I see them everywhere and they don’t even know it yet. This world is under a spell. The bi bell bibaal is a book of spells and curses. That’s not our True Creator.

All Entertainment is owned by lucifer and has people under a spell too. It’s literally like the days of Noah, people don’t see it, don’t believe it’s true, aren’t listening and are absolutely going to regret this “Rapture” “And the Angels called upon all the foul, to feast on those who follow Christ” why would anyone seek Death in his name? He is The Angel of Death and people don’t see it. He literally asked us to seek Death in his name. Even his name means 666 his star is lucifer too his number is 6ptx6&6 point star fallen from heaven ✡️. His mother was put aside for the day from birth and conceived at 13 the age of Jesus Death is a Mason thing too. He didn’t actually die he also had a twin brother. Jesus was a Mason not just a carpenter. Our creator doesn’t do that to his own people he sees us as his children. She was a child! Her mother was also diety born. They keep it in the blood.

He copied everything from Enoch and made it his. Mirror image and mockery. Heceven quotes him. All religions started After Enoch wrote the Book. Re legion. The laws were already given long before Moses.

Enoch was the first to write with pen and paper and he is also the heavenly scribe at the right hand of The Most High. The Recording Angel.

“I AM” is Archangel Metatron and Metatron is the name assigned to “I AM”. Exodus 23:21 tells you His Name is in him. Not Jesus. No matter how you translate his name it’s still hail Zeus serpent, baal and lucifer, he is The Bright Mourning Star. ALL Stars are Fallen Angels. Mourning for the sins he brought upon the earth. Sunday is sungod worship and feeling sorry for the devil. Hallelujah is helel and means Bright Mourning star lucifer, Amen is ra amenra nothing changed. The Day star also translates to zues lucifer and Jesus. “Let the day star rise in your hearts”

Lyrics are hidden knowledge as well, they scream from hell don’t do it. Some trapped under a bond and born into it some chose this. MuteSick music InDisTree industry. Enoch is here now with his 10k Army and he is releasing people from their bonds. People born into this and handed over to evil, trapped. It all ends soon and people need to wake up ASAP.

Ken Ammi

Fascinatingly, I’ve asked those key questions to dozens and dozens (and dozens [and dozens]) of people who go on and on (and on [and on]) about “giants” and literally zero have replied.

It’s actually impossible that you “agree with this. There is so many different forms and kinds of Nephilim” since I would never say any such thing since there’s zero indication of it.

I’m unaware of anyone who is, physically, “related to Jesus.”

You asserted, on the WORLD WIDE web, mind you, “The Book of Enoch is The Word” but which one? Also, 1 Enoch is Bible contradicting folklore from centuries, if not millennia, after the Torah, see my book, “In Consideration of the Book(s) of Enoch.”

“where people should start for knowledge about the Nephilim” is Gen 6 and not folklore that has them being MILES tall.

There’s literally zero indication that “Caine is the first one born this way”: please read Gen 4:1.

There’s literally zero indication “fallen angels have had thier hands on our DNA all throughout time” since Jude and 2 Peter 2 tell us that they were incarcerated.

You “see” who “everywhere”?

I’ve no idea what this means, “bi bell bibaal.”

As for the rest of your rant, it’s very difficult to understand since you go in 100 directions at the same time.

That brought the discussion to and end as no more replies were forthcoming.

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