How to identify a Nephilim

Let us begin with some linguistics since I titled this article grammatically erroneously on purpose because it is no uncommon to read and hear about “a Nephilim.”

In fact, two of the articles I note below are titled “How to Recognize a Nephilim” and another is “Top 5 Clues You Might be a Nephilim.”

Now, reference to “a Nephilim” is a red flag since “a” is singular but ending a Hebrew word with “im” makes a word plural (masculine plural, feminine plural ending is “ot”).

Thus, “a Nephilim” means one-many Nephil.

I have delved into such issues before, such as in How to recognize modern day Nephilim via “Conscious Reminder and “Spiritual Experience”, but thought to do so again since I am always interested in what people are making of the issue of Nephilim—from various vantage points.

The Gospel Themes site posted an article titled How to Recognize a Nephilim wherein it is rightly noted, “Nephilim are mentioned in the Old Testament. They are described as children of the ‘sons of God’ and ‘daughters of men’ in the time before the Flood.”

We are told, “Depending on the translation and interpretation of the word ‘Nephilim’, these beings are seen as half-human half-angels or as fallen angels.” That Nephilim refers to the fallen Angels is actually a very, very minor view but not unheard of. The most natural reading is that they are the offspring of the fallen Angels.

Another option is that “Others perceive them as secret spies of God, who study and observe what is happening on earth.” I can only imagine that this is based on that during the Second Temple Era, sons of God/Angles were referred to as Watchers—but this would not pertain to Nephilim.

One thing about the articles undergoing consideration is that they are heavy on assertions and light on references—meaning making a lot of statements with zero citations as to whence come the claims.

In this one, we are told, “everywhere the Nephilim are described as huge people – giants…Nephilim, translated as ‘fallen’ or ‘giants.’”

One issue is the nature of the vague, subjective, generic, and undefined English word giants. Yet, where is “everywhere”? We are not told. Biblically, the only time (of the mere two that they are mentioned) that they are “described as huge people – giants” is within an “evil report” stated by disloyal, unfaithful, contradictory, embellishers whom God rebuked: they just made up a tall tale (see Num 13 for the narrative and vss. 32-33 for their evil report.

This means we have no reliable physical description of them—yet, even when we fast-forward to millennia after the Torah was written and appeal to 1 Enoch/Ethiopic Enoch for the assertion that they were miles tall—miles—which is impossibly tall.

We are told, “Their life duration was one hundred and twenty years, and their old age was quick and painless.” I am unsure what the last part of the sentence means but the article is written in a bit of broken English. The 120 claim comes from Gen 6:3, “Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years” so it is questionable whether that pertains to Nephilim.

Moreover, “Demons are evil, deceptive beings – and for that reason, nothing they do should surprise us. As for the exact motivation, the best guess is that they were trying to contaminate the human bloodline. Thus, through defiled Nephilim blood, they would prevent the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.”

For some reason, the article jumped from sons of God as Angels to referring to demons. Obviously, the implication is that fallen Angels are demons—in a manner of speaking, this is accurate but there are qualifying issues with which to deal, see my article Demons Ex Machina: What Are Demons?

As to their motivation, well that is a popular speculation yet, I was pleased to read that it is admitted that such is all it is, “this is not exactly a biblical answer, but it is possible and does not contradict anything that is taught in the Bible.”

Biblically, we are only told, “the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives.” Whether there was another underlying motivation or Satan having his own motivation as he pulled strings are other issues—speculative ones.

Furthermore, Nephilim “were one of the main causes of the great flood in the time of Noah…Therefore, God flooded the whole earth, destroying absolutely everyone (including the Nephilim) except Noah and his family and the animals in the ark.”

Also, “it seems that God has put an end to the intercourse of demons with humans. He threw into the abyss all the demons who had committed this act. Judas verse 6” and the article misses this but 2 Peter 2 also refers to this.

The article asks “Was Goliath a Nephilim[?]” and replies:

“The definite answer to this question is given both by the size of this biblical giant and by the circumstances of Goliath’s death. No one had the right to kill him because he was a Nephilim. Even God did not want him dead even though he was a half-angel and yet mortal.

In the border flow described in the Bible, two Nephilim have originally encountered – Jonathan of Israel and Goliath of the Philistines…

David stood by the waterline without crossing it and threw a total of 5 stones. The latter hit Goliath on the head. The Nephilim went into a rage and rushed to David with the intention of bloody revenge. Stepping into the river is a fatal mistake. Despite all his Nephilim powers, Goliath slipped on the smoothed wet stones and fell on his sword, which slit his throat.”

It is simply inaccurate that anyone could be identified as a Nephilim due to “size” since, again, we have no reliable physical description of them—period. Thus, Goliath’s size it irrelevant within this context.

As to that “No one had the right…” and “God did not want him dead…” I have no idea whence came that assertion.

Likewise with who “Jonathan of Israel” was and the retelling of the combat between David and Goliath is certainly not biblical.

Now, did you notice we were told Nephilim lived, “in the time before the Flood” and “were one of the main causes of the great flood in the time of Noah” but then that there were post-flood Nephilim?

That is a fundamental issue since it implies that God failed, He meant to be rid of them but could not get the job done and so the flood was a waste—or much of a waste.

As to “How to Recognize a Nephilim” we are told, “Nephilim are huge. They have power far beyond human capabilities. They are usually brutal and tyrannical. They make men work hard and at the same time possess their wives.” In Gen 6:4 we are told that, “became mighty men which were of old, men of renown” but besides their parentage, that is all we reliably know about them—and we know they became mighty and of renown but not how or why. Thus, this was more uncited made up stuff.

We are told, “Nephilim often have excessive physical strength” which is likely based on believing that they were unusually tall but, again, we have no reliably basis for this.

Lastly, “how to recognize a Nephilim, follow his height. This is one of the most noticeable principles that you are dealing with a giant. Goliath’s height, for example, was 6 elbows, and Gilgamesh’s was 11! According to the calculations of scientists, 1 elbow is equal to about half a meter. In other words, Nephilim are creatures about 3 meters tall.”

I can only imagine that by elbow what is being referenced is either a cubit or an ell since both have something to do with measuring from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

In any case, what this means is that the claim is that he was 9.8 ft. Yet, there is a manuscript issue with his height—and again, his height is irrelevant to his ontology, lineage, etc.—in that the earlier ones have him at just shy of 7 ft. (the Septuagint/LXX, Dead Sea Scrolls and also Flavius Josephus) while the later Masoretic Text has him at the height given here.

Also, note that the average Israelite male of those days was 5.0-5.3 ft.

Now, that website is called Gospel Themes but provides resources for “SPIRITUALITY” such as “Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Meditation, Sleep & Dreams, Twin Flames, Yoga” as well as “ASTROLOGY” such as “Horoscope, Zodiac Signs” and “NUMEROLOGY” such as “Angel Numbers” and “TAROT” as well as “NEW AGE.”

The site’s author is Tracey who “had the curiosity for things like spirituality, dreams, yoga, chakras, energies, aura and more…I have been doing yoga sessions for quite some time and I’m daily meditation practitioner. I have been in highly spiritual places in all over the world…I have made more than 300 religious, spiritual crafts with crystals and healing stones.”

Thus, it is not surprising that most of what he had to say ranged from inaccurate to apparently just made up.

But then again, such is the fallout of they whom I term pop-researchers who are supposed to be Bible believing Christians but whose claims about such issues also ranged from inaccurate to apparently just made up—see my book Nephilim and Giants As Per Pop-Researchers for copious evidence of this.

The next article is from the Higherself Portal site and is titled, How To Recognize A Nephilim? Which states, “many people think that the Nephilim were all killed by Archangel Gabriel, due to God’s command, there might be some left alive.” We instantly have a few issues with which to deal, there is no indication that Gabriel is an Archangel: Michael is (Jude 1:9), I have no idea who thinks Gabriel killed Nephilim, and am also unaware how many “many” are.

Yet, note that “Nephilim were all killed” but “there might be some left alive” and “there are many theories that believe that many Nephilim survived and their offspring live among us today…there is a high chance that you’ve already met a nephilim in person.”

Predictably, we are told, “They are Giants!” of “impressive height” which are not only unfounded assertions but subjective terms: what is a giant and what is impressive height to whom?

We are told, “They are also evil, blood thirsty monsters” which is actually unknown.

It is rightly noted, “Nephilim are the offspring of The Watchers mating with the daughters of men” but it is also reiterated that, “the nephilim from The Bible should not be alive today, because they were all killed by Archangel Gabriel before the flood” (sic.).

We are also told, “Being unnatural creatures, their souls had no place to rest in peace. And their souls became the Demons that we all know today, the evil spirits tormenting humankind.” This is a very common pop-research based concept that is not biblical but is based on Second Temple Era pseudepigrapha (again, from millennia after the Torah) such as Jubilees and 1 Enoch/Ethiopic Enoch.

Of course, if “their souls became the Demons” and demons are spirits then post-flood Nephilim/demons cannot, by definition, still be giants of impressive height—or of any height.

While vague, we are offered a form of citation, genetically speaking, “The concept of Nephilim still leaving [sic.] among us today comes mostly from the spiritual community. Different psychics and mediums claim that they can recognize Nephilim and people with Nephilim ancestry. They sustain that these Nehpilim are, in fact, not Giants…some of them look like unearthly beautiful human beings!!!!…Also, some psychics who encountered them say that they have almond shaped and wide spaced eyes and pointy ears. Which makes them look like some kind of fairies.”

Besides that made up stuff, we are specifically told “How To Recognize A Nephilim includes that they “behave strangely, unnaturally and too controlled…their body language is different from ours…look just like us…they often don’t even know what they really are.”

This is not only confused but is dangerous.

So, Nephilim became demons, which are spirits, but not really or not exclusively—or something—since they are also physical although “not Giants” but either look like “beautiful human beings” or “look like some kind of fairies.”

And if you are beautiful but “behave” subjectively, “strangely” then someone may decide to assert that you, yes you, are a demons an “evil spirits tormenting humankind” or some such thing.

This is astonishingly dangerous and in my Pop-Researchers book I included a chapter titled “Nephil Kampf” providing many examples of who some pop-researchers are virtually forming styled militias made up of Bible believing Christians—don’t cha know?—who will some day commit genocide against Nephilim and, guess what, they will identify Nephilim but looking at people who look just like human beings—because they are human beings in reality—but will assert that they are hybrid Nephilim.

Lastly, the article notes, “these creatures are becoming more and more popular in today’s culture. They are present in movies, series, books and comic books” which is very true. In fact, many of the Christian pop-researchers have written their own fictional novels about Nephilim—and I dare to say that such is because when they claim they are doing theology they are writing that which I term neo-theo-sci-fi already so the jump to full blown admitted fiction is no jump at all.

As you may have discerned from the website’s name, “Higher Self is a community portal on the topics of the universe, astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, quantum energies, epigenetics, lightworkers, channeling our galactic family, ascended masters, and angels, twin flames, unconditional love, and about the latest news from the higher realms, the nature of reality, our liberation, and ascension.”

Thus, I do lay some of the blame on pop-researchers again for turning what is supposed to be a biblical issue into the stuff of which tall tales are made—dangerous ones.

Indeed, Nephilim “are becoming more and more popular in today’s culture.” Just search online for something like “Nephilim romance” and you will find dozens and dozens of romance novels.

This brings me to the Entangled In Romance website’s article Top 5 Clues You Might be a Nephilim. This was written by the author of a novel series titled Hellsbane who refers to “the world I created for…HELLSBANE” so that it is a description of the fiction—and yet, I wonder how much of it the author thinks is based on fact.

It is noted that with the novel’s mythos, Angels “can be real jerks,” that, “Some angels love humans. They’re ashamed of their Fallen brothers who have seduced human women, impregnating them, then wiping their memory in a cowardly attempt to hide their sin,” and that, “Some angels have dedicated their lives to help the Nephilim children left behind.”

Nephilim are said to exhibit, “Teleportation, telepathy, heightened strength, speed and fighting skills, as well as a greatly increased lifespan.”

It is noted, “anyone could be a Nephilim. Maybe. Even. YOU” but how would you really know?—in reality or fiction—“Ever kind of know when something is about to happen, or know when someone’s about to call, or what they’re about to say? Yeah? You might be a Nephilim” which sounds like a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

Other traits are:

“Déjà vu is similar to precognition but to a lesser degree…Telepathy…innate skill with weapons and hand to hand combat…An angel’s sword is a part of their physical make up, like their hair and fingernails. Nephilim have to be given a sword. A Nephilim’s sword awakens their dormant angelic power…once you awaken your powers the world is yours. You can go anywhere, you stop aging, you have incredible strength and your eyes are opened to an entire universe of spectacular creatures.”

But “be careful” since “Fighting for your life in the bathroom of your local Walmart ain’t as glamorous as it sounds. Believe me. I know”—ooooookay.

It is then noted, “I’m not sure if I’m Nephilim, but I’ve been lost in the world of HELLSBANE for years.”

This was from “a boutique publisher of romantic fiction for adults and teens.”

Next up is the Grace Thru Faith site with COULD I HAVE NEPHILIM DNA? which is really just a succinct Q&A.

The Q’s bottom line is “Could any of us be unknowingly walking around with Nephilim DNA” since a friend “is actually convinced that physically attractive, tall, well-built, intelligent people could be descendants of Nephilim.” Frankly, I would play armchair psychologist and conclude that this seems to be based on insecurity and envy but hey, what‘a I know?

The A’s bottom line is “There is no Biblical basis for your friend’s opinion” which is 100% accurate and “Nephilim could express such a love for the Lord as you have” as the person had noted that they are a believer, etc.

This site claims to be “known for Bible studies that simplify complex topics, and for helping our readers truly know the peace and security they have in Jesus.”

Next up the Science Rumors site with 15 Secrets of the Nephilim in the Bible to Know Nephilim Today on Earth which includes virtually any and all fake-photo-shopped photo of supposedly alleged giant skeletons.

We are told, “As per Bible, the great flood in Noah’s day was caused by the Gods as GOD wanted to save humanity from the sins and corruption that had spread all across and also to destroy the evil Nephilim Giants.”

Unsure who “the Gods” are or even who one of them “GOD” is—apparently the God of the Bible. But keep in mind that “GOD wanted to…destroy the evil Nephilim Giants” so let us see if “GOD” got what He wanted.

It is noted that Nephilim “were the result of the copulation between daughters of men and sons of Gods or fallen men who were evil by nature” with the latter option not being unknown but being a very, very, very minority view—more of a mere speculation that is virtually historically unknown, see my book On the Genesis 6 Affair’s Sons of God: Angels or Not? A survey of early Jewish and Christian commentaries including notes on giants and the Nephilim.

We are then told, “even after the flood washed out all the Nephilims from the face of the earth, these giants are still found to be prevailing in today’s world as it is believed that one of Noah’s son’s wives carried the gene.” Thus, “the flood washed out all the Nephilims from the face of the earth” but “GOD” still did not get what He wanted.

We are not told by whom “it is believed” but that claim is just a modern day invention by people—most popularly Rob Skiba—who actually believe the evil report and so manipulate (and contradict) the Bible in order to attempt to force it to fit their post-flood Nephilim theory.

This article tells us “the conventional image of a Nephilim is that of a giant, but there are other secret traits as well” and “some secrets of the Nephilims that would help you know that Nephilims do exist in today’s world” are “body language…extraordinary skill at hand to hand combat or with weapons…telepathic strength…Omnilingualism or the ability to speak, write or communicate in different languages…communicate with animals…great skill of reading body language…a slow rate of ageing…live longer than regular humans…more strongly built…have a higher resistance to injury…can outrun any human…healing factor…can recover from injuries caused by gunshots, burns or knives at a higher rate of recovery…supernatural ability to get prophetic visions about the future…are immune to human diseases like cold, virus attacks or even cancer.”

The article ends with some typical claims such as “Large skeletons were found to be buried in the Humboldt lake bed in Love Lock, Nevada. One of the skeletons was 8½ feet tall, while the other one was 10 feet tall. In 1950, Leg bones measuring 120 cms were found during road construction in South East Turkey. As per body ratio, the height of the owner of that leg bone must have been around 14-16 feet.”

The bottom line is that “Large” skeletons have no reliable correlation to Nephilim.

As for the leg bone: that is not a leg bone but only a mere claim, see my VIDEO: Is the giant (Nephilim) femur bone real? Mt. Blanco Museum’s Joe Taylor explains.

Now, this was a site which I termed Science Rumors but that was just based on their URL, they actually call the site Mysterious Monsters which is advertised as, “Monsters in the world are all here” so they have a vested interest in tall tales.

The Dragon Intuitive site sought to inform us of Nephilim Behaviour beginning with some made up stuff, “The nephilim bear the race memory of their elders.”

At least we are told, “Though they are called giants” only by some English versions, that is, “that is not really a literal description.” We are told that they have “hyperactive minds to go with their physical differences” which “aren’t always what humans would see as grotesque” but “Some are seen as too normal looking” although, “Almond eyes, pointy ears? Yes, though the points would be understated” and yet, some have “unusually wide spaced eyes.”

Also, “Their body language is never what we might call natural. It tends to be stiff, too controlled, or if fluid then strangely round about” whatever that means.

Fascinatingly, “nephilim will not truly lay claim to being anything other than human” so if someone denies being a Nephil then they likely are one: you can see how dangerous this is.

Besides that, they can see spirits, “Ghosts and auras,” and their “understanding tends to revolve more around the behaviour of matter, including animal matter.”
This website provides info about “Spirituality…Metaphysics…Poetry,” etc.


Nephilim studies and/or research is in such a sad state that most of what we get from New Agers, and Christian pop-researchers, and even scholars is that which I term theo-neo-sci-fi.

For more info, see my relevant books.


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