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How Fallen Angels Biologically-Engineered The Giants w Dr. Tim Chaffey

The Right Response Ministries YouTube channel posted a video titled How Fallen Angels Biologically-Engineered The Giants w Dr. Tim Chaffey which led to this discussion when a certain @waynemorellini2110 commented

This is a complete misunderstanding.  Apart from different bone structure and density, they have likely an dna made of one side different substance frkm a different phystcs making different material characteristic, and their father’s blood pumped just fine.  The stories  of modern day note very quiet quick movement.  One of the occult practices is to reduce weight.  So, there might be something characteristic in their father’s physiology.

I realised claims in legends of 1 mile high giants, where using the wrong unit of measument as the legend psssed down. When doing the calculations with the correct unit the height came down to around 37 feet.  The calvulstions on measurements of lesser giants, lined up with measurements elsewhere.

I did calculations, estimating a few mutations from the cross breeding mismatch between the two types of DNA, and estimated the different hight ratios depending on how many of the mutations imherited, and including the size range of human genes, I got marches to yjr claimed giant heights.  An American Indian tribe, I have heard, claimed that sasquatch and there little people (of which corpses and villages on the world hsve been documented found) are the same race.  The estimates on mutations matchin with these suzes two.  We have not just either or human and angel growth and survival factors, but both at the same time.  So, they can not only range across both ranges, but survive the extremes of the range due to their fathers.

If you look at modern stories, they have extra tough skin matrix, resistant to knives and other weapons.  We have to wake up to wide independent sources of references to common features.  No effort to comprehensively find what evidence exists, trumps evidence.

Aa far as the giants in Israel, at that time the giants had commonly had time to decrease height due to criss breeding, with Gog being a larger one.  Thats a handful of mixed breeding events by the time you get to 13 feet.  The story of the Solomon Island giants, relates to their leader as a boy around 10 or 12 being around 6 feet.  Traditionally, wreckless breeding starts around 13, and reports of non consensual is common.

Incidentally, the Indians are reported to have said that the giants were struck wherever they were by the heavens.  One area was the Canadian east, where a meteor hit, Northern Levant wgere a meteor ecploded (haven’t looked into wherever it was just an explosion, but thete was an east west river recorded there, now gone).  But, the science shows repeating overlapping catastrophe cycles, which cause a number of events, including volcanism which fims the sunlight for years, which results in repeated famine and starvation, which affects the biggest people the most, which would decrease populations.  Most of these events, involve space orientated events.

I, @kenammi355, replied

The key questions are:

What’s the usage of the vague, generic, subjective, multi-usage and modern English word “giants” in English Bibles?

What’s your usage of the vague, generic, subjective, multi -usage and modern English word “giants”?

Do those two usages agree?


What’s the use of an interested vague diversionary, occult like, gas light?

For everybody, it’s known there is a cultural tapestry behind the word giants at the time, I suppose possibly also popular reports of giants from the land of Patagonia (the land of the big feet, is the translation) which seem to decrease at the same progression of die off from European contact diseases, as other native Americans (90%+) which resulting induced famine, would greatly decrease the population further.  There was some mention I recall of movement to the mountains.  Then there are the historical accounts common in different countries and America.  One of the native American tribes record arriving on the east coast about the same time as big ships.  In the times leading up to that, there had been war in the continent, which would have further reduced numbers, such as reports of first hand encounters with these people, then mixed on with American tribes, were short lived and dwindled out.  Native Americans known to hide such graves (though they are isolated reports).  So, reports from ancient history as well informs of this as well.  And it goes towards the sort of term it means in the Bible.

Anyway, what were the giants.  Well the reports indicates monstrous hybrids, and not just with humans.  Which means also cross breeding between them.  If the matter of another universe resembles ours, it can interact with ours and be sticky, which would explain the reports.  I’m not going to get into the genetic details of genetic comparability, but it is not really compatible with DNA or Chromosomal length.  It’s something else I do not wish to air.  But despite incompatibility of different chromosome lengths there are occasional births.  Then it has to get to the next generation.  But, those are side facts which illustrate points.  So, there are a range of reports from more human to more ape to other hybrids. So, the offspring of giants cover a variety of things.  But over time the reported sizes decreased with the reported  interbreeding and as well with reduced numbers after famine and war, such as we get large people but often hardly gigantic now, outside isolated incidences. Such that with the giants of Northern Ireland, there was a really large framed man, I think over 7 foot, historical figure portrayed in paintings over there.

So, thanks for wasting my time this morning trying to look smart.


I’m unsure what “interested vague diversionary, occult like, gas light” means but fascinatingly, I’ve asked those key questions to dozens and dozens (and dozens [and dozens]) of people who go on and on (and on [and on]) about “giants” and literally zero have replied.

It’s also typical that I ask people what they mean when they write “giants,” they don’t tell me, and they keep writing about “giants” thus, I’ve no idea to what you’re referring by “reports of giants” except that it’s something to do with vaguely generic subjectively unusual height of whatever range.

Thus, I’m unsure what that has to do with the context of the vid.


Hmm, seems the correct answer has been removed.  But the less desirable replies stay up.  Oh well.


Again, I’ve asked those key questions to dozens and dozens (and dozens [and dozens]) of people who go on and on (and on [and on]) about “giants” and literally zero have replied which is indicative of the shocking level of ignorance in modern Nephilology circles.


Again, I published answers, which you can read in your email notifications, which were deleted here by the powers that be (what can I do) and again, you act dumb to the nature of evidence and the wide range of subspecies.  So, there is evidence, and you have nothing to back up your claims, but to the contrary you ‘claim’ the scope of evidence is proof of no evidence, and evidence is not as narrow a scope as you try to make out inorder to prove your argument, which is a consistent logical fallacies used in trying to disprove things.  Of the thousands of the professionally reported finds of physical evidence around the world, involving independent people, who know not of the this stuff beforehand, with similarities based on sub species rather than than fire knowledge, we can tell something is going on that doesn’t depend on sp called ‘psychically’   imagining the same things independently without shared knowledge or contact.  This, your arguments are unjustified and fall down.  Genuine intellectual people tend to give up on such arguments at this stage without other motivations.  I’ve seen similar behaviours many times in discussing a wide range of topics, even just purely normal technological discussions. As I can’t do much about YouTube deleting more in-depth full answers, then I can’t do anymore,  and that is it, as simplistic answers are often flawed and foolish.  The demands for them are flawed.  I suggest not picking on people looking for simplistic Fantasies, that’s neither real research or science, but the flawed falls into the trap of thinking the ability to find simple things applies to everything, if that was so, we could  have achieved a full knowledge of science long ago, rather than finding much is in dispute as flawed when we go into really deep complexities.  So after spending a number of hours on your simplistic demands, It’s time to close it down, as I have other things that require more urgent attention.  When I am too sick to do them in future again, I can reply to other things out there instead.


Friend, please don’t go worldly by playing mind reader and tell me I “act dumb.”

As for “you have nothing to back up your claims,” please search Amazon for “Ken Ammi” to find my dozen, or so, Nephilology books or the dozens upon dozens upon dozens (upon dozens upon dozens) or articles on my website (truefreethinker dot com) or my many videos about the topic here on YT.

You generically referred to “physical evidence” and vaguely to “around the world” and unnamed “involving independent people”: well, I really don’t have time to scour the entire planet to see to what you might be referring.

That brought the discussion to and end as no more replies were forthcoming.

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