Dr. Michael Heiser answers, “Did the Giant Bloodlines of Genesis 6 survive? Are there hybrids today?”

Herein, I am considering this video:

It was noted to Heiser that “We have many human tribes with some giant ancestry: the Rephaim, Zuzim, Emim, and Anakim.”

The first thing to do would be to ask: what do you mean by “giant”?

As per some English versions it biblically refers to Nephilim (in two verses) and Rephaim (in all others), neither of which, by the way, imply anything about height as it the modern English usage of “giant” outside of the Bible.

Thus, the statement is incoherent until we iron this out since it could be “We have many human tribes with some Nephilim ancestry” or “We have many human tribes with some Rephaim ancestry” or “We have many human tribes with some unusually tall ancestry.”

That was a premise for the question, “What happened to the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc., generations of people when they die? Would someone with 25% or 12.5%, etc. ancestry had become a demon when they die or does it only work on first generation giants?”

The first thing to do would be to ask: what makes you think any of them have anything to do with becoming demons—and what do you mean by “giants”?

Michael Heiser begins his reply with “This is actually a question that’s more common than you’d think…it’s entertaining, it gets you into the bizarre stuff.”

This is especially the case when people tackle such questions without bothering to define terms and yes, it is the stuff of which neo-theo-sci-fi is based which has turned the field of research into Nephilim and “giants” into the cesspool of disinfo and misinfo which it is.

Heiser continues by noting that the questioner, “said something about [that] he heard me say the offspring of the Watchers and the human women, the giants, when they die they, in, instead of their spirits going to the netherworld their spirits stay. I’ve said that but the way it’s worded really isn’t quite accurate. The Bible has Rephaim spirits in the underworld as well and the Rephaim, of course, are Anakim who are related to according to Numbers 13:33, uh, the Nephilim.”

As an FYI: “Watchers” is a Second Temple Era term for what the Bible calls Angels and so is used of the Genesis 6 affair’s sons of God.

Heiser took the questioner to mean Nephilim by referring to giants.

Now, it is tricky to claim that “The Bible has Rephaim spirits in the underworld” since in the Bible we are dealing with the usage of Rephaim as a people group as well as with its etymological root repha which has a range of meanings from healing to dead/death.

Thus, technically the Bible does not have the Rephaim people group as spirits in the underworld in the way Heiser means it. Yes, after death Rephaim, just like anyone else, would be spirits in the underworld but since repha contextually refers to the dead then just because we see the term repha in relation to the dead does not necessarily mean that reference is being made to the Rephaim people group exclusively.

Also, that Rephaim “are Anakim” is rather backward since Anakim are a Rephaim subgroup.

That Anakim and in Heiser’s view all Rephaim, “are related to…Nephilim” “according to Numbers 13:33” goes to show that Heiser is building a significant portion of an all-encompassing theory not only upon one single verse, one single verse they then turn into a hermeneutic via which to interpret (or rather, misinterpret) other texts, but a verse that is the key portion of an “evil report” by spies whom God rebuked.

Thus, thus far, the question and the answer are equally vague and flawed.

Heiser continues his reply with, “So, it’s not that they’re only running around, you know, disembodied on Earth. It has, the Bible has, the Rephaim spirits in the underworld as well so, there’s no indication, uh, necessarily, that what the New Testament considers demons do not also make the underworld, the realm of the dead, their abode.”

Now, Heiser has not established that demons are Rephaim but has only asserted that “The Bible has Rephaim spirits in the underworld” which, as I noted, is so generic that in place of “The Bible has Rephaim spirits in the underworld” we could insert any reference to people groups, such as “The Bible has Israelite spirits in the underworld,” and then just claim that Israelites are demons.

Now, this all comes about due to that the pseudepigraphical books Jubilees and 1 Enoch/Ethiopic Enoch claims that what we call demons are the spirits of dead Nephilim—that was written millennia after Genesis.

Heiser argues that they are really Rephaim spirits but it really matters not since Rephaim are related to Nephilim because one single (utterly unreliable) verse says that Anakim are related to Nephilim (in some utterly unknown way) and since Rephaim are Anakim then dead Nephilim/Rephaim are demons.

Ergo, “there’s no indication…that what the New Testament considers demons do not also make the underworld the realm of the dead their abode” but their abode is Earth. In fact, they are terrified of being sent into—pause: they are not terrified of being sent into “underworld the realm of the dead” but the Abyss aka Tartarus.

Now, this is very, very important since my theory of the identification of demons has them being the spirits of incarcerated Angels. As per 2 Peter 2, fallen Angels are incarcerated in Tartarus and it seems to me that Revelation 9 symbolically describes when the Abyss is opened and demons re-inhabit their fallen Angelic bodies and are released.

Thus, it makes sense that they are terrified of being sent into the Abyss/Tartarus “before the time,” as they say, since that would mean re-inhabiting their bodies but then being stuck doing hard time—for centuries or millennia.

Heiser also notes, “I’m going to dispute part of the question here: I don’t see any basis for concluding that there are surviving giant lineages beyond the biblical period, much less today.”

Well, when “giants” is taken to mean Nephilim proper (strictly Genesis 6 Nephilim) then I don’t see any basis for concluding that there are surviving “giant” lineages beyond the flood.

He stated what he did because, “the giant clans were killed off in the biblical period. Now, if you go with the Masoretic Text, that’s the time of David, Goliath and his brothers” even though they were Rephaim, not Nephilim but Heiser causes confusion by speaking in terms of Nephilim as Rephaim/Rephaim as Nephilim.

He continues, “If you follow the Septuagint, it’s actually a little later. There’s a reference in Jeremiah 47:5, in the Septuagint, to the Anakim.”

The verse reads, “Baldness is come upon Gaza; Ashkelon is cut off with the remnant of their valley: how long wilt thou cut thyself?” on which Heiser comments, “Gaza and Ashkelon are Philistine cities and we know Philistines are part of this giant clan stuff” but only when giant means Nephilim and Nephilim are aka Rephaim and since Ankaim are a Rephaim subgroup and Philistines is a locality-based term for some Anakim then Philistines are part of this giant clan stuff.

He continues, “there’s a textual difference in the Septuagint, or at least the Hebrew text, that the Septuagint translator was using instead of ‘Oh, remnant of their valley.’ It reads, ‘Oh, remnant of the Anakim; how long will you gash yourselves. The difference between the two words, there is one letter, I actually did a paper on this at an academic conference, in a textual criticism section…I think the better reading is Anakim.”

Biblically, it does not matter if and when the actual context is actual Nephilim—who did not make it past the flood, did not return, and never will in any way, shape, or form.

Thus, he notes, “I don’t see any evidence scripturally to conclude that these quote-unquote ‘bloodlines’ have survived to this day. I just don’t.”

As long as someone as qualified in terms of credentials and experienced as Dr. Heiser continues to speak in vague terms and picking up and running with an “evil report” then we can, sadly, expect no more from the pop-researchers whose only qualifications are that they have internet access.

For more details, see my various books about Nephilim and giant related issues.


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