Discussion with a Taoist—just like a discussion with an Atheist

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The following discussion with a Taoist actually took place due to my video Ultimate 911 predictive programming image compilation.

James Norris commented
It’s so dumb lol we are speck in time…and meaningless and headed towards nothing anyways. So glad I’m a taoist and demons and satan aren’t real

I, Ken Ammi, replied
Friend, I am unsure how that has anything to do with the video but you contradicted yourself–although, based on what you said I am sure that does not matter to you.
You say “we are…meaningless” but you say “It’s so dumb” which implies meaning and/or judgment over against something that is meaningful.
You also positively asserted somethings but only as a jump to conclusions so when you say “we are speck in time…and meaningless and headed towards nothing anyways…demons and satan aren’t real” you are claiming to know these things so back up a step and prove them, please.

James Norris
Man made from the ego… Samadhi can be obtained which is just a label for non duality. Perhaps I mixed my words and dumb isn’t the right one but the phrase waste of energy is.
Everyone is on their own path and through years of meditation and awareness and DMT it was revealed to me in a manner in which I can’t really explain with my limited ego that Satan is just a construct of the collective unconscious. It’s about control through fear
Can you disprove anything I have said? That this flesh is not borrowed from the earth and will be paid back and people learn of satan from other people?

Ken Ammi
Oh, I see what you are saying: you put a sign on your brain stating, “Come in, we’re open” and got high on drugs and so you got yourself possessed by a demon who is clever enough to make you think that he does not exist.
Fascinatingly, you claim “Everyone is on their own path” but you dropped in here to imply that you are right and anyone who disagrees is wrong.
I just realized that people learn about all sort of things from other people so the MAJORITY of everything we believe is not true–or, something.
But since you ask if I can disprove anything you said we must take a step back since you began with a conclusion based on hidden assumptions to first back up and tell us how does your worldview 1) provide a premise for truth, logic, and ethics, 2) for adhering to them, and 3) for demanding that others do likewise?

James Norris
Nailed it. You have zero understanding of consciousness and your religions end all be all has distorted your thinking but deep down inside of you. You know that you know that you know. It’s funny because religion is completely ego serving but the ego doesn’t survive death. The true reality is much much more cooler friend
Demons let people get off of the responsibility of making their own life

Ken Ammi
Well, it appears that you realized that you made assertions but cannot back them so you opted for personal attacks-is that the sort of enlightenment with which we are supposed to be impressed?

And well, that ended it as James seems to have remembered that the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao and did not reply again.

world religions, cults, apologetics, true freethinker.jpg

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