Darwin Fields on “What happened to the children of the Nephilim?”

To the Quora website question “What happened to the children of the Nephilim?” a certain Darwin Fields replied thusly:

Some people believe and teach that the Nephilim were the giants that were created between women of the earth, and Angels. Nephilim is just another word for giant. In most translations the word Nephilim doesn’t appear, only the word giant. Plus, the giants were on the earth before this incident happened. Genesis 6:4, the key word is afterward.

Some believe that the sons of God are Angels from heaven. Although, sometimes Angel’s are called sons of God in the Bible, so are men. John 1:12. In verse 2 of Genesis chapter 6, it says that these sons of God took these earthly women as wives. This means that they married them. However, Jesus pointed out that Angels do not marry. Matthew 22:30.

All mankind was killed in the great flood. However, Noah’s offspring had more giants, or nephilims. Numbers 13:33, no Angels had anything to do with these giants. Also, Goliath was a giant. He came after the flood as well, and there is no mention of an angel in his birth.

So, just who are these men of God if they are not Angels? They are regular men who worshipped the true God. The women of the earth were just that, worldly women, who did not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Throughout the Bible, God tells us not to marry outside of our faith. Jesus says not to be unequally yoke. I believe that this is what caused God to grieve and regret that He had created men, among other things as well. It was a combination of many things that cause God to flood the earth, not just this one event. God is longsuffering/ patient.

Andre Rene Roussimoff, better known as, Andre the Giant, was 7ft 4″. We called him a giant. Robert Wadlow was 8ft 11″. He was considered a giant. Sandra E. Allen was 7ft 7″, She was called a giant. Anna Bates was 7ft 11″, another giant. NBA player Yao Ming is 7ft 6″, Shauquille O’Neal, is 7ft 1″, Manute Bol, was 7ft. 7″. None of these people had, or have an Angel as one of their parents. Plus, they all lived after the flood.

Sometimes when we read scriptures, we tend to let our imagination add, and see things that the scriptures simply doesn’t say. Go back and read Genesis 6: 1to 4, and look for phases like: come down from heaven, the word heaven, or Angel. Notice that giants were always on the earth, even before the sinful act. If all the Giants/Nephilim were killed in the flood, where did the giants in Cannon, and Goliath come from? The same as you and I, is the answer. Our non-angel parents. Just like the people of the Bible use the word giant to describe people, we do the same today.

Don’t read things into the scriptures that aren’t there.

I, Ken Ammi, replied:

Friend, “Nephilim is just another word for giant” depends on what you mean by the vague, generic, subjective, and multi-usage English word “giant.” The modern usage implies something about subjectively unusual height but that is not the ancient meaning (which is “earth-born”) and so it’s not what it means when you read it in modern English Bibles.

You say “Genesis 6:4, the key word is afterward” but you seem to think that it refers to the flood but the flood is not mentioned for the very first time until v. 17—a full 13 vss. later.

You say “Jesus pointed out that Angels do not marry” but He never did, He was very specific that He was referring to the Angles “of God” and who are “in heaven” which is why those who did marry are considered sinners, having “left their first estate” as Jude put it.

You say “Noah’s offspring had more giants, or nephilims” but there’s no reliable indication of that. When you read about “giants” in 99% of the post-flood Old Testament texts you are actually reading about “Rephaim” not about “Nephilim.” Your appeal to “Numbers 13:33” is an appeal to an “evil report” by unfaithful, disloyal, contradictory, embellishers whom God rebuked: don’t believe them.

As noted, when you say “Goliath was a giant” you need to realize that biblically, you wrote, “Goliath was a Repha” which is quite true—also, most reliably, he was just shy of 7 ft.

Thus, you seem to base your claims on some simple yet key errors.

Darwin Fields replied:

You said nothing that I agree with. Plus, you are free to disagree with me as well. So let’s not waste anymore time with each other. I wish you well.

Ken Ammi:

Sorry, I believe in having my claims challenged and in a free exchange of ideas.

And well, that was the end of that one—sadly.

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