Catholic mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich on giants and fallen Angles

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Anne Catherine Emmerich, known as “Venerable” and/or “Blessed,” was a Roman Catholic nun, supposed mystic, who allegedly experienced stigmata, was either practiced Mariology or Maryolatry, etc.

In Life of Jesus Christ, Vol. 1, Section 5 she stated:

I saw that Cain conceived on Mount Olivet the design to murder Abel. After the deed, he wandered about the same spot frightened and distracted plant¬ing trees and tearing them up again…

Anne Catherine Emmerich, known as “Venerable” and/or “Blessed,” was a Roman Catholic nun, supposed mystic, who allegedly experienced stigmata, was either practiced Mariology or Maryolatry, etc.

In Life of Jesus Christ, Vol. 1, Section 5 she stated:

I saw that Cain conceived on Mount Olivet the design to murder Abel. After the deed, he wandered about the same spot frightened and distracted plant¬ing trees and tearing them up again…
Cain responded that everywhere his fellow men would seek to kill him. There were already many people upon the earth. Cain was very old and had children.

There is no indication that he had any children at that point since that comes from Gen 4:14-15 but all indications are that he did not get married and have children until after that, v. 17. Yet, since Adam and Eve had many children, and that Cain was the first is only an assumption, then indeed, “There were already many people upon the earth” that were not his children.

For some odd reason, she adds something about which my only comments is that this is 100% made up and, of course, racist:

Cain’s posterity gradually became colored…The nobler races were always of a lighter color. They who were distinguished by a particular mark engendered children of the same stamp; and as corruption increased, the mark also increased until at last it covered the whole body, and people became darker and darker.

She continues thusly:

God pointed out to Cain a region to which he should flee. And because Cain said: “Then, wilt Thou let me starve?”—(the earth was for him accursed)—God answered no, that he should eat the flesh of animals…He told him likewise that a nation would arise from him, and that good also would come from him. Before this men ate no flesh.

This contradicts the Bible which has animal flesh being allowed to be eaten only after the flood (Gen 9:2 and following).

Another thing she just made up is as follows:

The people of those early times were larger, though not out of proportion. We would regard them with astonishment, but not with fright, for they were far more beautiful in form than people of a later period.

We have no indication of this—no, not even if English readers see the word “giant” in their Bible since a huge issue (pun intended) is that “giants” is a vague, generic, subjective and undefined English term.

It derives from the Greek Septuagint’s term “gigantes” which literally merely means “earth-born.”

The Septuagint uses gigantes to render (no, not translate) Nephilim and also gibborim and also Rephaim which only causes confusion–and is why it is generally a terrible idea to render more than one word with just one word.
Neither Nephilim nor gibborim nor Rephaim not gigantes nor even giants imply anything about unusual height (a more modern revised usage of giants does imply unusual height but the term in and of itself does not).

Thus, for example, when you say “Giants are plenty in the Bible” I cannot know what you mean since “giants” is a vague term that could mean three different things biblically and about 2-5 other things outside of the Bible.
In short, modern day English Bibles that use the term giants are generally using it to render Nephilim and Rephaim and yet, those are two different categories of peoples between which there is no relation.

Moreover, we have no reliable physical description of Nephilim and so cannot claim they were unusually tall and we are only told that some of the Rephaim, such as a sub-group of them called Anakim, were subjectively tall/of great stature and yet, that is tall compared to Israelites, males of whom averaged 5.0-5.3 ft. in those days.

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She claims, “One of Cain’s descendants was Thubalcain, the originator of numerous arts, and the father of the giants” which is as vague as it is unevidenced.

The Bible depicts Angels that fell and loyal Angels but she invents another class with:

I have frequently seen that, when the angels fell, a certain number had a moment of repentance and did not in consequence fall as low as the oth¬ers. Later on, these fallen spirits took up their abode on a high, desolate, and wholly inaccessible moun¬tain whose site at the time of the Deluge became a sea, the Black Sea, I think.
They were permitted to exercise their evil influence upon men in proportion as the latter strayed further from God. After the Del¬uge they disappeared from that region, and were con¬fined to the air. They will not be cast into Hell before the last day.

In referring to Angles as “spirits” she is mischaracterizing them since biblically, they are not spirits.

She either made up this tale or hallucinated it but she may have gotten the bit about being “con-fined to the air” from “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2).
As for “They will not be cast into Hell before the last day” well, no one is cast into “hell” until the “last day”: biblically, the fallen Angels, all of them, were cast into “Tartarus” as 2 Peter 2:4 puts it.

She also specifies:

I saw Cain’s descendants becoming more and more godless and sensual. They settled further and fur¬ther up that mountain ridge where were the fallen spirits. Those spirits took possession of many of the women, ruled them completely, and taught them all sorts of seductive arts. Their children were very large.

The only reason why anyone, or so it seems to me, to speak in terms of “more and more godless and sensual” is based on the myth, since that is all it is, of
Cain’s descendants being something like intrinsically godless and sensual—overall wickedly unrighteous.

Anne Catherine Emmerich lived 1774-1824 and the pseudepigraphic text Ethiopic Enoch aka 1 Enoch was first discovered in the mid 1700’s. It is evident that she not only read it but incorporated it into her tall tales. In fact, she all but mentions this, “Henoch, Noe’s ancestor, opposed that wicked race by his teachings. He wrote much.”

For example, the not so very far fallen “spirits” “taught them all sorts of seductive arts” to women derives from that text. That “Their children were very large” is also made up stuff as is that:

They possessed a quickness, an aptitude for every¬thing, and they gave themselves up entirely to the wicked spirits as their instruments.
And so arose on this mountain and spread far around, a wicked race which by violence and seduction sought to entangle Seth’s posterity likewise in their own corrupt ways.

See what I mean about the un-biblical myth about Cainites? And Sethites were supposedly so very holy and that became corrupt—go figure.

She further elucidates:

I have seen many things connected with the race of giants. They could with ease carry enormous stones high up the mountain, they could accomplish the most stupendous feats. They could walk straight up trees and walls just as I have seen others possessed by the devil doing.
They could effect the most won¬derful things, they could do whatever they wished; but all was pure jugglery and delusion due to the agency of the demon. It is for that reason that I have such horror of every species of jugglery and fortune¬telling.

So, apparently, this “race of giants” could not actually do things that a “giant” logically would be able to—with the notable exception of violating gravity.
Yet, I cannot help but think that by correlating “devil doing” such as “every species of jugglery and fortune¬telling,” she is expressing prejudice against whom we would call Gypsies.

She also claims that such devil doing “women invented music” yet, biblically “Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch…unto Enoch was born…Lamech….Lamech[’s wife]…Adah bare…Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ” (Gen 4:17-21) which was long before the timeline discussed by Emmerick.

She also claims:

Cham’s [Ham’s] descendants likewise had similar relations with the evil spirits after the Deluge, and from such connection sprang so many demoniacs and necro¬mancers, so many mighty ones of the world, so many great, wild, daring men.

So, apparently, God sent the flood to do away with the corruption of the fallen Angles but He must have failed since there they still were post-flood continuing to do the same.

In Section 6, she writes:

…in I Peter 3:20, only eight souls are mentioned as saved in the ark; viz., the four ancestral couples by whom, after the Deluge, the earth was to be peopled.
I also saw Hom [Ham’s supposedly adopted son] in the ark. The child was fastened by a skin into a bark cradle formed like a trough. I saw many infants cradled in a similar way, floating on the waters of the Deluge.

I saw Noe offering sacrifice in the ark upon an altar covered with red over which was a white cloth. In an arched chest were preserved the bones of Adam. During prayer and sacrifice, Noe laid them on the altar.
I saw on the altar, likewise, the Chalice of the Last Supper which, during the building of the ark, had been brought to Noe by three figures in long white garments.

And she turns this into an elaborate tale of how the chalice was passed down for millennia until it ended up in Jesus’s hands.

I originally looked into Emmerick because I read that she claimed post-flood Nephilim (whom she would surely call “giants”) made it past the flood by Cham’s/Ham’s wife smuggling a Nephil-baby aboard the ark but I could not find a statement from her on that—so it was either mis-info or simply that I have not been able to find it. If you are aware of where she stated that, please inform me.

Overall, a key take-away is that “I saw…” cannot compare to “The Bible states…” and yet, what she saw or claimed to have seen must be, as I have herein done, compare to the Bible.

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